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Elden Ring News Topic
Top 10 Best Bosses In Elden Ring - Ranking Bosses From Worst To Best | Bosses Tier List
Elden Ring's bosses are tough adversaries that boast challenging experiences in the game. The epic storyline requires every player to face frightening or strange-looking bosses, no matter what type of fight they wind themselves in. Therefore, we have ranked the best Elden Ring bosses. Check this gui...
Elden Ring Inseparable Sword Guide: Pros, Moveset, Location & Build for Inseparable Sword
When we are thinking of the best faith weapon in Elden Ring, you should not miss the Inseparable Sword, which is an underrated weapon in the game and even stronger after the patch. In order to use the Elden Ring Inseparable Sword, you’d better know about its pros & cons, stats, moveset, location, ho...
Elden Ring Alexander Quest Guide (Questline, Locations, Rewards)
In Elden Ring, a friendly giant pot needs help in the different underground areas, be it Stormhill, Liurnia, Caelid and beyond. Here's where to find the Iron Fist Alexander each time, and how to solve his suite of quests that is sure to be reminiscent of the onion knight of other FromSoftware games....

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