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Elden Ring News Topic
Elden Ring 1.08 Best Faith Build (NG+): Red Lightning Dragon Cult One-Shot Build Guide
In this guide, we dive into the Red Lightning Build in Elden Ring 1.08 patch, which focuses on the use of Dragon Cold incantations and their lightning aspect, you can also play this build in your first playthrough but it'll take you a while to gather all the needed items for this, so you won't be ab...
Elden Ring 1.08 Best Bleed Weapons Ranking & Tier List
What are the best bleed weapons after the 1.08 patch in Elden Ring? Here we go over all bleed weapons and rank them for you. Elden Ring 1.08 Bleed Weapon Tier List & Ranking40 - Varre's Bouquet (F Tier)It is a hammer that has an extremely low attack power, but it does have blood loss build up so we ...
Elden Ring Colosseum Locations - How to Get Into All PVP Arenas After Colosseum Update
The exciting Colosseum Update is just around the corner, along with multiple PVP modes. In this article, we’ll focus on all of the Elden Ring Colosseum locations for how to get into each of these PVP arenas in the game. Elden Ring Colosseum Locations - How to Get Into All PVP Arenas in Elden Ring Af...
Elden Ring 1.06 Best Build for Elden Beast - Best Way to Beat Elden Beast After Patch
If you are in the fight with the Elden Beast, what is the best and fastest way to take him out? A powerful weapon and build can help a lot.  Let’s get into the Elden Beast cheese 1.06 guide, along with the 1.06 best build for Elden Beast in Elden Ring. Related Read: Elden Ring 1.06 Arcane BuildBest ...
Elden Ring Beginner Warrior Class Guide: How To Build A Bloodblade In Elden Ring
In this guide, we are going to be talking about a blood blade build in Elden Ring, this is a beginner warrior build that uses two weapons to set the bleeding status effect on enemies effectively. We explain the bloodblade character creation, bloodblade attributes, how to make this build work, and ho...
Elden Ring Alexander Quest Guide (Questline, Locations, Rewards)
In Elden Ring, a friendly giant pot needs help in the different underground areas, be it Stormhill, Liurnia, Caelid and beyond. Here's where to find the Iron Fist Alexander each time, and how to solve his suite of quests that is sure to be reminiscent of the onion knight of other FromSoftware games....

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