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Elden Ring Best Scaling Weapons for Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith & Arcane
1/30/2024 11:01:30 AM
Tag: Gear Guide

What are the strongest weapons to use revolving around each stat in Elden Ring, let’s dive into the best Elden Ring scaling weapons for strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith, and arcane attributes. 

Top 5 Elden Ring Best Scaling Weapons

The weapons on this list by Jazza97 deserve to be used because of their damage, speed, versatility, access, and some other advantages. 

Best Strength Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring

To begin with the best strength scaling weapons, there is one incredibly powerful Greatsword, that is Marais Executioner's Sword, and the reason why it is up here is because especially in the latest game and also the New Game Plus, the amount of damage that you can do with the skill power the Eochaid's Dancing Blade is astronomically more than what you will ever do with any other colossal weapon, typically buffs like Royal Knight's Resolve and other general weapons. Compared to the other strength scaling weapons, the Marais Executioner's Sword is much better, it is easy to use and you can use it in different ways for both PVE and PVP. You can quickly release or charge up the Ash of War to switch up the timings of your attacks in your fights, you can also just use the weapon itself to deal thousands of damage. To get your hands on it, all you need to do is defeat the Briar boss who is located in the Shaded Castle area.

Best Dexterity Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring

Go down to the Dex scaling weapon, Bolt of Gransax, one of the best thrusting weapons in the game with one of the highest ranges especially when you use the Ash of War Ancient Lightning Spear, it can be used to snipe any enemy at a ridiculous range. If you're struggling with the game and you're finding yourself getting caught out by certain bosses and you want a weapon to keep your distance and deal a ton of damage at the same time, then this is what you need. Similar to Marais Executioner's Sword, this skill power can also be charged or quickly released to adapt your timings, especially in a PVP, so when people are trying to time your attacks and judge whether or not you're going to throw it early or later, you can mix it up and catch them off guard. This is useful for bigger enemies such as dragons and usually, you can take them down a lot earlier. It can be found in Leyndell, Royal Capital, after beating Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade). 

Best Intelligence Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring

There are lots of amazing intelligence weapons in the game, such as Dark Moon Greatsword and Moonveil, but Death's Poker is probably the most broken one. With the unique Ash of War Ghostflame Ignition, you can set up a bow of ghost flame in front of you and you can either hit it with a heavy attack or a light attack, the light attack leaves a trail of ghost flame damage which can then be stacked multiple times and last about 5 Seconds, allows you to basically do loads of damage very quickly and ghost flame also freezes your enemy. The initial use will stagger your enemies as you hit them with a ghost flame explosion, continue to do ticks of damage over time, and then also proc Frost, you'll be able to do even more damage because their defense has been lowered. Even though it focuses more on strength and dexterity, you only need to use the Ash of War, which scales with intelligence. 

Best Faith Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring

Among a number of faith-based weapons, Magma Blade stands out, but it's one of the hardest weapons to obtain in the game, there are only two NPCs that can drop this weapon and the drop rate is only 0.5%. It has a unique Ash of War the Magma Shower that allows you to slash foes while scattering magma all around the area, it also does a tremendous amount of poise damage and leaves that lava on the floor around you, giving you a little bit of protection in an AOE sense as well. Try to get two of them, and then you can get dual-wielded curve sword attacking moves, which allow you to utilize the jump slash and running slashes that do a flurry of attacks, dealing a ton of damage. Follow up with that Ash of War, to rinse the health bar of the enemy and clear up everything on the way.  If you're utilizing the Ash of War, it is by far one of the strongest Curved Swords in the game by using bleed and is very useful in PVP.

Best Arcane Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring

The last meta Arcane-scaling weapon Eleonora's Poleblade, allows you to do a whirlwind of blood-spilling attacks, slicing through your enemies about 10 times in quick succession, Poleblades are also one of the quickest attacking weapons with their light attacks and heavy attacks. It is very versatile and very good to use, much like every other weapon in this list, it also does a high amount of poise damage. Typically after two full uses of the Ash of War, you will then stun your enemies, allowing you to critical hit them and you would have possibly triggered the bleed effect that comes with this weapon once or twice in that as well. The skill power is good against every single enemy and does that poise damage again against most enemies, so you're not just relying on the bleed damage to carry this weapon, it does physically do quite a bit of damage. It's also a weapon that you can probably get at the earliest stage.


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