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What Is Amazon

Amazon is a family living on Skovos Island between the endless sea and the twin seas. In the Amazon family, only women can serve as soldiers because of family rules, so the Amazon family are female soldiers. Because of the continuous conflicts between tribes, Amazon is used to fighting for themselves and promoting them to have a strong neutral personality and physical ability to fight and travel in harsh environments. She is good at using bows and arrows to deal with her enemies, He can skillfully use spears and other throwing weapons.  Amazon prefers long-range warfare, the Amazon may also switch to a more melee-oriented style of battle when necessary.

Advantages Of A Amazon

Amazon's biggest advantage is that it can use a wide variety of Magic Arrow for long-range attacks, but it keeps a distance from the enemy most of the time. There are several kinds of Magic Arrow, such as ice arrow (icebolt) and guided arrow (tracking arrow), which will certainly cause damage (always hit) if they hit the enemy. Bow and arrow attacks can not only attack one target. For example, multiple shot skills can launch multiple bows and arrows at the same time for large-scale attacks. It is very useful to deal with a whole group of enemies. Strafe skill can make continuous multi-target attacks, just like 10 consecutive bows and arrows.

Amazon also has the ability to dodge enemy attacks. These skills allow Amazon to dodge many enemy hand-to-hand and long-range weapon attacks. Amazon has two important skills that can make attacks more powerful and efficient. For example, a critical strike has a certain chance to double its attack power; Penerate can greatly increase attack rating and improve the hit rate. Amazon can learn skills when it is at level 30. It can summon a Valkyrie to help in the visible place of the picture and immediately rob Necromancer of his job. In fact, the main purpose is to let Valkyrie come out. When Valkyrie is almost out of blood, just summon it again.


Starting Attributes:

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 25
Vitality: 20
Energy: 15
Hit Points: 50
Stamina: 84
Mana: 15

Each Level Up

Life: +2
Stamina: +1
Mana: +1.5

Attribute Point Effect

1 Vitality = 3 Life
1 Vitality = 1 Stamina
1 Energy = 2 Mana

Skill Points

Amazon's professional skills are divided into three categories: Javelin and Spear Skills Tree, Passive and Magic Skills tree, Bow and Crossbow Skills tree.
Javelin and Spear: Pierce, Power Strike, Poison Javelin, Impale, Lightning Bolt, Charged Strike, Plague Javelin, Fend, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury
Passive and Magic: Inner Sight, Critical Shot, Dodge、Slow Missiles、Dodge, Penetrate、Decoy, Evade, Valkyrie, Impale
Bow and Crossbow: Magic Arrow, Fire Arrow, Icebolt, Multiple Shot, Exploding Arrow, Ice Arrow, Guided Arrow, Strafe, Immolating Arrow, Freezing Arrow

Build Strategy

Amazon has strong and innate passive skills. She can use any weapon to deal a fatal blow to the enemy, and her dodge skill is also very important. In addition to passive and magic skills, Amazon soldiers can also choose whether they like to use javelin and spear or bow

Amazon is easier to master than other classes. Although Amazon Warriors also need enough strength to equip with high-quality armor, high hit points to withstand blows to avoid rapid death, and high mana to cast skills, But dexterity is the most important attribute Amazon should pay attention to. For Amazon, high dexterity not only means that you can better dodge attacks and improve your hit rate but also means that your damage increases

How Amazon chooses equipment depends largely on the type of Amazon. If you choose bow Amazon, your goal is to find a bow with more Mana attributes and more equipment that can quickly perform actions. If you choose javelin Amazon, you should find better and more suitable armor and shield. Try to equip rings, necklaces, and weapons with stealing Mana attributes, In this way, Amazon can constantly use Bow, Crossbow, Javelin, and Spear to steal Mana.

Is Amazon A Good Class For Beginners?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Amazon is an overpowered starting character that can handle a lot of damage without a lot of high-end gear. Having Amazon as a beginner class, she's a great asset when it comes to collecting items, charms, runes, and gems from cows. Because she integrates long-range attack and close attack.

What Is the Best Amazon Build?

Bowazon: specialize in using the Bow and Crossbow Skills.
Javazon: specialize in using Javelins or Spears skills.
Passivezon: specialize in using passive and magic skills

What Is The Best Gear For Amazon

Titan's Revenge

Throw Damage: (70-79) To (185-212) (127.5-145.5 Avg)
One-Hand Damage: (70-79) To (137-155) (103.5-117 Avg)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 109
Max Stack: 140
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
(Amazon Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Sale [+190-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)]
Adds 25-50 Damage
+2 To Amazon Skill Levels
5-9% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
+30% Faster Run/Walk
+20 To Strength
+20 To Dexterity
Replenishes Quantity [1 in 3 sec.]
Increased Stack Size [60]
+2 To Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)


Throw Damage: (87-105) To (165-198) (126-151.5 Avg)
One-Hand Damage: (75-90) To (135-162) (105-126 Avg)
Required Level: 69
Required Strength: 107
Required Dexterity: 151
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
Max Stack (80)
(Amazon Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Adds 1-511 Lightning Damage
+15% Increased Attack Speed
-15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
20% Chance To Cast Level 14 Lightning On Striking
+2-4 To Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only) (varies)
+3 To Lightning Bolt (Amazon Only)
(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

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