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Diablo 4 Season 2 Best Necromancer Builds (Leveling, Endgame, PvP, Uber Killer, Hardcore)
10/23/2023 5:08:46 PM

With the release of Season 2 and new Seasonal mechanics, Necromancers have more build options than ever before. Here are the top Diablo 4 Necromancer builds for leveling, endgame, PvP, and boss fights like Uber Lilith in Season 2.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Best Necromancer Builds

With strong leveling through endgame options, Necromancers remain one of the most versatile and viable classes in Season 2 of Diablo 4. These highlighted builds are proven winners but the class offers plenty of room for creativity too with the right optimizations.

D4 S2 Best Necro Leveling Build - Blood Surge Necromancer

This build continues to be one of the best for leveling thanks to its immense sustain from Blood Surge. Skills include Blood Surge, Bone Storm, Decrepify, Corpse Tendrils, and Corpse Explosion. It has great AoE damage and survivability for taking down large packs of monsters quickly as you level up.

D4 S2 Best Necro Endgame Build - Bone Spear Necromancer

The classic Bone Spear build remains one of the top overall Necromancer builds. It does massive damage through Corpse Explosion chains fueled by Bone Spear and Bone Splinters. Key skills are Bone Spear, Corpse Explosion, Blood Mist, Raise Skeleton, and Decrepify. With top-tier gear, it shines in all endgame activities.

D4 S2 Best Necro PvP Build - Blood Lance Necromancer

Blood Lance excels in PvP thanks to its piercing projectiles that can hit multiple targets at once. It uses Blood Lance, Bone Storm, Decrepify, Corpse Tendrils, Hemorrhage, and Blood Mist. Getting enemies bleeding while slowing and exposing them makes this a formidable dueling build.

D4 S2 Best Necro Uber Lilith Build - Sever Shadowmancer

The Sever Shadowmancer thrives against single targets through many small hits from Sever. It focuses on Shadow Damage from skills like Sever, Corpse Explosion, Blight, and Decrepify. With the right gear, it can take down Uber Lilith thanks to high Crit Chance and critical mass of DoTs.

D4 S2 Best Necro Hardcore Build - Infinimist Necromancer

This Necromancer build is incredibly durable and can easily clear Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons in Softcore mode in Season 2. The build focuses on Corpse Explosion and is designed to push Hardcore and Hard Nightmare Dungeons by providing near-permanent immunity to damage while dealing enough damage to clear the dungeon.

Here are a few other strong Necromancer builds worth considering for Season 2 of Diablo 4:

  • Blight Corpse Explosion Necromancer - This build focuses on maximizing Corpse Explosion damage through skills like Blight and Decrepify. It excels at trash mob clearing thanks to huge AoE potential.

  • Bone Spirit Necromancer - Using Bone Spirit's piercing projectiles, this build can wipe out large packs of enemies quickly. It combines Bone Spirit with Bone Storm, Blood Mist, and Corpse Explosion.

  • Summoner Necromancer - Leveraging the minion master classes' potential, this build emphasizes summoning an army through skills like Raise Skeleton while amplifying their damage.

  • Blood Surge Endgame Necromancer - An upgraded version of the leveling build, it transitions Blood Surge into the late game very well with strong single target and sustain.

  • Sever Necromancer - Relying on many small hits from Sever and Corpse Explosion, this build thrives against bosses through constant damage over time effects and critical mass.

  • Golemmancer - Summoning and empowering different Golem types, this build focuses on boosting their damage output and using them to soak enemy attacks.

  • Shadowmancer - Heavy on damage over time through skills like Corpse Explosion, Blight and Decrepify, this playstyle focuses on spreading Shadow Damage.

  • Blood Lance Speedfarming - By replacing Bone Spear with Blood Lance, this variant prioritizes density clearing and quick monster kills through skill chaining.

While the guides above cover some of the strongest options, Necromancers have many flexible build potentials depending on playstyle preferences and available gear. Experimenting is part of the fun on such a customizable class.