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NBA 2K22 News Topic
Best NBA 2k22 Power Forward Build - New Overpowered Slashing Playmaker
Slash and playmakers are really fun to play with in NBA 2K22 when it comes to running into the paint and making the slash and plays that most people do.Best NBA 2k22 Power Forward Build - New Overpowered Slashing PlaymakerHere in NBA 2K22, power forward will still use the blue and yellow pie chart, ...
NBA 2K22 MyTeam Bracket Busters: Free Spotlight Rewards Card Ranking In NBA 2k22 MyTeam!
In NBA 2k22 myteam, NBA 2K22 released new Bracket Busters spotlight rewards, and which cards are worth it? The new " FREE SPOTLIGHT REWARDS" cards will be ranked here today, from worst to best. Following the steps and take a look. Here is the ranking of every free spotlight rewards card from worst t...

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