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What is Sorceress?

The sorceress is an expert in mysticism, stealing secrets of magic from the magical tribe dominated by Eastern male wizards, and she uses ferocious offensive and defensive magic to make up for her shortcomings in white-bladed combat. Loneliness and seclusion make her incomprehensible to many, but she is as good as a warrior in witch fighting and understands the true meaning of the battle between order and chaos.

The sorceress makes use of her mastery over the elements to take down enemies from a distance with precise fire, ice and lightning spells - an invaluable skill in the fight against the armies of the Burning Hells.

The Sorceress offers efficient and powerful builds. As the prefix "Action" suggests, Diablo 2 Resurrected is a game of speed and efficiency, the game where you have to minimize both your skill and stat points and your actions in real time to get maximum results. The efficiency and speed are exactly the reasons why many consider the Sorceress not only for beginners, but generally as the most powerful class.

Stats & Attributes of the Sorceress

Starting attributes at the sorceress

Life: 40
Mana: 35
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 25
Vitality: 10
Energy: 35
Stamina: 74

Attribute bonus for each level up

Life: +1
Stamina: +2
Mana: +2

Effects per attribute point

                            1 point of vitality grants 2 lives
1 point of vitality grants 1 stamina
1 point of energy grants 2 mana

Sorceress Skills

Cold Spells

Level 1: Ice Bolt
Level 1: Frozen Armor
Level 6: Frost Nova
Level 6: Ice Blast
Level 12: Shiver Armor
Level 18: Glacial Spike
Level 24: Blizzard
Level 24: Chilling Armor
Level 30: Frozen Orb
Level 30: Cold Mastery

Lightning Spells

Level 1: Charged Bolt
Level 6: Static Field
Level 6: Telekinesis
Level 12: Nova
Level 12: Lightning
Level 18: Chain Lightning
Level 18: Teleport
Level 24: Thunder Storm
Level 24: Energy Shield
Level 30: Lightning Mastery

Fire Spells

Level 1: Fire Bolt
Level 1: Warmth
Level 6: Inferno
Level 12: Blaze
Level 12: Fire Ball
Level 18: Fire Wall
Level 18: Enchant
Level 24: Meteor
Level 30: Fire Mastery
Level 30: Hydra

Sorc Build Strategy

Of all occupations, sorceress is the one that needs to rely on his skills, and the occupation that needs to rely on his own spiritual strength. The sorceress has an important skill for restoring the force - heating, heating can increase the sorceress's ability to restore the force. Of course if your equipment is good enough, and can provide you with quite a few properties of recovery magic, you can also not learn heating this skill. There are many options in the sorceress's skill tree, ice spells are a good choice, ice spells can not only cause a lot of damage to the enemy, but also can slow down the enemy's movement speed. Ice spells can also freeze the enemy in place until the enemy dies during the freeze, and he also wins the time for the force to recover. In addition, another important skill of the sorceress is also a skill that we need to learn, which can effectively help ourselves and teammates to better take risks.

At the beginning you rely on the skill Charged Bolt to fight entire groups of enemies. Frost Nova also helps you to immobilize enemies in the vicinity. From level 12 you will finally receive fireball. This skill will easily guide you through the normal difficulty level. Against bosses, the Static Field ability is your best option. This allows you to reduce a fixed percentage of the opponent's life energy, whether they have 100 or 1,000 life points.

Is the Sorceress a Good Class To Start in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

These classes are especially suitable for beginners. If you prefer distance fighters, then beginners should play the sorceress. The sorceress can hardly stand, but can cause a lot of damage. When skilling sorceresses, you should keep an eye on Fireball, Meteor, Fire Mastery and Frozen Orb.

What Is the Best Sorceress Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Here we list the most played (best) sorc builds for early game, magioc finding, mid-game and endgame boss killing:

Best D2R Cold Sorceress Build

Blizzard Sorc Build
Pure Ice (Cold) Sorc Build
Frozen Orb Sorc Build

Best D2R Fire Sorceress Build

Fireball Sorc Build
Firewall Sorc Build

Best D2R Lighting Sorc Build

Chain Lighting Sorc Build
Lightning Damage Sorc Build

Best D2R Hybrid Sorc Build

Melee Sorceress Build
Blizzard Fireball Sorceress Build
Fireball Frozen Orb Sorceress Build
Blizzard Firewall Sorceress Build

What are the Best Gears for D2R Sorceress?

The Sorceress should choose the equipment with more magic recovery properties in the equipment. But in terms of the reserve of combat power, the Sorceress should not give up melee completely. In the game, some monsters may have a high degree of magical resistance, as a sorceress, perhaps spells will not do much damage to monsters. The best way to deal with this situation is not to practice only a single system of magic, but to practice multi - line magic. And in combat try to avoid close proximity to the enemy, after all, melee is not the master's strength.

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye
Eschuta's Temper
Death's Fathom

Sorceress News Topic

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