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Top 10 Best Throwing Weapons in Lords of the Fallen 2023 | LotF Throwable Tier List
11/7/2023 7:26:44 PM

Do you need a throwing weapon tier list of Lords of the Fallen, we've got you covered! In this LotF guide, we have the top 10 strongest most effective throwable weapons for you, let's jump right into it!

Lords of the Fallen Throwing Weapon Tier List - Top 10 Best Throwable Item Ranked

Throwing weapons are an integral and highly effective part of the combat system in Lords of the Fallen. The Throwing Hand allows players to equip and creatively utilize a diverse array of throwables like grenades, effigies, hammers, and javelins, each with different effects and ammo costs. Throwing weapons provide versatility, range, crowd control, buffing abilities, and options to exploit enemy weaknesses. Their encouraged use, integration into classes, and support capabilities make throwables one of the best and most versatile weapon types in the game, offering players a valuable strategic ranged combat option alongside melee weapons in Lords of the Fallen. Creative and thoughtful use of diverse throwing weapons is a key part of success in Lords of the Fallen. So here we've summed up the LotF Throwable Tier List to rank the Top 10 Best Throwing Weapons in the game now!

10. Throwing Hand

The Throwing Hand is considered one of the best throwing weapons in Lords of the Fallen due to the immense versatility it provides. By equipping the Throwing Hand, players gain access to a wide variety of throwable items and ammunition that can be replenished and used repeatedly. This allows players to inflict many different types of elemental damage from a distance, provide ally buffs and healing, and adapt their ranged attacks to any situation. The flexibility and reusable nature of the throwables accessible through the Throwing Hand make it an invaluable ranged damage and support tool.

9. Enhanced Short Javelin

With its ability to deal 287 physical damage when thrown, the Enhanced Short Javelin packs a powerful punch from range. The high damage allows players to quickly injure or take down enemies before they can close distance. This is extremely valuable in the challenging combat of Lords of the Fallen. Its throwing range gives players tactical options to engage foes from a safer distance. Unlike melee weapons, the Enhanced Short Javelin can strike enemies that are out of reach. This is perfect for handling ranged enemies or pulling single targets away from groups. The Enhanced Short Javelin has good damage scaling with Strength, making it hit even harder in Strength-focused builds. And its low weight means players can carry many to bombard groups of enemies. Being a throwable weapon means it consumes minimal stamina to use compared to heavy melee combos. This gives players a high damage ranged option that conserves stamina for evading or blocking.

8. Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment

The Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment deals impressive holy damage with an attack power of 402, allowing it to quickly take down enemies vulnerable to holy damage. Unlike physical weapons, many enemies in Lords of the Fallen have low holy resistance. In addition to damaging enemies, the Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment also heals nearby allies when it explodes. This makes it invaluable during tough boss fights or when exploring new areas, as you can restore health to your co-op partners at range. The AoE healing effect combos well with the AoE damage. Despite its great power, the Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment only requires 8 points in the Radiance stat to use. This means most character builds can easily use it without heavy investment. Even pure melee builds get a lot of value tossing the occasional parchment. The only downside is its higher ammo cost of 3. But considering its versatile offensive and defensive abilities, the Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment is one of the best all-around throwables in Lords of the Fallen.

7. Enhanced Accusing Spirit (Cursed Face)

Chucking this cursed face at a boss or Elite enemy will be detrimental to its strength, absolutely crippling for about 10 seconds, decreasing the damage that it deals, while increasing our own attack power. Our cheeks were getting clapped by the Judge, but once we started using the Enhanced Accusing Spirit to heavily nerf her, it made a huge difference, she now dealt very little damage to us while the nerf was active, plus took significantly more of the damage that we were dealing to her. Enhanced Accusing Spirit will make the toughest bosses look like a feeble old man. But it's not only for elite enemies or boss fights, you can also toss it into a mob of little weeny enemies too, because it will transfer from one target to the next once they die. Combine it with other throwing items that also nerf like the Fire Grenade for an even bigger damage boost. By the way, you can hear the actual sound of enemies being nerfed that kind of electricity sound.

Where to Find The Enhanced Accusing Spirit: You can find this Cursed Face in the Hallowed Sisters area. Starting from the Vestige of Rosamund, right down the stairs here will be a dude in the wall, now you have a Soul Flare play this dude in the wall and it will drop the Enhanced Accusing Spirit.

6. Corrupted Banner Javelin

You can throw Corrupted Banner Javelin at an enemy like you would any other spear, but that's not the end of the story for this naughty little stick. This stick will stick around for a little bit crap dusting the area with its lethal highly combustible farts dealing physical damage and fire damage to the enemies within the area. Chaos can happen after throwing a couple of these down that is some magnificent Mayhem right there. Now as soon as it's dropped, it hits for a big damage number, then continues to deal fire damage over time now. Obviously this can be very effective in boss fights, you just plop one or two down and bait the boss around it. You can also plop one of these down alongside other javelins and you become bubble boy. So mix and match with other javelins for the ultimate combinations.

Where to Find The Corrutted Banner Javelin:  You can obtain the Corrutted Banner Javelin from Judge Cleric's boss remembrance.

5. Enhanced Cursed Dart

At first glance, Enhanced Cursed Dart seems weak. You throw one of these at a larger enemy and they chain with enemies for groups. So even though it's only dealing 140 wither damage if you multiply that by 2, 3, 4, 5 enemies then you got yourself some big damage numbers, while only costing you two ammo, against crowds and mobs this is crazy effective. And it can even bounce, it can dink back and forth on these same enemies, hitting the same targets multiple times which will usually proc Frost because it inflicts frost bite also. Enemy density is rough sometimes, especially in Umbral, this is particularly effective at injuring multiple Umbral enemies as wither damage is especially lethal against the Umbral type.

4. Enhanced Lacerating Knife or Enhanced Poisoning Knife

The hatchet gives you 50 bleed and 650 damage at two ammo costs, so that is 327 per 1 ammo. The lump Hammer gives you 308 per one ammo, while the knife gives you 397 damage per one ammo cost. Plus they have much higher status buildups. Now to show this in action, Enhanced Hatchet is doing a little over 1,000 damage while Enhanced Lacerating Knife is dealing over 600 damage, so that's why we believe the knives are more valuable. Though we do understand the big monkey wrench in our reasoning here which is that you throw the hatchet or Hammer just once, you're getting all your damage in one shot, meanwhile to deal similar damage with a knife you got to charge up and land your shot twice or three times to equal the Lump Hammer, you're taking two or three times longer in the middle of combat meaning the knives have a lower damage per second and a longer kill time. But they are very efficient with higher status buildups, so we guess that is the tradeoff.

3. Enhanced Poison Javelin

Enhanced Poison Javelin is a lifesaver, some enemies in the game are a real freaking challenge, until you realize that they are vulnerable to poison and then once that happens boom it's over for them. This Javelin is so awesome because no matter what build you got going on, this allows you to reliably effectively inflict poison. You got a fire type build and realize you're absolutely in the fire aree, but no worries use nhanced Poison Javelin, though it doesn't deal that much physical damage, this much poison for only two ammo cost is a great deal.

Where To Get The Enhanced Poison Javelin: The location for this one is in the Hallowed Sisters area and get to this area where this really rude woman standing up there is shooting lasers at you, you got to kill her, come this way and do this Umbral puzzle moving forward in this direction.

2. Enhanced Bloody Hatchet

Enhanced Bloody Hatchet deals high physical damage (287 according to the wiki, 286 according to the article) which makes it very powerful against enemies. This is comparable to other top throwables like the Enhanced Short Javelin.  It has a special background lore related to the Blackfeather Rangers which makes it unique. It scales well with Strength and Agility, allowing players to further boost its damage with proper stat investment. It does not have elemental damage, making it more versatile against different enemy types. It has a moderate ammo cost of 2, balancing power with resource consumption. The combination of high base damage, availability, scaling, and ammo efficiency make the Enhanced Bloody Hatchet one of the best throwable tools for dealing damage consistently in Lords of the Fallen.

1. Enhanced Lump Hammer

The Enhanced Lump Hammer tops the rankings as the #1 throwable weapon in Lords of the Fallen for several key reasons. It deals the highest physical damage of any throwable, a massive 431 points according to sources. This overwhelming damage output allows it to swiftly take down enemies. The Enhanced Lump Hammer has the added benefit of staggering enemies when it hits them. This stagger effect interrupts enemy actions, allowing the player time to reposition or launch another attack. The crowd control provided by the Lump Hammer's stagger ability gives it great tactical value. Additionally, as an enhanced version of the base Lump Hammer, the Enhanced Lump Hammer takes an already formidable throwable and improves on its capabilities. It receives bonuses to strength scaling as well, further amplifying its damage.