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What is Assassin in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Assassin Introduction

After Vizjerei survived the disasters brought by Bartuc and Horazon, the rules of magic killers were formed. The Assassin (Asn/Sin/Assy) in Diablo 2 Resurrected is a martial arts expert who uses deadly traps and shadow disciplines to vanquish evil. Their task is to pay close attention to ronin priests who may be controlled by evil forces. In order not to be seduced by demons when performing their tasks, much of their training is extremely effective. They are unknown, in the mouth of ordinary people, Their appearance is limited to rumors and myths, and even the priests know little about them. Their reputation is shrouded in mystery. Those who know their true existence can keep them away from corruption to the greatest extent because they are afraid of their revenge.

Assassins do not use mana directly. They use magical items with automatic functions to imitate the effects of natural forces. In order to prevent potential crises, they carefully cultivate their mental strength and unarmed fighting skills. Assassins are good at using strange weapons: all kinds of swords and claws on their wrists. They skillfully use these weapons in combat. If both hands hold weapons at the same time, an Assassin will double his destructive attack. No lock can embarrass an Assassin. Therefore, an Assassin does not need a key to open locked chests.

Assassin Stats & Attributes

Starting Attributes

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 20
Energy: 25
Life: 50
Stamina: 95
Mana: 25

Each Level Up

Life: +2
Stamina: +1.25
Mana: +1.5

Attribute Point Effect

1 Vitality = 3 Life
1 Vitality = Stamina
1 Energy = Mana

Assassin Skills

Martial Arts Skills

Level 1: Tiger Strike
Level 1: Dragon Talon
Level 6: Fists of Fire
Level 6: Dragon Claw
Level 12: Cobra Strike
Level 18: Claws of Thunder
Level 18: Dragon Tail
Level 24: Blades of Ice
Level 24: Dragon Flight
Level 30: Phoenix Strike

Traps Skills

Level 1: Fire Blast
Level 6: Shock Web
Level 6: Blade Sentinel
Level 12: Charged Bolt Sentry
Level 12: Wake of Fire
Level 18: Blade Fury
Level 24: Lightning Sentry
Level 24: Wake of Inferno
Level 30: Death Sentry
Level 30: Blade Shield

Shadow Disciplines Skills

Level 1: Claw Mastery
Level 1: Psychic Hammer
Level 6: Burst of Speed
Level 12: Cloak of Shadows
Level 12: Weapon Block
Level 18: Fade
Level 18: Shadow Warrior
Level 24: Mind Blast
Level 30: Venom
Level 30: Shadow Master

Assassin Build Strategy

The common skills of Assassin builds in Diablo 2 include Trap and Martial Arts. Trap Assassin is more suitable for beginners to start. Both equipment requirements and operation difficulty are simpler than Martial Arts, so it is deeply loved by most players.

Trap Assassin is the most common entry-level D2R build. Of course, if you have high enough skills in the later stage, you can easily go through Hell with an Infinity for mercenaries. The main output skills of Trap are here. The conventional skill choice is Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry. The former can't underestimate the damage when it is full of relevant skill bonuses and has a high level, while the other is one of the Diablo 2 magic skills. Its effect is similar to the Corpse Explosion skill of the Necromancer. When killing monsters, as long as they can quickly create corpses, the remaining monsters are basically solved in minutes, No matter what kind of build, as long as it involves a group of monsters, it is recommended to put enough points on the Death Sentry. The overall requirements for Trap Assassin equipment are not very high, but it is very difficult to meet the best high skills. The equipment with sockets of Diablo 2 Trap Assassin will be inlaid with attack speed and resistance jewel.

Martial Arts builds has high requirements for equipment. There are common D2R Assassin builds such as Dragon/Tiger and Dragon Claw. Dragon and Tiger and other builds all need certain operations. Dragon Tiger Assassin in Hell is depending on the gear. The combination of Tiger Strike and Dragon Tail can have extremely high damage. Its damage can be divided into physical damage and range fire damage. However, if the attack target is physical immunity, the subsequent fire damage will be invalid. You can select non-damage reduce monsters to attack. In this way, the released fire damage can also hit nearby objects to avoid monsters, this kind of build is sometimes a little weak in the face of monsters with high damage immunity and high fire resistance.

Shadow Disciplines contain good skills, such as Burst of Speed, Weapon Block, Cloak of Shadows, Fade,  Mind Blast, Venom, etc. The effect of Burst of Speed is to improve the character's running and attack speed. You should know that the casting speed of traps is related to the attack speed. Various Assassin builds can be combined with this skill to easily reach a specific attack speed gear.

2. What Is the Best Assassin Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Below is the list of the most powerful and popular D2R Assassin builds focusing on different skills.

Best D2R Trap Assassin Build

Lightning/Death Sentry Assassin (Trapsin) Build
Wake of Fire Assassin Build

Best D2R Martial Arts Assassin Build

Tiger Strike/Dragon Tail Assassin Build
Dragon Claw Assassin Build

Best D2R Shadow Disciplines Assassin Build

Venom Fade Assassin Build
Mind Blast Assassin Build

3. Is the Assassin a Good Class for D2R Beginners?

Yes. The Trapsin or Lightning/Death Sentry Assassin build is a good option for beginners to start the game, because it is easy to use and less dependent on equipment, but melee Assassin builds are not recommended to new Diablo 2 players.

What Are the Best Gears for Assassin?

Here are common weapons and equipment used by D2R Assassins. There are also Cruel and Set Diablo 2 items that are suitable to equip.

Shadow Killer
Battle Cestus

Damage: (145-172) To (170-201)
Required Level: 78
Required Strength: 100
Required Dexterity: 100
Katar Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
+170-220% Enhanced Damage
-25% Target Defense
Freezes Target +2
+10-15 To Mana After Each Kill
33% Chance To Cast Level 8 Frost Nova On Striking
Ethereal (Cannot Be Repaired)

Bartuc's Cut-Throat
Greater Talons

Damage: (77-88) To (137-155)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 79
Required Dexterity: 79
Durability: 69
Claw Class - Very Fast Attack Speed (-30)
+150-200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 25-50 Damage
30% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
5-9% Life Stolen Per Hit
+20 To Strength
+20 To Dexterity
+2 To Assassin Skill Levels
+1 To Martial Arts Skills

Jade Talon
Wrist Sword

Damage: (98-115) To (130-153)
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 105
Required Dexterity: 105
Durability: 56
Katar Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
(Assassin Only)
+190-240% Enhanced Damage
+1-2 To Martial Arts (Assassin Only)
+1-2 To Shadow Disciplines (Assassin Only)
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
10-15% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +40-50

Firelizard's Talons
Feral Claws

Damage: (66-81) To (159-196)
Required Level: 67
Required Strength: 113
Required Dexterity: 113
Durability: 52
Katar Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
(Assassin Only)
+200-270% Enhanced Damage
Adds 236-480 Fire Damage
+15% Increased Attack Speed
+1-3 To Martial Arts (Assassin Only)
+1-2 To Wake of Inferno (Assassin Only)
+1-2 To Wake of Fire (Assassin Only)
Fire Resist +40-70%

Natalya's Mark
Scissors Suwayyah

One-Hand Damage: 123 To 156
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 118
Required Dexterity: 118
Durability: 68
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
(Assassin Only)
+200% Enhanced Damage
+200% Damage To Undead
+200% Damage To Demons
Adds 12-17 Fire Damage
Ignores Target's Defense
40% Increased Attack Speed
+50 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration (Normal)

Assassin News Topic

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