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WoW Classic SoD Class Picking (PvE/PvP): Best DPS, Healer, Tank in Season of Discovery
11/11/2023 7:17:51 PM

Which class to main in WoW Classic Season of Discovery? Here look at the changes to each class, and break down their DPS, Healer, Tank potential for Raids, Dungeons, and PvP in SoD, which will simplify your class choice!

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Tier List - Best DPS, Healer, Tank

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Picking Guide

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, with the runes announced so far, the meta seems like it will be mostly intact. Fire mages and warlocks will likely make up the caster core, while fury warriors and ferals make up the bulk of the DPS. Ferals going bear form will likely split the core tank roster with warriors, but they may take all tank spots just for more wind fury groups. Hpals, priests, and shamans will likely continue to make up the healer core, but the 1 resto druid is probably cut with enough ferals casting FF. Now follow us to discover what is the best class to pick for Raids and Dungeons, and what is best role of each class.

1 - Paladin (DPS, Healer, Tank)

DPS Paladin (Ret Paladin): B Tier

Tank Paladin: S Tier

Healer Paladin: A Tier

Best Paladin For Raids & Dungeons - Tank Paladin: A Tier

Best Paladin For PvP - Ret Paladin: B Tier

There's an insane amount of hype for Paladin, and Crusader Strike and a Divine Storm is the bread and butter of DPS Paladin that Asan has been begging for all these years. So you might not scale super well in the later phases, but you'll be an absolute monster right out of the gate. You do still have to spec into the holy to get consecration, but with the new Seal of Martyrdom hitting three targets, you might not even need it to hold aggro in a dungeon and it's a Mana battery for some reason. One downside is you still need to get defense Capa to avoid being crit while taking but that shouldn't be that hard considering, you can just wear plate armor like a Warrior. And Holy Paladin gets Beacon of Light - one of the most notorious and broken healing abilities ever made and you can just throw that on the tank, and then sprinkle the Raid with Flashes of Light. If all that wasn't enough no matter what you do as a Paladin, you have the option of taking the Divine Sacrifice rune which as all of us who raid in Wrath of Lich King know's an extremely broken raid cooldown with potentially endless value.

2 - Priest (DPS, Healer)

DPS Priest (Shadow Priest): B Tier

Healer Priest: S Tier

Best Priest For Raids & Dungeons - DPS Priest/Healer Priest: A Tier

Best Priest For PvP -  Shadow Priest: S Tier

It seems like in every version of WoW, the priest is on the low end of the population and they're always doing great anyway. It looks like they are giving Priest every stupidly broken heal ability that's ever been added to the game along with this weird homuncular ability that for some reason applies their armor. An important thing to note is it doesn't seem like any of the new runes give you any mana and you don't have Shadow Fiend and Vanilla. You might want to be on the lookout for any new runes that they add that will help you out in that department because you definitely have plenty of ways to spend Mana which for DPS Priest now includes Mind Sear as an AOE. We are a little surprised to see nothing affecting wand or wand damage, but they're definitely doubling down on the healing and Shadow dot aspects of the class. So if you ever wanted to give it a shot, now is the time to get your AOE blackout procs send the boys on people or throw down the power word barrier.

3 - Mage (DPS, Healer)

DPS Mage (Fire Mage): A Tier

Healer Mage: A Tier

Best Mage For Raids & Dungeons - Healer Mage: A Tier

Best Mage For PvP - Frost Mage: S Tier

There is not a lot of hype around Mage, is the only DPS class that seems to get healing rune. This one's pretty clear-cut and obvious with each Rune slot having four runes, one for fire,  one for frost, one for Arcane, and one for healer. With a little bit of overlap between Arcane and Healer. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like fire is getting hot streaks, so Pyro Blast is still a little useless. All the Mana talents make sense with Arcane Blast thrown in there and you were a prime target for all the inmates that the Druids are going to use anymore. We'd highly recommend this if you're interested in this new damage healing or Mana management based gameplay, or if you're just excited about adding some extra stats on the existing Mage, looks like Hunter is the only class that is just going to have one clear role and while we don't get steady shot in the aspect of the Viper which is the bread and butter of turning Hunter into the DPS machine that it is in TBC.

4 - Warrior (DPS, Tank)

DPS Warrior (Fury Warrior): S Tier

Tank Warrior: B Tier

Best Warrior For Raids & Dungeons - Fury Warrior: A Tier

Best Warrior For PvP - DPS Warrior: S Tier

There's a little more mixed excitement about the Warrior, Warbringer is going to be a massive PVP Rune in terms of mobility and Devastate is looking insane for tanks. You will be forced to use a shield this time around, so that might be a bummer, but you don't have a make-a-tank Rune that you can just throw on and makes you crit immune like a lot of other classes have. But your leveling which was a major weak point of the Warrior is about to get a whole lot more fun with things like Victory Rush. As for a DPS Warrior, you can enjoy tons of new bonuses to rage regeneration and fun new ways to spend it along with massive percent damage multipliers, which might not be that much damage at low levels but once you can scale and have a full set of World Buffs, on you're going to be absolutely insane. If you think of yourself as a Warrior player, it's not a bad time to come back home, considering it'll be a lot less crowded this time around.

5 - Druid (DPS, Healer, Tank)

Cat DPS Druid: S Tier

Caster DPS Druid (Boomkins): B Tier

Bear Tank Druid: S Tier

Healer Druid (Resto Druid): C Tier

Best Druid For Raids & Dungeons -  Cat DPS Druid: S Tier

Best Druid For PvP - Feral Druid: A Tier

One annoying thing about Druids is you still have to wait for Bear form at level 10 and Cat form at level 20, but with cats giving windfury nerf from the Wild Strikes rune, you'll be highly sought after for groups. And you still provide the leader of the pack as well, put up Mangle to increase bleed damage and for some reason this does 300% weapon damage, this is a typo for Bears. The main thing that tank Druids were lacking in Vanilla is damage mitigation since they can't put on a shield, but now they have it with Survival the Fittest giving them 20% overall less damage taken in hear form. The major thing you need to know about Boomkins is this Pury of the Stormrage Rune that makes wrath cost nothing, so while you might not be tipped with the meters, you're the only class with a zero-cost damage spell. Now you even expect Resto Druids to use this to weave in some DPS while their hots keep the group alive like the new Lifebloom and Wild Growth.

6 - Shaman (DPS, Tank, Healer)

Caster DPS Shaman (Elemental shaman): S Tier

Melee DPS Shaman (Enhance shaman): B Tier

Tank Shaman: B Tier

Healer Shaman (Resto): B Tier

Best Shaman For Raids & Dungeons - Elemental Shaman: A Tier

Best Shaman For PvP - Elemental shaman: B Tier

The hype trainer Shaman is getting a tank Rune with a quick Cat built into it as well, and 100% increased threat, 30% increased health, and 10% damage reduction. This class is going to get really spammy because Shaman has the most amount of Mana-related Brune being mana every time you block or with Waterer Shield or with Shamanistic Rage. And you probably won't have all of these talents at once but the fact that you have so many means that you'll probably at least have one. Enhance might look like it's not getting that much besides Dual Wield Specialization, but since Wild Strikes doesn't stack with Windfury Totem, you no longer have to cast it which means you can cast whatever air totem you want, including Grace of Air Totem that goes for any Shaman spec. You can even drop Tranquil Air Totem to reduce your group's threat, including Elemental that will not only have Lava Burst for huge crits to one shot people in PvP but also overload for a 33% chance to recast that spell for half the damage including Lava Burst. Since overload also applies to Chain Heal and Healing Wave, we would take this as a Resto Shaman because Healing Rain only really looks better if an insane amount of people are grouped in it. Number one thing that Resto Shaman wanted in Vanilla was MP5 and all these Mana runes are going to help them out a ton. If you like TBC or Wrath Shaman, you're going to feel right at home.

7 - Rogue (DPS, Tank)

DPS Rogue: A Tier

Tank Rogue: C Tier

Best Rogue For Raids & Dungeons - DPS Rogue: A Tier

Best Rogue For PvP: S Tier

Rogue is getting a tank Rune in addition to some wrath abilities that make dagger PVE and poison spells more playable and fun.  Rogue's Tank Rune - Just a Flesh Wound might be the weakest out of all the tank runes and you need to keep up blade dance in order to get the 20% physical reduction to work, it has no bonus health, no bonus armor, no spell damage reduction, and while you have no AOE abilities besides Blade Flurry to hold threat on multiple mobs. You do have more passive mitigation than probably anybody else, so going to have to see where the Rogue slots itself in here, wouldn't recommend going rogue only to tank though. Plan on playing Mutilate but even just normal combat Doggers with 20 less energy cost on backstab seems really fun. Saber Slash and Envenom are refreshing new additions to the normal combat swords. And this is really the only class that has really obvious PVP editions like Shiv which to the untrained eye seems really underwhelming, but it's one of the core things that makes TBC Rogues the ing of Arena.

8 - Warlock (DPS, Tank)

DPS Warlock: B Tier

Tank Warlock: C Tier

Best Warlock For Raids & Dungeons - DPS Warlock: B Tier

Best Mage For PvP - DPS Warlock: S Tier

It looks like we're getting three types of warlock, we're going to Metamorphosis Tank Warlock, Haunt Dot Warlock, and Fire Chaos Bolt Warlock, which all seem extremely fun with lots of complexity and Nuance. The Metamorphosis gives you 500% increased armor, but with no bonus health or red magic damage, you might just get owned by spells. There's a lot to unpack here and get hyped up about but we wouldn't really recommend it unless you're really ready to dig into everything there is to offer and not just because you think demon form looks cool.

9 - Hunter (DPS)

Ranged DPS Hunter: A Tier

Melee DPS Hunter: B Tier

Best Hunter For Raids & Dungeons - Ranged DPS Hunter: B Tier

Best Hunter For PvP - Ranged DPS Hunter: B Tier

We still get to lean a little bit more into the original identity of the cooldown-based shot and sting Hunter. There's some unfortunate news for the melee Hunter, it looks like the Flanking Strike ability has a 30-second cooldown similar to the one that's in retail which just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. There are plenty of other things to be excited about with this class,  A lot of the stats on these runes seem way too high, we mean 30% crit from Sniper Training are you out of your mind, they're also going to be absolute demons in PvP. We'd recommend it if you like the existing Hunter identity and kit, but we'd probably hold off for now if you're just here for the melee stuff.