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Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Event Guide: Release Date, Rewards, Paragon Glyph & Preparations
11/13/2023 3:04:52 PM

The Abattoir of Zir is an upcoming endgame content arriving on December 5th inside Diablo 4 season 2. Read our D4 Season 2 Abattoir of Zir event guide, we’re going to show you step-by-step directions on how to get into the new system, the glyph reward you can earn, and most importantly what we can do right now to get ready.


Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Event Guide: Release Date, Rewards, Paragon Glyph & Preparations

A whole new endgame mechanic or system called the Abattoir of Zir is Greater Rifts coming to Diablo 4. Do you want to go into that red portal see what's on the other side and destroy and dominate all of it? There are 25 levels of punishment, we need to go through to improve our experience in the end game. If you want to try it keep reading our D4 Season 2 Abattoir event guide.


How to Enter Abattoir of Zir in Diablo 4?

1. Players have to complete their season journey for the Season of Blood to get access to the Abattoir of Zir. Once you've completed your season journey, every person is going to be given a recipe to create a Blood Forge Sigil tier 1.

2. You're going to go visit an occultist to craft the Blood Forge Sigil with the new recipe you just got. Once you've crafted this sigil, it's going to cost about 60,000 Diablo 4 gold and 800 sigil powder. You can then right-click to consume it and head on over to Ked Bardu. Once you reach Ked Bardu, enter in the blood portal to begin your first Abattoir of Zir dungeon.

3. You're now inside the Blood Forge tier 1 dungeon, you have a set amount of time dictated by this timer on your user interface. You have to kill a certain amount of monsters to summon a boss and kill it before time runs out.


Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Rewards

Accomplishing this task will reward players with the all-new Paragon glyph the Tears of Blood. In addition to that new glyph dropping for us, there's also going to be a new nightmare dungeon totem that's going to give us a tremendous amount of glyph XP compared to what we have now. Then it's a bit of rinse and repeat, you go back to the occultist, you farm up the next tier of a Blood Forge dungeon which would be two and if you complete a two, you could do a three and ultimately we are going to try to figure out where our ceiling is for our characters.


Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Paragon Glyph

The Tears of Blood is the all-new unique Paragon glyph in the Diablo 4 Season 2 Abattoir of Zir event. This D4 item scales up to level 200 so you're going to want to aggressively push this thing. You'll hit your ceiling with your Blood Forge Dungeons and you're going to eventually have to rerun a couple of difficulties to keep pumping XP into it to get it leveled up higher and higher. Ultimately increasing your play power so it goes up to level 200. The maximum radius of this can achieve level five. From the center of the glyph to five nodes out in a circle that's the radius.



It gives you increased multiplicative damage for every 5 core stats purchased within range. It also grants 50% bonuses to all rare nodes within range. Bonuses increase by 10% every 10 levels. In those levels again, cap it at 200. You're going to be killing things much more rapidly than you were before this was ever in the game. So we're going to need some help doing damage to these Blood Forged targets.


Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Event Preparations

1. Try to make sure that you have the absolute most defense that you need for the content right now which is 13,300 on your character. Whether you're using an Abattoir of Zir to get there, or whether you're using Disobedience on your character as you get started, 13,300 is the 85% physical damage reduction that you can get in the game. The monster level goes up to about 177 as rumored. If the monster level is 177, you're going to want to have more armor to mitigate that increased monster level damage to you. We recommend you aim for about 15,000 armor for the Abattoir of Zir.

2. The second thing you should try to do is make sure your resistances are capped. Because little elemental damage as you possibly can. You got 85% damage reduction from physical, you're mitigating 70% elemental damage right on.

3. Make sure that your Paragon glyphs are leveled up. 21's the current cap. It is the cap on all those glyphs outside of Tears of Blood. So make sure those things are capped to give yourself the most advantage going forward into the unknown for this new Diablo IV Abattoir of Zir event Season 2. It's built for level 100 characters, it's meant to be challenging. If your glyphs aren't leveled up, you're doing yourself dirty.

4. Finally, try to farm as many Uber uniques as you can. It's an RNG thing but sincerely you got less than a month. Put yourself in the best place you can with the gear that you've got, when you're farming Uber Durial, if you don't happen to hit those Uber uniques, Durial still drops 925 item level gear. The important reason is that's a higher item level. 925 is the cap, it gives you the most armor on pieces that could be upgraded. If they roll well with affixes then in addition you might just hit that Uber unique like a Doombringer that gives you a 41.4% increase maximum HP or a Harlequin Crest that gives you plus 4 to all skills perfect damage reduction. Don't stop trying for it.


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