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What Is Necromancer?

Necromancer is a mysterious figure in a black cloak who lives in the southern swamp. Necromancer, as the name implies, is a disgraceful mage who performs their instructions by resurrecting dead bodies and summoning and controlling various creatures. Although their goals are often bright, their evil means are still difficult to be recognized by the world. Long term confinement in a dark and humid cabin makes their cheeks pale and look like bones; Staying up late and over thinking broke his body and made them look vulnerable; But no one dares to doubt the power of the necromancer.

Historical Background

As people can see, the believers of magic almost don't communicate with each other. These people who specialize in mysticism are difficult for laymen to understand. However, for people in the outside world, nothing is more incomprehensible than the followers of Rathma cult.

Most people who use magic know that the priests of Rathma cult come from the jungle in the Far East. They live in a huge underground city deep in the jungle. It is very hidden because of its special geographical location, but it also prevents them and other so-called The assimilation of "orthodox" mage tribes. But it is this isolation that allows them to pursue an extremely unique and mysterious science. Through Rathma's teachings, as well as through various studies and experiments, these people have realized and can maintain the delicate balance between life and death, and even reverse life and death when they are at the critical point. It is precisely because only the minions of hell have this ability and knowledge, these mortal sacrificial skills to master and control death make them more isolated in the world. At the same time, it also leads to the outside world to call them "necromancer". They are a group of people who truly understand the balance of all things, understand and accept them, and exist as a natural way of reincarnation.

The culture of these necromancers has the influence of the earlier "great mage Clans", and most of their practices strictly follow the ancient discipline of the use of magic, even if their spells are considered "dark". Compared with other mage families, these mysterious believers are mages who have never been plagued by evil corrosion. They emphasize pragmatism in the real sense and are detached from all secular temptations. They regard death as a natural part of life, rather than trying to deny its arrival. Their strange knowledge of the unknown makes them fearless in the face of death. The Necromancers' understanding of the principle of natural balance between order and chaos fully explains why they have not been affected by evil.

Necromancers is eager to maintain this balance and hope to destroy Diablo and his brothers and drive them back to the dark and humid nest. Necromancer believes that these demons that only exist in the world not only disrupt the balance of the human world, but also destroy the natural cycle of the world. Rathma's followers seek the right balance to get rid of non-human intervention in the mortal world. They hate any force in the universe that treats humans as chess pieces in the game, but they are obviously willing to form alliances with others until the balance of the world is restored.

Characteristics and Capabilities Of Necromancer

Necromancer has the ability to resurrect and control most of the bodies that have just died. The dead often release some spiritual energy that puzzles the living world. Necromancer can focus on the performance of these energies in the living world. They can also manipulate this energy to control the victim's life.

Stats & Attributes For Necromancer

Initial Attributes:

Life: 45
Stamina: 79
Mana: 25

Attribute Level Per Character:

Life: +1.5
Stamina: +1
Mana: +2

Attribute point effect:

1 vitality = 2 life
1 vitality = 1 stamina
1 energy = 2 mana

Necromancer Skill Points


Level 1: Amplify Damage
Level 6: Dim Vision
Level 6: Weaken
Level 12: Iron Maiden
Level 12: Terror
Level 18: Confuse
Level 18: Life Tap
Level 24: Attract
Level 30: Lower Resist

Poison and Bone Spells:

Level 1: Teeth
Level 1: Bone Armor
Level 6: Poison Dagger
Level 6: Corpse Explosion
Level 12: Bone Wall
Level 18: Poison Explosion
Level 18: Bone Spear
Level 24: Bone Prison
Level 30: Poison Nova
Level 30: Bone Spirit

Necromancer Summoning Spells:

Raise Skeleton
Skeleton Mastery
Clay Golem
Golem Mastery
Raise Skeletal Mage
Blood Golem
Summon Resist
Iron Golem
Fire Golem

Necromancer Skill Strategy

Necromancer's unique talents make him fully consider some meaningful skill combinations when choosing skills. Unlike the skill specialization of other occupations, Necromancer's advantage is that it can develop all three skill trees at the same time and combine these skills. Summing skills can provide slaves for Necromancer, They will absorb the damage of the monster tribe for the Necromancer. Poison and bone spell will provide necromancer with the most direct attack power. The corpses they make are the source of Necromancer's power. Curve skill will greatly speed up the efficiency of necromancer and his slaves in killing enemies

Is the Necromancer a Good Class for Beginners?

Yes, arguably one of the best. We highly recommend picking the Necromancer if you’re new to the RPG game as it’s the most accessible Diablo 2 Resurrected class to play out of the seven. If you’re looking for someone that excels at attacking from afar while also having a group of minions at this disposal, Necromancer is also a good choice for you. The Necromancer features a unique playstyle that’s very hands-off compared to every other class in the game.

What Is the Best Necromancer Build?

Best Bone Spell Build
Best Summoner Build
Best Necromancer Magic Find Build
Best Poison Nova Necromancer Build

What Is the Best Gears Necromancer For Necromancer?

Best gears for Bonemancer Build:

Weapons: Heart of the Oak
Shield: Spirit
Helmet: Torment’s Harlequin Crest
Gloves: Trang-Oul’s Claws
Boots: Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots
Armor: Enigma Runeword
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Ring: 2x Stone of Jordan
Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Best gears for Summon Build:

Weapons: Beast Runeword
Shield: Spirit
Helmet: Torment’s Harlequin Crest
Gloves: Chance Guards
Boots: War Traveler
Armor: Que-Hegan’s Wisdom
Belt: Goldwrap
Ring: 2x Stone of Jordan
Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Best gears for Poison Nova Necromancer Build:

Weapons: Death’s Web
Shield: Trang-Oul’s Wing
Helmet: Torment’s Harlequin Crest
Gloves: Trang-Oul’s Claws
Boots: Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots
Armor: Enigma
Belt: Trang-Oul’s Girth
Ring: 2x Stone of Jordan
Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Necromancer News Topic

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