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LotF Best Builds: Top 8 Most Fun OP Builds in Lords of the Fallen 2023
11/9/2023 6:23:20 PM

We present to you the top 8 most entertaining, distinctive, and powerful builds in Lords of the Fallen 2023. As we progress through the list, the builds become increasingly potent, so be sure to stick around till the end. Alrighty then, let's dive straight in!

Lords of the Fallen Best Builds - Top 8 Most Fun & Broken Builds in LotF

Lords of the Fallen offers players countless ways to customize their character builds to succeed in fights. This guide covers 8 of the most unique and overpowered builds that are sure to give you an edge. From magical glass cannons to poison-infused archers, we break down the ideal weapons, spells, armor, and trinkets for each loadout. So whether you're new to the game or seeking new challenges, these top builds will deliver fun and broken playstyles to dominate enemies. Strap in as we count down from number 8 all the way to the most devastating build at the top spot - you won't want to miss these creative yet wildly effective character optimizations!

8 - Holy Bonk Build

  • Weapons: Justice, Devotion's Might

  • Spells: Radiant Weapon

  • Pendant: Hallowed Triptych

  • Rings: Orian Sorcerer's Ring, Andreas of Ebb's Ring

This Radiance build does not use Poeta's Sword, this build combines heavy-hitting holy damage and break posture to create a true meta-overpowered super uber build. This pendant the Hallowed Triptych increases Poise damage from holy attacks, now this is insanely effective. This will now make your holy type attacks melt through enemy Poise. Just use a couple lightning storms, you can get a giant walking Dragonic Mommy's boy with no problem. Group of zombie simps easy, couple of heavy attacks and smite will finish them off go ahead and optimize this strategy to the max with the ring that increases holy damage and the ring that buffs critical strikes. This build is just use Justice with its 200 Smite plus, the radiant weapon enhancement spell which also increases Smite buildup, you now have a ton of smite and you'll be proing it every other hit. The Devotion's Might has 100 Smite and  big banger smash, perfect fit for this build with its ability to break down posture. Everyone else be using Pieta's Sword meanwhile we out here with the Holy Bonk.

7- Grim Raider

  • Weapons: Hushed Saint's Halberd

  • Spells: Diminishing Missile, Latimer's Javelin

  • Rings: Bloodbane Ring or Pendant of Burden, Mineowner's Ring

We are sure you've heard of the Grim Reaper but here we have the Grim Raider, this is a somewhat unique build a hybrid for sure but very powerful. The Hushed Saint's Halberd get that 150 poison. Let's bump this up even more with the poison weapon enhancement spell, we now have a solid source of poison buildup, so much poison that one strike will procet on this weenie hut junior here. Now when combined with the Bloodbane Ring we also have a strong source of bleed as well. There are plenty of weapon options for this type of build but we are using the Hushed Saint's Halberd, simply because it's really freaking strong on its own plus 150 is a lot of poison buildup considering it has that swift and wide swinging move set.  You might be able to tell this isn't much of a spellcaster build though you still can make use of some Umbral spells such as Diminishing Missile to nerf the enemy, Latimer's Javelin is powerful, and Putrefaction feels great spamming the fog. And with the Bloodbane Ring, this fog and the javelin will both proc bleed as well. Recently we have not been using the Pendant of Burden as much but it does work very well with poison and since we are constantly proing poison here we believe it's worth it. And then we got Mineowner's Ring just because you can never have too much stamina. This is a very fun and solid build.

6 - Ignite Knight

  • Weapons: Grinning Axe, Bloodlust

  • Spells: Infernal Weapon

  • Rings: Ring of Infernal Devotion, Ring of Knight's Fire

  • Pendant: Rhogar's Delight or Pendant of Burden

For anyone who said "the entire game is full of enemies resistant to fire damage, any infernal build is totally unviable", this build is for you. With this setup, we got some bleed, a ton of burn, and a double ton of ignite. The main Synergy here is combining the Ring of Infernal Devotion with the best Inferno weapon in the game - the Grinning Axe. This weapon inflicts 80 burns and 80 ignite, so combined with the Ring of Infernal Devotion, you can proc ignite on nearly every single hit. This axe also deals fire and withered damage, so it goes perfectly with the Ring of Knight's Fire. That is some beautiful optimization right there, a solid weapon to power stance with this is the Bloodlust sword, combining both these weapons gives us that triple stacker slapper of bleed burn, and ignite. You can use any spells you want but definitely use Infernal Weapon because this will increase your ignite buildup even more. We also recommend using Rhogar's Delight pendant, this will be most effective, but if you don't have this yet, you can use the Pendant of Burden as this will boost the damage from the burn effect.

5 - Frozen Shinobi

  • Weapon: Talon,  Jeffrey's Dagger, Assassin's Bow

  • Spells: Umbral Eye of Bloody Pilgrim

  • Pendant: Warrior's Claw

  • Rings: Melchior's Ring, Mineowner's Ring

Have you been looking for a fun and unique fist build that you can use to go around everything in sight? This is essentially a challenge-type build because it forces you to play a certain way. You got to be crafty and it can be difficult, but it can be very effective if done right. What we got here is light weapons using fast attacks to deal frost and wither, but the catch is using the Umbral Eye of Bloody Pilgrim. So the plus side is that we are dealing massive wither damage very quickly but the downside is that these attacks alone won't actually deal permanent damage. We must use other tactics to permanently execute on that wither buildup, spamming regular R1 or R2 attacks only build wither though charged, heavy attacks, running heavy attacks, heavy attacks out of roll, and the kick all deal actual damage when you proc the frost that burst of damage will work too, and Grievous strikes, of course, will deal actual damage as well.

Also, we have our bow - the Assassin's Bow, quite devastating with a high agility level, so this can be used for quick shots to deal regular damage to execute on that wither. So we have the Talon in the main hand and Jeffrey's Dagger in the left hand, this way we can two and the Talon to use the fist unique move set. The way the Umbral eye works, you actually want to use Warrior's Claw and Melchior's Ring because the increase in physical damage will translate into an increased and wither buildup. Then use the Mineowner's Ring for more stamina because we're going to be doing a lot of rolling around and moving quickly. By the way, you should know Frost is probably the worst status effect to be used here, something like burn or poison with damage over time that will automatically execute on the that wither damage would be more viable, using poison would be most effective but our goal was simply to make a unique and challenging fist build, so this is how it ended up.

4 - Poison Archer

  • Weapons: Harrower Dervla's Crossbow, Kukajin's Sword, Jeffrey's Dagger

  • Spells: Umbral Eye of Lydia the Dumb Witch

  • Rings: Blackfeather Ranger Ring, Ring of Night's Fire

  • Pendant: Inner Serpent Pendant

The Harrower Dervla's Crossbow is the grand poba of all bows in this game, you that triple shots dealing massive damage, but of course you run through ammunition like a madman. But with the Umbral Eye of Lydia the Dumb Witch, you don't even have to worry about ammo at all, you can keep blasting away. As far as actual weapons go, we recommend using a poison-type weapon such as Kukajin's Sword, not only does it mainly scale with agility but poison is perfect for a long-range Archer build like this because you proc the poison and then you run away to a safe distance where the poison can slowly damage them while you finish them off with your arrows. We also got little Jeffrey's Dagger on the side, simply to get the benefits for more Rune sockets specifically the one that increases damage of ranged attacks. Now of course you want the Inner Serpent Pendant, Blackfeather Ranger Ring, and Ring of Night's Fire because two out of three of our bolt types we are using are wither and fire. By the way, remember there is a headshot multiplier in this game making head shots deal double damage, there is also a crotch shot boost in this game, any shots to the crotch deal quintuplet damage.

3 - Glass Cannon Spellcaster

  • Weapons: Melted Dark Crusader Sword, Lost Berescu's Catalyst

  • Spells: Diminishing Missile, Loosen Beam, Orius' Judgement, Magma Surge, Infernal Slash, Lingering Despair

  • Rings: Manastone Ring

  • Pendant: Shuja Harmony Hoop

This build is a master of all magical schools, the Grand Puba of all sorcery. With this build, you can viably use all three magic types. We can use the ring (Ring of Radiant Preeminence) that allows you to use radiant spells and or the ring (Charred Root) for Inferno spells with a different catalyst. So with just the Lost Berescu's Catalyst, we use a beautiful array of different spells. The one Lords of the Fallen item that makes this actually viable is the Shuja Harmony Hoop - casting spells from different magic types will amplify this effect even more, so this pendant incentivizes you to go back and forth between Magic types, back and forth will continually increase the damage buff. So honestly you can mix and match however you prefer, though the most effective route would be to only do Umbral and Radiance, or do only Umbral and Inferno, that way you can optimize either holy or fire damage. Some of the best spells, we recommend you combine together are the Diminishing Missile, Loosen Beam, Orius' Judgement, Magma Surge, Infernal Slash, and Lingering Despair for larger enemies or boss fights. If you are not using all three magic schools and you're just using one of the Rings meaning you have a ring slot open, we recommend the Manastone Ring because this build is absolutely invincible if you have enough mana - mana consumption is the biggest problem with this build. For an actual weapon though, the Melted Dark Crusader Sword is a great choice, this is a very diverse weapon that works with all different types of builds, and deals powerful physical and wither damage with a low stat requirement.

2 - Pure Physical Strength Build

  • Weapons: The Red Hand, Shield of Thunder, Enahcned Lump Hammer, Enahcned Lump Hammer

  • Rings: Melchior's Ring, Ring of Bones

  • Pendant: Warriors's Claw

We have never defeated one of these pimped-out grim reapers so easily than with this build. One of the most underused and yet best weapons for straight physical damage is the Red Hand. We want to double down on physical damage, the physical increase with the pendant - Warriors's Claw, ring - Melchior's Ring, and the Graphics or Ixon runes that you can sucket for physical damage buffs. And then the final ring we choose the Ring of Bones, so that we can truly wear the heaviest armor. You'll want a light shield on the side, not only to get the extra Rune sockets but also so you can have another attack combo move set available to use, it is great against mobs of smaller Weenie Hut Jr's. The sword scales equally with strength and agility but we recommend focusing more on strength, this way you can use the Enahcned Lump Hammer to great effect. We are definitely taking advantage of our throwables with this build, you will get the Enahcned Lump Hammer for the big bunks and Ehanced Accusing Spirit to drastically nerf an enemy defense and attack power. This is definitely one of the most powerful and reliable builds that you can get in the game.

1 - Abiding Invader

  • Weapons: Ebonlight Abiding Defender Sword, Light Shield

  • Spells: Loosen Beam, Orius' Judgment

  • Pendant: Hallowed Triptych

  • Quick Access Items: Frost Salts, Bleed Salts

In the first place spot, we have the Abiding Invader, this build is focused on PVP invasions and our prime choice of weapon - the Ebonlight Abiding Defender Sword. This build is focused on invading PVP,  this sword gets frostbite and wither damage which are all especially effective against other human players, making this weapon and build lethal in PvP. To be honest a big part of this build is using Frost or Bleed Salts. If you can enhance this weapon with some extra Frost or Bleed It tips it right over the edge from being decently effective to being very effective, so we definitely recommend using salts. And then we recommend a small shield on their side for two reasons - one is for unlocking the Parry, especially in PvP, secondly it'll switch up the moveset changing your move set mid-fight against through with your opponent's mind.

We are also wearing the Hallowed Triptych pendant because even though the Abiding Defender sword does not deal any holy damage, using radiant spells very often specifically Loosen Beam and Orius' Judgment. Instead of a shield, you can go power stance with the Bloody Glory, both weapon scale Strength and Radiance dealing a massive amount of bleed.