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LotF Inferno Spell Tier List: Best Fire Spells Ranked in Lords of the Fallen 2023
10/30/2023 6:52:10 PM

In our previous Lords of the Fallen guide, we covered radiant-based spells. In this guide, we'll go over Inferno spells. These spells are not the most user-friendly because you get most of them towards the end of the game or from bosses that are towards the end of the game. However, the spells themselves perform really well. Today, we'll talk about all 20 Inferno spells and rank them from worst to best, and put them in tiers.

Lords of the Fallen Inferno Spell Tier List - Best Fire Spells Ranked in LotF 2023

Inferno spells are fire-based magic items in Lords of the Fallen. They deal fire damage and boost the player's fire resistance. There are a total of 20 Inferno spells in the game. Here is a list of all 20 Inferno spells, ranked from worst to best and put into tiers:

20. Adyr's Vengeance

Adyr's Vengeance does a little AOE attack for about 26 Mana of which actually does debuff enemies to make them take a little bit of damage over time and by mean a little bit of damage - they can just take for like one or two damage every single time which is just not that good at all. But the catch is that when you do kill the enemy when they are debuffed, they do in fact explode. Now the reason that's why this sucks is because the debuff only last 10 seconds, so you can only have 10 seconds to actually kill the enemy. And the explosion itself is just not that good, it has a small little AOE, and it doesn't even explode straight away as well, it takes like a few seconds for it to come out.

19. Infernal Hounds

This spell has so many downsides, it's not even funny but basically this spell summons three different dogs of which breathe fire towards a particular enemy. Sometimes it doesn't even summon three dogs because depending on the terrain of your narrow corridors, it only summons one dog sometimes, and of which that dog is not going to do good damage at all. Even if all three dogs are breathing fire, the damage is still not even that great, the range isn't even that good as well, the dogs don't really move around to chase an enemy, nor do they actually have a health bar and actually take aggra away from an enemy as well. And for 79 Mana, there's plenty of other spells that just do way more damage for this. And the downsides don't even stop there, you can only use one at a time, if you cast it you have to wait for the animations for the dogs to just completely go away before you can cast it again. You can't even get your health back when you're in the withered state when you you take wither damage and you do damage back you can actually get that Health back. But with this spell that doesn't even work.

18. Flame Funnel

This spell actually does summon a fire tornado that encompasses the player, of which when you hold on to the input, it will just make it last as long as you want and actually drain a Mana over time. Now the Mana drain is actually roughly about 30 Mana per second which we think isn't too bad. But unfortunately the damage it just not worth it at all. Its AOE is good, so it can hit multiple players or enemies at once and with how short range it is as as well you're just going to get staggered straight out of it because you just don't get any hyper armor or Poise when casting this spell.

17. Adyr's Authority

This spell for 26 Mana actually does knock enemies backwards in a shock wave attack and do a little bit of damage. The damage itself is definitely not that great, so we think its only use is to knock enemies backwards. Unfortunately this is only going to work for like smaller types of enemies, so when you are surrounded by those, using this B can actually like help set you free. Or if you want to like ledge kill people and PVP, it might have a use there as well. But using this as a damage option is definitely not viable, especially for 26 Mana.

16. Infernal Guardian

Infernal Guardian spell actually summons a little fire turret of which actually shoots these homing Firebolts towards an enemy, and it will also cause that burn buildup as well. The damage itself is just not that great and the projectiles shoot at like one at a time very slowly. We think its only use is to be able to have that passive damage over time and do damage yourself but for 52 Mana, there are spells that has performed way better than this. Some people actually like to use this thing in PvP.

15. Severing Blades

Severing Blades spell for 46 Mana actually does shoot out a wave projectile that can go relatively far do some good damage and actually is a quick cast as well which is definitely the best part about it. Unfortunately this spell is just inconsistent beyond all belief because there's plenty of times we in tight corridors and it just like clips something and just does no damage, doesn't even reach the target itself. And for a horizontal spread, you think would actually hit multiple enemies at once but no doesn't really work that as soon as it hits one target, it just dissipates and stops.

14. Infernal Orb

Infernal Orb is like the basic generic Fireball that you actually end up starting with very easy to use projectile that goes relatively far, does only consume 13 Mana as well. Now obviously the damage is not going to be anywhere near as good as some of the other things you see on this list. But the fact that it is very Mana efficient, does actually have a very specific use.

13. Infernal Decree

Infernal Decree spell for 39 Mana actually does rain down a whole bunch of swords from the sky and a relatively larger AOE, so actually can hit multiple enemies at once very easily, and swords do constantly keep raining down over and over again, so the total overall damage can actually be very good especially for only 39 Mana cost. Now the problem with this spell is that it's only going to be good against a mobile type of enemies because you only really benefit if all those swords end up hitting over and over again, since soon as an enemy takes like a few steps forward or backwards that is going to end up dodging the projectile. And another annoying thing is that it doesn't really go where you lock on to sometimes especially when they closer towards you, it would always end up defaulting to go to a certain distance and stay there.

12. Pyroclastic Stone

Pyroclastic Stone spell is definitely going to be one of the better Mana to damage racio spells in the entire game, because with 52 Mana you can actually send out this bouncing ball that upon impact can actually explode do some good damage and actually leave a cool lava pool on the ground. Unfortunately when it makes direct impact with an enemy, the lava pool doesn't actually appear, for whatever reason it only actually appears when it hits the ground. It'll be a lot better if it has summoned that lava pole on impact. Now the reason as the why this is going to get lower on the list is because one there's a spell that you will see later on magma surge that does the exact same thing as this does but probably just better because this thing is inconsistent against smaller enemies sometimes.

11. Infernal Eruption

Infernal Eruption is actually a short ranged AOE of which works very similar to configration and is just like a fire surge attack. But the differen is being is that this one actually does 60% more damage, but it consumes way more than twice the amount of Mana which makes it not really worth because this spell consumes 60 Mana per second compared to configurations 25. And another annoying thing about this is that it has less range, for whatever reason it just has like a curving effect to it, feels like it has like roughly half the amount of range. So you have to be very close to benefit off this spell, which makes it very risky because obviously you get staggered very easily in this game. But it does have that specific use because obviously it does that higher DPS and if you are at Point Blank Range, it actually can melt a whole bunch of enemies really quickly. So if you do have plenty of Mana to spare, this one might be the better option.

10. Cataclysm

Cataclysm spell does a ton of damage damage, we mean like a lot of damage in one hit. Unfortunately the reason why it's not going to get higher is because we think there's other spells that we will see on this list that just directly outclass it, because this spell  actually does consume the most Mana at 99, compared to all the other spells and it doesn't really do that much more damage than some of the other spells. But this spell actually has a relatively quick animation does summon a whole bunch of medors to fall from the sky and it can perform very nicely. Now the problems with it is that at very close distances, it just sometimes doesn't hit, it will go straight over their head and it doesn't have that much range.

9. Infernal Slash

Infernal Slash can actually get some very decent DPS because it's a very short range attack that only consumes 39 mana, and you can cast it very quickly. There are going to be other spells that obviously are going to be more efficient in terms of their demon cost because the damage per hit of this spell isn't going to be that amazing. But the biggest plus for this spell is that it can attack very quickly, so if you have plenty of mana and you have a build that's doing decent amount of damage with your Inferno spells, using this spell will definitely shred a whole bunch of enemies really quickly. But the total overall damage of this spell is not going to be that great and it is a very short range attack.

8. Conflagration

Conflagration is going to be your short range AOE over which actually does have a little bit more range than infernal eruption, but this one is going to do a little bit less damage but be a lot more Mana efficient. When you hold on to the button, it would actually only consume about 25 Mana per second from our testing. But the reason as to why this spell is actually decent is because it's going to be the best SP to just kill trash mobs very quickly, and it can go through enemies can do some good damage. It is a quicker cast and you can just end the animation whenever you want to by just letting go of the button, so therefore it's actually a lot less risky as well compared to some of the other spells and it's pretty cheap as as well. So when it comes to killing trash mobs, this one is just going to be the best option.

7. Magma Surge

Magma Surge spell for 66 Mana actually summons this big giant explosion from the sky come crash into the ground, have a decent AOE and actually leave a lava pull alongside the ground as well to just make enemies take even more damage. So this spell can probably get the highest total overall damage in the entire game and get some of the best DPS as well because you can cast it over and over again. Now the reason that's to why it's not going to get higher is because against more mobile enemies that like to move around a whole bunch, it's very hard to hit because the explosion doesn't really come down straight away. But against slower or more immobile types of enemies, this spell is probably going to be the best spell to use because it has very good range, you're going to sit at the back of the map and just keep spamming it over and over again which for 66 Mana you definitely can do. And it can be one of the better damaging type spells, but even against crowd control being that it has like a good decent explosion. It actually is good at killing multiple enemies as well, so this spell is just a must have.

6. Adyr's Hardiness

Adyr's Hardiness gives you a bunch of damage negation for 90 seconds,  it's about 25% more damage negation which is honestly very good and for only 60 Mana it is definitely worth it. But the thing that actually makes it the most broken is that it only has an 8 Inferno requirement, so basically what you can do is just throw on any random Inferno Catalyst, use the spell, and you can actually just switch it off and you'll actually still retain the buff as well. So you don't even need to have an inferno spell to benefit of this. And the funny thing is it actually stacks with other types of Buffs as well, so the fact that you can just get 25% damage negation with any type of build.

5. Adyr's Endurance

Adyr's Endurance gives you a bunch of stamina regeneration speed - now stamina regeneration in this game can be annoying to actually deal with because for the most part it actually can be very slow which actually does hurt your DPS. But with this spell,  it is boosted by so much, it's definitely more than like three times the amount. And you could even be using like a fat rolling build with a heavy load that has like terrible stamina regeneration speed. Put on a deer's endurance and for 90 seconds, you just have insane regeneration speed, it's going to result in just probably more total overall damage constant aggression, so you can just keep on dodging and attacking at the exact same time. And once again this spell only has an 8 Inferno requirement of which you can just put on a random Inferno Catalyst use a spell and you can actually just remove the spell as well and actually still retain the buff and it does stack with the other spells like a deer's hardness.

4. Lava Burst

Lava Burst is not the most like flashy or great spell but we feel like you just always need to have at least like one generic projectile on because being able to just kill enemies at a distance from very cheap, it's always going to be great and lava burst does it extremely well. This spell is just the upgraded version of infernal orb now, unfortunately this sepll actually does consume twice as much mana and it actually is going to be a slower cost as well. So you probably end up getting more total overall damage with infernal orb but the reason why we are still going to prefer this one a lot more is because obviously the damage is almost twice the amount so it makes it worth it.

3. Infernal Weapon

Infernal Weapon is just going to be a weapon buff this adds more fire damage to your weapon which can just obviously just do a bunch more damage and just more burn buildup as well. This is going to be amazing especially in a game where like weapons are just going to be your primary source of damage because it's having bunch more damage for 90 seconds for only 60 Mana cost. Doesn't matter if you have a primary cost to build or you have a hybrid build, you still going to benefit greatly by having this on.

2. Adyr's Rage

Adyr's Rage spell actually does boost your physical and fire damage. Now the description itself says that it only boosts your physical damage, but it out alongside with the Fire based spells and it boosted the damage with those as well. The fact that it does boost your fire in physical damage means that it's going to PIR very nicely alongside an inferno type build. Because it also lasts 90 seconds, you can basically just have 10% more damage throughout the majority of the boss fight, you should just always have this on for every single boss. Because there is nothing wrong with 10% more damage and even if you have a catalyst that doesn't have many spell slots, you could just equip a Adyr's Rage, use the spell and this remove it and you'll still retain the buff as well.

1. Seismic Slam

Seismic Slam is the only spell that you actually really need to worry about, everything else in this list is irrelevant just have this spell and you're perfectly fine because basically this is the up spell - you click the button and it just up. This is a amazing quick range spell does ridiculous damage, cost only consume 66 Mana, can go through enemies have a decent AOE, and get some burn build up.