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Elden Ring 1.10 Most Fun Build - Top 3 Most Op & Funniest Builds In Elden Ring 1.10
10/30/2023 6:36:07 PM

As you traverse the Lands Between in Elden Ring, you'll discover that experimenting with various character builds can lead to a uniquely enjoyable experience. In this guide, we delve into the top 3 Elden Ring 1.10 builds that promise not only power but also an incredible amount of fun.

Elden Ring Funniest Build Guide - Top 3 Most Fun & Broken Builds In Elden Ring

Read our Elden Ring patch 1.10 most fun builds guide, we’ll talk about their stats, equipment, spells, and combat stats. These funniest Elden Ring 1.10 builds are designed to let you explore the game's vast world, conquer formidable foes, and make every moment in Elden Ring a memorable adventure. Whether you seek to obliterate enemies with a powerful magic-wielding character, gracefully dance through battles as a rogue, or adopt an unconventional approach to victory, these builds will ignite your passion for the game and deliver endless entertainment. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey and experience the Lands Between like never before.


1. Blessed Brawler Build

The Blessed Brawler build excels in both melee combat and healing abilities, making it a versatile choice for Elden Ring. With a heavy weapon, strong armor, and holy magic, you can tackle tough enemies and bosses with confidence while maintaining your health and sustain throughout battles. Here's a guide to creating the best Blessed Brawler build in Elden Ring:



Vitality: 15

Intelligence: 10

Faith: 20

Endurance: 15

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 10

Spirit: 10



Heavy Armor: Equip heavy armor sets that provide high physical and magical defense. Look for armor that complements your playstyle and balances poise and mobility.

Blessed Weapons: Choose weapons that scale well with Strength and can be infused with Blessed Stones to deal both physical and holy damage.

Rings: Use rings that boost your Strength, Faith, and Stamina to enhance your combat abilities. Rings like "Ring of Great Strength" and "Ring of Divine Power" are beneficial.


Combat Style

Engage enemies in close combat, utilizing your heavy weapon's sweeping attacks and combos.

Use Blessed Weapon to deal additional holy damage and heal yourself with Heal or Regeneration.

Keep an eye on your health and use miracles as needed to ensure your survival.


2. Kratos Build

In Elden Ring, creating a Kratos-inspired build can be a fun and powerful way to channel the spirit of the God of War. To emulate Kratos, you'll want a build that focuses on brutal melee combat, strength, and a dash of magic. Here's a guide to crafting the best Kratos-inspired build in Elden Ring:

Starting Stats (at level 1)

Vitality: 15

Intelligence: 5

Faith: 5

Endurance: 15

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 15

Spirit: 5



Berserker Rune: Enhance your physical damage output.

Ironclad Rune: Increase your defense and survivability, allowing you to endure battles like the God of War himself.



Heavy Weapons: Kratos is known for his massive, heavy-hitting weapons. Equip greatswords, hammers, or axes that scale well with your high Strength stat.

Heavy Armor: Don a set of heavy, intimidating armor that offers superior physical defense and complements your Kratos-inspired look.

Amulet of Strength: A Kratos build benefits from this amulet, which further boosts your physical damage.

Rings: Utilize rings that enhance your physical damage, stamina, or offer bonuses that align with your playstyle.


Combat Style

Engage enemies in close combat using powerful melee attacks.

Utilize spells like "Heal" for self-sustain and "Fireball" for ranged damage.

Unleash "Rage" and "Wrath" abilities or spells during intense battles to overpower your foes.


3. Holy Torpedo Build

The "Holy Torpedo" build in Elden Ring is a powerful and versatile character build that combines ranged magic and melee combat, allowing you to cast holy spells from a distance and engage in close combat when necessary. Here's a guide to creating the best Holy Torpedo build in Elden Ring:


Starting Stats (at level 1)

Vitality: 10

Intelligence: 20

Faith: 15

Endurance: 10

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 10

Spirit: 5



Holy Missiles: A powerful long-range holy spell that hurls homing missiles at your enemies. Ideal for taking down distant foes.

Sacred Arrow: A fast-casting spell that launches an arrow of holy energy, dealing significant damage to single targets.

Heal: Use the "Heal" miracle to restore your health during combat, ensuring you can stay in the fight.

Holy Blade: Enchant your weapon with "Holy Blade" for a temporary boost in holy damage during melee combat.



Greatsword or Longsword: Carry a versatile weapon like a greatsword or longsword that scales well with Strength and Dexterity.

Catalyst (Staff or Chime): Equip a staff or chime to cast holy spells from a distance. Ensure it has high spell-casting capabilities.

Light Armor Set: Wear light armor pieces that provide good mobility and agility without compromising on protection.

Rings: Utilize rings that enhance your spellcasting, agility, and physical damage.


Combat Style

Engage enemies from a distance with holy spells like "Holy Missiles" or "Sacred Arrow."

In close combat, switch to your greatsword or longsword, using "Holy Blade" for additional holy damage.

Keep an eye on your health and use the "Heal" miracle as needed to ensure your survivability.

The Holy Torpedo build in Elden Ring is a versatile and powerful character build that combines the best of both worlds: ranged magic and melee combat. Whether you need to strike down distant foes with holy spells or engage in close combat, this build provides a flexible and effective gameplay experience.


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