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Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons 1.10: Top 9 Dexterity Weapons 2024
3/19/2024 11:52:20 AM
Tag: Gear Guide

Which items are sitting at the top positions when tailored for the dexterity build in Elden Ring, today we’ll dive into the TOP 9 best Elden Ring 1.10 DEX weapons in 2024.

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons 1.10: Top 9 Dexterity Weapons 2024

Throughout the entire game, there are lots of awesome dexterity-scaling weapons that are devastating, thanks to Pastorgainz Games, here is a list of top dexterity weapons in Elden Ring 1.10 with the pros and cons of each one, put them on your gear to gain incredible strengths.

Top 1 - Nagakiba

The first and also probably most overpowered DEX weapon after Elden Ring 1.10 Patch is Nagakiba. The versatility of this weapon between Ashes of War and adding buffs and having fantastic damage as well as a great dexterity scaling at A lift this weapon to the number one spot among these top dexterity weapons. Nagakiba is recommended for a frost or a bleed build, it deals an incredible amount of damage and is very versatile and fun to use.  It is going to have innate blood loss already on the weapon and does have low requirements to use with strength at 18 and dexterity at 22.

Top 2 - Dragon King's Cragblade

When we are talking about one of the best Elden Ring dexterity weapons in 2024, Dragon King's Cragblade is a candidate. It is a heavy thrusting sword with a standard/pierce move set, its Thundercloud Form can do an area of effect damage and an insane amount of lightning damage with a certain flask and talismans. Why it beats Bolt of Gransax because its dexterity scaling and physical damage are higher than that of the other weapon. It also gets a faster move set, and you can use the Ash of War from a very close range. Overall, this is a well-rounded weapon whether you want to use it at the end of the game or New Game Plus. 

Top 3 - Bolt of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax has good lightning and physical damage, the Ancient Lightning Spear Ash of War is going to wind up and snipe enemies in Elden Ring, allowing you to take people out from afar while doing a crazy amount of lightning damage when stacked with a few complimentary talismans and a really nice flask to boost your lightning damage. It's going to provide you with some pretty great pierce damage and its heavy-charged R2 can pack a punch. The reason that it falls behind the top two weapons on this list is when people are close to you, the Ancient Lightning Spear is almost unusable, even though it allows you to pretty much kill everything in one to two hits.

Top 4 - Bloodhound's Fang

At number four, the Ash of War of Bloodhound's Fang, which is Bloodhound's Finesse, provides great damage and amazing combat experience, all of the move set really blends well together, and the physical damage of this weapon is really nice as well. What’s more, Bloodhound's Fang has never received any huge nerfs in the past patches of Elden Ring, it deserves put at this spot. You can literally obtain it at the very beginning of the game and use it throughout the game. It comes with blood loss innately, which is ideal for creating Dex Arcane build around it. 

Top 5 - Guardian's Swordspear

Guardian's Swordspear is one of the top 5 dexterity weapons in the game, if you equip Sword Dance on this weapon, it will become an absolute powerhouse and has great dexterity scaling at A. Only low attributes are required to use it. The physical damage and versatility of this weapon are great, you can get it early on and even get two of them, which allows you to use solo or with two. You can put any Ash of War on it. With the single-handed move set of this particular weapon, you get really fast and vertical strikes enabling a fun combat play style. 

Top 6 - Butchering Knife

When you put a Keen Affinity on Butchering Knife, you are going to get an A scaling in dexterity, not only does it have great dexterity scaling, but it also comes with a really great Ash of War Barbaric Roar, but the best thing about that is you can switch off the Barbaric Roar and put any Keen Ash of War on it, it will take this weapon all the way up to that a scaling that you want. Another good thing about it is that you can get it very early in the game, it gives you 1% health back per hit regardless of your swing speed, it also benefits well from repeating thrust. It should be in the middle of the pack on the list of top 10 DEX weapons in Elden Ring 1.10.

Top 7 - Ornamental Straight Sword

Ornamental Straight Sword also has a B scaling in dexterity, the Ash of War on it is amazing, when you use the Golden Tempering, the move set completely changes, allowing you to absolutely wreck the majority of enemies. While the Golden Tempering applies damage, which falls off at the end of the game. Its physical damage is still decent, and once the Golden Tempering is activated, you will have some pretty good stagger potential, pair with proper talismans, you can get insane damage. 

Top 8 - Bandit's Curved Sword

For the next weapon, Bandit's Curved Sword is the longest curve sword in Elden Ring, it is one of the most broken weapons in the entire game and has great physical damage, it is also really fun to use, and has a higher AR than the Scavenger's Curved Sword, this is why Bandit's Curved Sword on the list instead of the other one. When it comes to its disadvantages, it has a low dexterity scaling compared to the rest of the weapons here and it is pretty rare to find as the drop rate is incredibly low. 

Top 9 - Great Knife

The dexterity weapon at the number 10 spot is going to be Great Knife, it has a great attribute scaling with dexterity at S and causes a little bit of blood loss. You can put any Ash of War on it, not only do you get blood loss on it but you can also put other status effects on it as well to get a dual status effect build. If you have two of these you're going to have a really fun time playing through the game. However, speaking of its drawbacks, this is a dagger with very low physical damage and its range is super small and the hitbox is a little bit wonky. 


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