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Best Jumpshot For All Builds On NBA 2k22- Best Shooting Badges, Jump Shot & Dribble Tutorial
6/21/2022 2:08:18 PM

Now today shows you all want NBA 2K22 shooting badges, to give you NBA 2K22 shooting badges, but giving you NBA 2K22 shooting badges without showing you a new NBA 2K22 jump shot right, it is so fast, everyone's been using it, it's the new meta jumper, give you some shooting tips. 

NBA 2K22 jumpshot

Best Jumpshot For All Builds On NBA 2k22- Best Shooting Badges, Jump Shot & Dribble Tutorial

Best NBA 2K22 shooting badges 

Give you badges and a new jump shot, let's get into the badges, the best shooting badges that make green every shot that you all wanted to see all right.

Shooting Badges:

- Blinders(HOF)

- Hot Zone Hunter(HOF)

- Mismatch Expert(HOF)

- Sniper(HOF)

- Stop&Pop(HOF)

- Deadeye(Silver)

- Green Machine(Silver)

- Chef(Bronze)

- Lucky #7(HOF)

Blinders are the most important badges in this game, this is how you can shoot when someone's right next to you or like when you have them crab or if they're a little bit in front of you, so the contest is way less and it's you can still green when they're next to you all right, make sure your blinders are hall of fame house on a hunter, very important badge, this is the hot thing that makes you green your shots all right, but you have to have your hot zones to get your hot zones, you just play park and make your shots.

It's much easier than people make it seem just make your shots in the park, and you'll get your hot zones put this on the hall of fame dead eye that mismatched expert and binders, so just have it on silver, but it's effective, it just makes it so if someone has a light contest, you can still grain it chef is like limitless range, only have it on bronze.

It's not as effective as it has been in past years, but if you wanna throw it on the hall of fame, you can do that to think that other badges are more effective than chef all-right clutch shooter. 

Some more quick tips and tricks, make sure you buy shooting boosts, it's very important just to open your own phone click buy boost and buy shooting boosts, people say you don't really need them, but everyone does it by shooting boosts. 

Best NBA 2K22 jump shot

Let's get into some gameplay and after the gameplay, the jump shot.

Jump shot creator


Rudy Gay - 100%

Base - Set Shot 25

Release 1 - Rudy Gay 

Release 2 - Rudy Gay 

The jump shot actually is there are some clips of the playing park, this is the thing with this jump shot, you have to go to the core and practice the fastest jump shot and everyone has been using it. 

Now it's like the meta jump shot and it's so quick that you literally tap square for like a second unless you get that animation because that's the lineup, but you just tap square, and then they give you time out right look how quick that is it is so fast, and it's really effective against defense, especially good defenders because you can shoot when you have literally a millisecond of space like right here.

How fast does it get off? It's the fastest jump shot in the game, and it's not even close, so when you get this jump shot when you put it on making sure you go to the court in practice, and here's to take over against this kid, he wasn't very good, but just trying to show you how to time it, you just want to like deep too that's from behind the hash, you want to tap square like you don't want to hold it, you want to hold it for a second, and then just release it you will be confused at first, but once you go to the court. 

Once you go to the core and you practice it, you will be good all right, so you don't get a jump shot landing most of the time which is a little bit frustrating just because it's so fast, so you really don't get a jump shot landing sometimes you do, but this is making a white, so you can make lights, you know no one's perfect, no one green every single shot, but to show you that you also can make whites, so you don't go to jump shot landing, you want to shoot it, look at the fake pass, a second of space and that was 000 covered, so make sure you put on all the tips and badges that showed you wide open green, and then you should be good all right.

Here's playing some defense, you know pull up do a little move on him, go back to the right, open for the second pull-up green in his contested right, he's right in the face and still agreeing on this, you can definitely make contested shots for this jumper too all right.

There's playing some good defense on this pull-up, get a white, but it still goes in and every time you green it, you don't really get a swoosh, it's like a weird way, it enters the hoop, never understood that with a jump shot, but you really get a weird jumper like a weird animation when you go in, hold your right stick, flick your right stick up diagonal and hold r2 and shoot like when you're in the middle of the animation, you want to wait for the animation.

Here's 18 to 2 right after pull up for a second, it's white but it goes in see, you can make whites too, here's some stage gameplay, a couple of stage clips for you, so here's trying to cook up on this kid, you know trying to reset it left-right. 

Trying to get in the NBA 2K22 dribble tutorial

Trying to get good for these wagers, coming up pull up at half court for a second green that's all you need is a second of space and don't be scared to shoot, and if you miss another thing about the jump shot is the misses, even if you shoot like literally smothered, but it doesn't like you don't air ball and doesn't go off the rim in a weird way and his face green, but it's really like, it's a consistent jump shot for like just like getting rebounds and all the above.

It's the best jumper, how do you feel about it, to show you the jumper right after these last couple of clips, make sure you name it to get ready to take over the game.

Here's pulling up the catch and shooting green in his face, switch animation on that one.

let's get one more clip in there, you know left-right trying to cook him up combo a little bit momentum, he's playing good defense, but get over for a second and it's green all right. The jump shot, this is it set shot 25 rudy gay, make sure release speed is on max because you know it's really fast and your animation blending does not matter at all, because it's the exact same jump shot and you know rudy gay's release and the bass is set shot 25, the jump shot is unbelievably fast, so make sure you test it out in your my court, make sure you get those reps in.  

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