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NBA 2K22 Shooting Guide - Top 6 NBA 2K22 Shooting Tips And Tricks
7/8/2022 4:31:37 PM

NBA 2K22 shooting guide, nobody wants you to know NBA 2k 22 edition, because they both work the same exact way, to bring you to the top of your game.

NBA 2K22 shooting

NBA 2K22 Shooting Guide - Top 6 NBA 2K22 Shooting Tips And Tricks 

The NBA 2K22 shooting goal 

Try to increase your IQ, improve your socks, and your NBA 2K22 shot selection IQ. Try to make yourself become the best in NBA 2K22, you're gonna have, you should automatically your IQ is gonna increase, you're gonna be taking a lot more peaks, a lot more good shots, everything of that nature. The first thing is some NBA 2K22 shooting secret tips on how to shoot more greens and everything like that.

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#1 quick stopping  (set your feet fast)

To cover is the quick stop all right, so this is the first NBA 2K22 shooting secret, the quick stop is all right, now quick stopping this year is actually pretty easy, it's not as difficult as the other 2ks, all you do is when you quick stop you, let go of everything off your NBA 2K22 controller, but literally, you let go everything and it just shoots, so like whenever you're ready to shoot, whenever you're hooping, you just speed boost, let go everything off your controller and shoot literally, you just let go everything, and then you just shoot him bruh that's really it that's all there is to it.

There is another way to a quick stop, you can also quickly stop with l2.  

If you want to just literally click l2 when you're ready to shoot, you know it, you click l2 and bottom, there quick stop just like that like when you click l2 your player comes to this complete stop and everything like that and you're able to shoot off l2, so that's another quick stop. 

Quick stopping is essential, the first step that you need to take to increase your NBA 2K22 shot selection IQ to be able to shoot greens. Quick stopping is very simple, everybody quicksilver right, and every single shot you take is a quick stop. 

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#2 shooting peaks 

Now NBA 2K22 shooting peaks increase your IQ. The NBA 2K22 shoot peaks you want to shoot in that pocket, it's like that little pocket, it's like you're going inward like you're trying to shoot inward. It's kind of weird to explain just look at this clip right here, got shot in that little pocket, he was chasing from the side coming from an angle almost like diagonally whatever how you pronounce that word, that's really how you do it, you just shoot in these pockets, and that's how you shoot these NBA 2K22 peaks.

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#3 jump shot speed

NBA 2K22 jump shot speed is really all you need because when you got four for four-speed, they can't really contest none of these peaks that you go like, as you can see most of these peaks. These NBA 2K22 peaks it looks like, it's supposed to be contested, but that four-for-four jump shot speed.

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#4 shooting peaks

When people are behind you

Shooting peaks when people are behind you, now when going up and somebody is behind, just shoot it, you can shoot it, every single time somebody is behind you by the way on this game, it does not matter if they come from behind you, if they come diagonally towards behind you near that shoulder area, it counts as a peak all right, it counts as an open NBA 2K22 shot, it's a pocket shoot. 

Every single time, you literally can shoot it, every single time when somebody's behind you, it's not a contest, they can't contest, no matter how hard they try to contest you, no matter if they it does not work all right.

The only way, they can possibly stop that is if they jump if there's a lockdown that jumps on you and ends up blocking your shot, but it's an open shot. 

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#5 increasing shot selection IQ 

Increasing your shot selection IQ, to dribble look how low,  it's an open shot because they're low, it's common sense.

Now sometimes when NBA 2K22 centers pick up on you nine times out of ten, an NBA 2K22 center is not really picking up on you, he's fake hedging, he's just hedging for his guard to get back to you, so nine times out of ten, the NBA 2K22 center is going to drop down.

Running towards the NBA 2K22 center side, look at the center and see how the center drop-down, automatically got open that's IQ, that's shot selection IQ, that's muscle memory, and that's all you really need to know to attack the center side, so you can make the center drop-down when a drink the center, he's going to automatically drop down because he wants that guard to get to him, it's nine times out of ten that he's just going to drop down, and you're going to have an open shot every single time.

NBA 2K22 shooting secret#6 counter moves

These NBA 2K22 centers like switch fully, now some counter moves, you can work on again, so this move right here is literally so useful, 

literally just you and it's just like simple right, the Trae young behind the back to the right, and got open this move, get you open every single time.

How to use it? 

Now to show you something very simple, buy a jump shot boost, this year helps a lot all right, you probably know to use jump shot boost, if get an unlimited boost, but normally just get like tens of jump shot boots, turn your shot meter up, turning your shot meter off, this year gives you a boost on your jump shot, it gives you a boost, so turning off the shot meter is very helpful. Normally don't use vibration, but sometimes it doesn't really matter, it's a really personal preface on vibration.

Here got the NBA 2K shooting badges right now.

  • Difficult Shots (Bronze)

  • Green Machine(Bronze)

  • Deadeye(Gold)

  • Blinders(HOF)

  • Sniper(HOF)

  • Hot zone hunter(HOF)

  • Stop&Pop(HOF)

  • Mismatch Expert(HOF)

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