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Best NBA 2K22 Swish 4 Packs Players: Which Swish 4 Cards Are Worth Buying
6/17/2022 5:10:26 PM

2K, via social media, has announced that the Swish 4 Packs are now available in NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode, containing some new player cards which you can earn by completing quests and competitions. In this guide, we are going to be talking about these new cards, which swish 4 cards are worth buying in NBA 2K22. 

Which Swish 4 Cards Are Worth Buying

Which Swish 4 Cards Are Worth Buying In NBA 2K22

You have one week to get swish 4 cards live, bojan bogdanovic, shawn livingston, larry johnson, danny granger, andrew bogut. Plus, previously released out-of-market Hero cards are now available in Swish 4 Packs. Swish 4 Equal Chance Packs are also available with an equal chance at these players, except for the Invincible Hakeem Olajuwon. Now read on and check which are best swish 4 packs player cards in NBA 2K22.

Pink Diamond Andrew Bogut - PF/C - 96

He’s a 7’0’’ player with 7’3’’ wingspan. He’s got a three ball rating of 90, 85 speed, 85 acceleration, 97 interior defense, 94 steal, 97 block, but 38 ball handle is terrible. Base jumpthot 8 is quick, shifty dribble style, He’s got quick first step, 10 hall of fame defensive badges. Shooting badges are sniper, limitless spot up, corner specialist, catch and shoot. This card is definitely worth buying. 

Galaxy Opal Bojan Bogdanovic - SF/PF - 98

This is a locker code card with 90 speed, 95 shot 3pt, 75 standing dunk, 75 block, his tendencies are perfectly fine, base jump shot 75 is quick, shifty dribble style. This card is really sucks but not the worst in the world. 

Galaxy Opal Shaun Livingston - PG/SG - 98 

This is a 6’7’’ player with 6’10’’ wingspan, he’s got 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 94 shot 3pt, perfect defensive stats. Livingston might be up to something if his defense gets lower better like 94 steal, 92 post moves, it doesn’t matter really. For shooting badges, he’s got blinders, catch and shoot, circus threes, deadeye, limitless spot up. A lot of playmaking badges and defensive badges. Clamps, intimidator, menace. Great tendencies, base jump shot 27 lower base, normal contested, quick dribble style, S. Francls signature size up, pro size up escape packages.

Dark Matter Myles Turner - C/PF - 99

This is the other locker code player, 6’11’’ WITH 7’4’’ wingspan. He’s got 87 speed, 87 acceleration. 94 strength, base jump shot 71 is quick, quick dribble style, 97 shot 3pt, 99 potential and 98 block. For playmaking badges, he’s got downhill, quick first step, ball out, break starter, needle threader, post playmaker. Quick dribble style is great, normal leaner, and jump shot 71 lower base. 

Dark Matter Larry Johnson - PG/PF - 99

This is a perfect card with 94 acceleration, 95 shot 3pt, he’s got 12 hall of fame defensive badges, but basically every badge in the game. Tendencies are perfect, P. Hardaway signature size up, S. Pippen moving behind the back, quick dribble style, 6’7’’ decent player build, he’s not a bad point guard.

Dark Matter Danny Granger - PG/FG - 99 

He’s a 6’9’’ player with 7’1’’ wingspan, got perfect stats, 95 speed acceleration, 95 shot 3pt, 90 driving dunk, 94 perimeter defense and 93 lateral quickness. He’s got every shooting badge, good defensive badges, quick chain, quick first step, space creator, hiperdrive. For animations, base 20, very quick dribble style, S. Pippen moving behind the back. He’s a nice point guard.

Hero Hakeem Olajuwon - C/PF - 99

He’s a 7’0’’ player with 7’3’’ wingspan. His stats are near perfect, 90 speed, 90 acceleration, 94 vertical, 96 stamina, 90 shot 3pt, 98 interior defense. He’s got all hof defensive badges, all the shooting badges you really want. J. Harden moving behind the back, quick dribble style, danilo gallinari lower base is great. 

Invincible Hakeem Olajuwon - C/PF - 99

He might be the best value power forward in the game. 98 speed, 98 acceleration, 99 shot mid, 97 shot 3 pt, every stat is over 90 and basically at 99.


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