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Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese 1.05 - Best Way to Beat Fire Giant after Patch
7/14/2022 3:17:19 PM

It is said that Fire Giant got a hidden buff in patch 1.05, and some players have updated their cheese strategy. How to beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring fast after patch? Today we’ll get you into the guide to Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese 1.05, including the preparation, location, and best way to cheese him.  

Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese 1

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Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese 1.05 - Best Way to Beat Fire Giant after Patch 

Fire Giant in Elden Ring is a boss that you have to kill before you are able to go to the Forge of the Giants. What is the best way to beat the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring after patch 1.05?

Items to Prepare for the Fire Giant Cheese

The first Elden Ring item we need is Cerulean Hidden Tear, that’s in case you don’t have enough FP to use the summon. To get this Crystal Tear, you need to head over to the Minor Erdtree, east of the Road of Iniquity site of grace, and kill the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss, then you’ll get the dropped tear. After you get that done, you can come over to Village of the Albinaurics, from this grace, just run forward and you’ll see a pot on the right side over there, get off your horse, roll into it, and an NPC will show up, go ahead and talk to him, exhaust his dialogue and he will give you half of Medallion and we need that to get our summon pretty much.

Then come over to Lakeside Crystal Cave, you have to go inside and kill the boss, and make sure go down safely. There is going to be a couple of enemies around, you just gonna run forward and don’t have to fight them. Then you are gonna go down on the left side because on the right side you probably fall to death. Finally, you have to kill the Bloodhound Knight boss, he is pretty fast and strong, once you beat him, he’ll drop the Cerulean Amber Medallion. Then proceed to find the Slumbering Wolf's Shack Site of Grace, and talk to the NPC Latenna, after you exhaust her dialogue fully, she'll disappear and she'll become our summon pretty much. 

How to Find Fire Giant in Elden Ring

You have to unlock the Mountaintops of the Giants firstly in order to fight Fire Giant. 

1. Defeat Morgott, The Omen King, and talk to Melina to get the Rold Medallion.

2. Use Rold Medallion to ascend into the Mountaintops.

3. Go through Zamor Ruins and enter the Freezing Lake.

4. Follow it south to the First Church of Marika while battling Borealis, the Freezing Fog. 

5. Climb the surrounding cliffs and travel south until you reach the Church of Repose, which is the closest Site of Grace to the Fire Giant's arena. 

6. From there, travel east until you find the fog wall across a tiny ravine.

Best Way to Cheese Elden Ring Fire Giant 1.05 

Check out the updated way to cheese Fire Giant in Elden Ring 1.05 patch by CRAZY CHESHIR.

Phase 1

You are going to run to the Fire Giant, but try to avoid his attacks as much as possible, you can run kind of between his legs to avoid the hit, then you are going to make your way to go forward and wait for him to come over, you can get him stuck over there, you are going to jump down. Wait for his attack and that’s pretty much your cue to jump. After he gets stuck over there, you can get off your horse or stay on your horse, you are gonna drink your potion and summon Latenna. After that, you can sit back and watch her pelt the hell out of the giant. If he is just behind the wall, move right to left, you should not go down because he is too close and he will come down and try to kill you. So you save from that second phase, lure him back in here, but be careful of him actually shooting fire at you because that will reach you. Get him back here and get him pretty much killed in the second phase.

Phase 2

You are going to get him to the second phase, you are going to do the exact same stuff, you have pretty much a cliff that you can use to jump off for the second phase, it’s basically the same thing as you’ve done previously. That is, go and run, get him stuck, drink a potion and summon Latenna. When you are at phase two, you are gonna take on left and anywhere, but run over to where like rocks are sticking out more or less, just run over, space your jump, double jump, you're gonna fall and swing your sword, put up skulls where it doesn't work, wait until our giant dies, get a confirmation that he dies and put on a golden scarab.

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