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Elden Ring Hammer Morning Star Cragblade Build - How to Build a Tower Knight in Elden Ring 2024
3/14/2024 10:21:39 AM

In this Elden Ring Build Guide, we'll show you the Morning Star Cargblade build. This is an All Game Strength build that takes place after level 150. If you've been looking for a hammer build that can consistently break the stance of any and every enemy then you might want to check this build-out.

Elden Ring Hammer Morning Star Cragblade Build - How to Build a Tower Knight 2024

How to Make this Tower Knight Build Work

We're going to be using a hammer and the Cragblade Ash of war in order to be able to get stance breaks very easily on enemies.

  • -Morning Star: Hammers charged heavy deals 36 stance damage.

  • -Cragblade: The buff increases pysical attack power by 15%, Stance damage by 10% and stamina damage against a blocking enemy by 50%.

  • -Heavy Morning Star: Hammers paris well with greatshield builds. Heavy Morning Star 58 AP + Cragblade + Exalted Flesh = 800 AP.

  • -Armor: Knight Helm, Knight Armor, Knight Gauntlets, Knight Greaves. This armor set is one of the lightest armors sets that will still reach the minimum poise threshold of 51, allowing you to be able to tank lighter hits.

  • -Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman, Axe Talisman, Curved Sword Talisman, Greatshiel Talisman, Ritual Sword Talisman.

  • -Flasks: Spiked Cracked Tear, Greenburst Crystal Tear, Stonebarb Cracked Tear.

  • -Great Rune: Radahn's Great Rune, Godrick's Great Rune. Need more cheap Elden Ring rune, come to Utplay to buy it!

  • -Attributes: 50 Vigor, 25 Mind, 30 Endurance, 80 Strength, 12 Dexterity, 16 Intelligence, 7 Faith, 9 Arcane.

How to play Tower Knight in Elden Ring

With patience and good positioning, you can chip away at the Tower Knight safely. Stay mobile and watch those wide swings.

  • -Stay behind him as much as possible. The Tower Knight is slow to turn around, so staying behind allows you to attack safely.

  • -Watch out for his sweeping attacks. When he raises his weapon up high, get ready to dodge either left or right as he sweeps. His hitbox is very wide.

  • -Don't stand directly in front of him. He has some attacks that target the area right in front, like hammer smash. Stay to his sides.

  • -Avoid being near his shield arm. Attacks from this side tend to have longer reach and tracking. Stick to hitting his back or other side.

  • -When he jumps and slams his shield, roll twice to avoid the hitbox. It has deceptive range for how high he jumps.

  • -Use summons for distraction. Summoned allies can keep him occupied, giving you openings to attack from behind.

  • -Lightning damage works well. Since he carries a large metal shield/armor, lightning incantations do bonus damage.

  • -Hit and run tactics work. Get a few hits in, then back off to avoid any sweeps or slams. Repeat until defeated.

  • -Prioritize survival over damage at first. Learning his moveset is key to avoiding oneshot kills.

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