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Top 10 Elden Ring 1.10 Best Bleed Weapons 2024
1/26/2024 12:00:33 PM
Tag: Gear Guide

For PvE or PvP, equipping a good bleed weapon can rapidly inflict hemorrhage damage and shred through the hardest enemies. Here we’ll show you the top 10 best bleed weapons in Elden Ring after Patch 1.10, read on for their uses and strengths of each weapon. 

Top 10 Elden Ring 1.10 Best Bleed Weapons 2024

After the Patch 1.10, bleed builds are still meta choices in the game. Whether you are a seasoned pro or looking to try it for the first time, thanks to Pastorgainz Games, these Elden Ring 1.10 bleed weapons will unleash great damage and blood loss for you. 

10. Scavenger's Curved Sword

Getting things started with the number 10 - Scavenger's Curved Sword, to max out this ER item, you need to get two of them, it does have decent damage and Hemorrhage buildup on its own and the move set can be fun. Its dexterity scaling and strength scaling are both D-tier, however, if you have two, you can build up Hemorrhage. One of the weaknesses of this weapon is that its range is very small, you might need to stand close to the enemy, but you can use a Blood Blade Ash of War on it to offer a little bit extra range. 

9. Cross Naginata

Cross Naginata is a fun and solid spear to use in Elden Ring 1.10, it is good for melee players who want a long-reach alternative. It also does decent damage and if you pair this with Repeating Thrust, you can build up statuses on the enemy and make this weapon an absolute driving force. You can get it in the early game, use this with a Black Flame Tornado and a katana with a Thunderbolt.

8. Uchigatana

Moving on to the number eight bleed weapon, Uchigatana is an incredible and extraordinary weapon, if you pair it with the Bloody Slash Ash of War, you will eliminate almost all of your enemies and opponents in the game. Uchigatana has a fantastic Katana move set and it can deal pretty decent physical damage. You can run into one of the dungeons early in Limgrave get this and use it through an entire playthrough. When using the Uchigatana, you do have the ability to straight blender enemies and it's a lot of fun, this is one of the standard starter Katanas in Elden Ring. 

7. Rivers of Blood

Speaking of the number seven slot, Rivers of Blood was a very popular and powerful weapon in the game, but it got nerfed into the ground over and over, it is still a very fun weapon to use in PVE, but not that great for PVP. You're also going to have fire and physical damage coming from this weapon, if you equip the proper talismans and flask, you can get this Katana to hit pretty hard in PVE. Why Rivers of Blood is ranked higher than the Uchigatana on the 1.10 weapon tier list is because of its Ash of War Corpse Piler, and it still does a ton of damage, if you have a lot of enemies in front of you, you can take everyone out with just a few swings. 

6. Morgott's Cursed Sword

Morgott's Cursed Sword is a ton of fun when it comes to gameplay, its Ash of War is incredible, you can close the distance very quickly with that. Cursed-Blood Slice is a four-part attack where each slice delivers an additional explosion of flame damage, allowing you to roll catch others and also do a ton of damage to bosses. In terms of the damage, you are going to get pretty nice physical damage from this weapon. Another advantage of this weapon is that it is one of the longest Curved Greatswords that you can use, so you can hit people at range.

5. Bloodhound's Fang

Going to the top 5 bleed weapons in Elden Ring 1.10, all of them can be argued for being potentially the best in the entire game. Starting with Bloodhound's Fang, it does a lot of physical damage and Bloodhound's Finesse is probably one of the best Ashes of War you're ever going to find on a weapon in this game. You can get this weapon in Limgrave, when you use it, you can add any grease to this weapon to make it much better. One thing you should note is whether you have a few stamina talismans or some stamina tears in your flask, if not, you're going to find yourself going in for the second half of Bloodhound's Finesse hitting the button and not going anywhere because you don't have any stamina left.

4. Reduvia 

Reduvia is a god-tier dagger to use in your 1.10 bleed builds, you can build up blood loss incredibly fast with Blood Blade and its attack speed is enough to get Hemorrhage to proc with only a few swings. This weapon gets great scaling with Arcane, which makes it much easier for you to completely obliterate your enemy with Hemorrhage. You can find it in the early game while this can carry you through the game, when paired with a second Reduvia or another dagger, the move set is amazing. A disadvantage of it is that hitboxes for daggers have been known to be a little bit wonky from time to time and you also have to get close to your enemy to make contact, however, the blood blade Ash of War will give you that range that negates some of those problems. 

3. Moghwyn's Sacred Spear

Highlighting our discussion are the top 3 weapons, it does have the Bloodboon Ritual Ash of War which makes this weapon shine out and make right up into the number three, you can get this weapon by defeating Mohg and taking it to Roundtable Hold. You're going to thrust the spear up into the air multiple times each time inflicting an area of effect damage attack, that's going to annihilate anybody around you that has a decent health pool. Once you do activate Bloodboon Ritual, you are going to have blood flame infused onto the end of the weapon, allowing you to melt bosses and enemies. Overall, the pros of this weapon far outweigh the cons. 

2. Star Fists 

Star Fists is going to be number two on the list, it is very awesome, it added an insane amount of bleed damage, and you are going to be staggeringly hemorrhaging and blowing away everybody easily in this game. You have to be so close to the enemy when you stagger everybody and cause Hemorrhage in two hits, because of the range of the weapon, it can't be the number one weapon. you have decent physical damage on this weapon, and if you add a crack blade to this, you are going to be staggering your enemies through the entire game. 

1. Great Stars

The star of the article is the last and also potentially the best Elden Ring bleed weapon after 1.10, Great Stars is a great hammer that has an incredible amount of blood loss buildup, you're also going to have a good strength scaling at B and you're going to do a crazy amount of damage. You can add the Stormcaller Ash of War on it to get your enemies caught in the Tornado Beyblade of Doom, giving yourself health back on every single hit, you can also put the prayerful strike on this weapon and play through the game for never die. Its move set did also get buffed, so it's not the slow sluggish weapon that it used to be, the great hammer move set is actually pretty fun to use and staggers pretty well. Its easy access within the game, crazy blood loss buildup, high amount of damage, the advantage to heal you every single time you hit an enemy, and you can add the majority of Ashes of War are reasons that make it sit on the highest spot on the tier list. 


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