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Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC Guide: Questline, Torrent, Weapons, Lore & More Speculation
3/4/2023 12:05:21 PM

Here we explain the Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Expansion, covering the questline analysis, lore, torrent, weapons, and other speculation about the upcoming DLC!

Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Expansion

Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Expansion Guide

FromSoftware has announced the first Expansion for Elden Ring,  Shadow of the Erdtree, and released a teaser image alongside the announcement. Let’s discuss the objective contents of the image, then we can speculate on what might be in the DLC.

Analysis of Shadow of the Erdtree Teaser Image

The blonde-haired individual is Miquella/St. Trina (the lore suggests the two are one and the same) and they are riding Torrent. There is a large Erdtree in the distance wrapped up in what appears to be deathblight or deathroot. This image could be depicting the event that created Miquella’s Haligtree, as we see it in-game. 

Lore of Miquella and the Haligtree

What we know from Elden Ring is that Miquella was an Empyrean, child of Radagon and Queen Marika. Miquella attempted to create his own Erdtree, but the effort failed, and what remained became the Haligtree. 

The Death of Miquella's Erdtree, and the birth of the Haligtree

Perhaps this was the downfall of Miquella's Erdtree. A root of death emerged from the depths and snapped it in two. We get the sense from this image that, even though it’s static,  this event occurred rather quickly. In a matter of minutes, maybe seconds, the deathroot emerged from the ground, wrapped around the Erdtree, and broke it in two. What is being depicted is that moment that the canopy of Miquella’s Erdtree broke off from the trunk, forming the two major sections of Miquella’s Haligtree that we see in the game. This would also explain Elphael, the stone pillars and walls that surround and serve as the brace of the Haligtree, holding together what remains. 

The Night of the Black Knives (Creation of Deathroot) 

If we assume it is Deathroot wrapping around Miquella’s Erdtree, then we can infer that the event shown here took place after the Night of the Black Knives, which is when Godwyn The Golden,  Miquella’s older brother, had his soul killed by a group of Numen Assassin’s that possessed weapons imbued with Destined Death. This is because  Godwyn’s body serves as the source of Deathroot. So, my takeaway is, unless we are visiting a past memory or another realm altogether  (perhaps this is depicting Miquella’s dream realm or nightmare). Then the most we can say from this image is that the expansion is based around Miquella.  

Field of Wheat (Possible Allusion to Elysium)

This scene is also taking place in a field of wheat, which might be an allusion to Elysium, a paradise for the eternal afterlife of heroes of Greek Myth. But it could also just mean that somewhere in the Lands Between, there used to be wheat. Now, we do have some speculation and hopes for this expansion, given that the focus appears to be Miquella.

Who is Torrent? (Miquella's Shadowbound Beast)

The expansion image basically confirms that Miquella was Torrent’s former master. I would argue that, like other Empyreans,  Miquella was granted a Shadowbound Beast by the two Fingers, and that it was Torrent. 

Lore of the Empyrean Shadows (Blaidd & Maliketh)

The two other major examples of these “Shadows” are Blaidd (Ranni’s Shadow) and Maliketh (Marika’s Shadow). In the lore, a Shadow is unquestionably loyal and devoted to their bound Empyrean, so long as that Empyrean doesn’t stray too far from their destined path. 

Miquella's Importance (Spectral Steed Whistle, Spirit Calling Bell)

If Torrent is Miquella’s Shadow, then it was Miquella who ultimately provided our character with Torrent and the Spirit Calling Bell near the start of our adventure. When Melina gives our character the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon Torrent,  She says that Torrent has chosen our character. But as Miquella’s Shadow,  Torrent must have chosen our character because we are able to help Miquella achieve his own ends. This is further evidenced by the fact that Ranni gives our character the Spirit Calling Bell because they possess Torrent. It’s fair to assume that Ranni was asked by Miquella to give aid to whoever Torrent chose to trust. Perhaps Miquella will be the major NPC for this expansion, a benefactor that, until now, operated behind the scenes, and we will finally be able to meet and speak with him face to face. 

Miquella's Cut Content and Possible Expansion Main Quest

Miquella had a lot of cut content from the base game of Elden Ring. Based on this cut content, it appears that Miquella’s major goal, and perhaps destiny, is to establish a new order in which all things will flourish, whether graceful or maligned. 

We would bet that the pivotal quest of this expansion will be to help Miquella establish this new order, and that leads into the first of two additions to current content in the base game that we hope we see with this expansion. 

Our first hope is to see a game ending that is only achievable by inheriting the Frenzied Flame and subduing it with Miquella’s Needle, which is a reward you can get from Millicent’s Quest if you side with Millicent. Right now, the only purpose of Miquella’s Needle is to undo inheriting the Frenzied Flame. It does not open up any unique endings to the game, it just allows you to select the same endings you would have had available if you hadn’t inherited the Frenzied Flame, to begin with. So that is addition #1, a unique ending to the game that requires Miquella’s Needle.

Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Weapons

Our second hope is to see a continuation of Millicent’s questline, which is closely intertwined with Miquella and Malenia, Miquella’s twin sister.  Specifically, if you betray Millicent at the end of her quest, she turns into a Scarlet Flower,  from which a Scarlet Valkyrie is destined to emerge. We would like to see that story or questline continued, 

having Millicent become the Scarlet Valkyrie. Besides that, I am confident that we will get some very cool new areas to explore with a whole host of unique equipment and spells to discover. There may also be some new minor 

NPCs with completable side quests,  we are thinking NPCs along the lines of Thops or Patches.

Now, these are just our observations and speculations that we are sharing here with you. We will be covering all things related to Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree leading up to and following its launch. So be sure to check back in with our Elden Ring guide


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