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Elden Ring 1.07 Best Str, Dex, Int, Faith, Arcane Weapons | Elden Ring Boss Weapon Tier List
11/22/2022 2:28:18 PM

In this guide, we rank the best boss weapons in Elden Ring after the 1.07 patch, specifically covering the 17 weapons used from boss remembrances. 

Elden Ring 1.07 Boss Weapon Tier List

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Boss Weapons Tier List - Most Powerful Str, Dex, Int, Faith, Arcane Remembrance Weapons

With the 1.07 changes, there's been a lot of changes to many weapons, the Ashes of War, as well as even weapon types. We won't list all boss weapons here, but only the 16 powerful ones, the others are definitely lower tier and not worth mentioning. Now let's dive into the Tier List of the Most Powerful Boss Weapons in Elden Ring after the 1.07 patch, covering the best str, dex, int, faith, and arcane remembrance weapons!

1 - Maliketh's Black Blade (S Tier)

Maliketh's Black Blade has gone up from A tier to S Tier with the 1.07 patch changes, the Colossal sword buffs and nerfs overall are positive, it's true that the Crouch poke is gone and it was a bit stupidly broken, but now we can actually play these weapons as they're intended and that's wonderful - lots of poise damage, heavy hitting attacks, big staggers, proper meaty weapons and that's how it should be. On top of that this weapon in particular has two different buffs, we have the Destined Death buff which means it lasts up to 60 seconds from roughly 15 to 20 from the previous patches, which is a major difference meaning you can actually stack deaths and death twice a lot easier because it lasts longer or just benefit from the debuff better. It'll last for the whole Jewel or Invasion fight, a minute is a long time in PvP as well as of course in boss fights that 10 negatives that's going to last a lot longer. Not to mention, the Ash of War itself with this weapon it's a lot faster, the motion speed is better, the first Whip and slam come out really quickly and then you have the explosion of the Destined Death, so maintaining that 60-second buff is so easy because of that. It's also incredible for trading in PvP and combos really well off of a basic attack, a running attack, or whatever, so this weapon is really good in PvP.  Overall, Maliketh's Black Blade is one of the top tier colossal swords in general, not just a boss weapon, so it's definitely worthy of an S Tier. 

2 - Blasphemous Blade (S Tier)

Also technically improved in this 1.07 patch in a surprising way is the Blasphemous blade which has had its Ash of War slightly improved to give the weapon damage values. So when you slam the blade down the fire comes out the blade itself will also deal damage, if you do it melee range you can hit with both and do slightly more damage. It was already one of the best weapons in the game as well as definitely one of the best boss weapons in the game. Due to how overloaded it is as a weapon, lifesteal when you deal damage, lifesteal when you get a killing blow, killing blow heals even if it's just on your back you're not even using it, physical and fire, incredible scaling, a very effective weapon on its own because in 1.06 they made great swords and two hand better, but then in power stance, it's also an absolute powerhouse.  Undeniably Blasphemous Blade is one of the best weapons in the game as well as boss weapons as well for some reason they made it slightly better. 

3 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear (S Tier)

Here's one they technically nerfed and yet we are still keeping it in S tier but perhaps the lowest S grade we're going to talk about Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear is a great spear and it's awesome. You have the basic moveset which is solid for a great spear. In this patch, the running heavy is awesome, the Poke range is great, the damage is good and that's improved further when you use the Ash of War - see it buffs it up with this cursed blood so you've got fire and even more bleed damage on the basics just making its base moveset stronger. However in patch 1.07, they did target nerf the ritual the Ash of War on this to slightly reduce the range at which you deal the damage. Now it's a bit more accurate to the red circle in the sky, so you can see someone doing it and step in or out of it more accurately, but ultimately if you are within it you're going to get hit by it, it will do a lot of damage and that burst of bleed, so it's still a top tier great boss weapon.

4 - Carian Regal Scepter (S Tier)

Considered the second best in staff in the game, considering it's great as scaling the fact that it improves your moon sorceries, there's only one that's technically better which makes your spells cost more FP but improves the power of them. But there are many builds where you don't want things to cost more FP, therefore this is the best pick in that case. Also it looks cool and comes with that funny spinning Ash of War. 

5 - Axe of Godfrey (A Tier)

Axe of Godfrey was a D or F Tier weapon originally, now it is bumped up to A Tier as one of the best boss weapons in the game. It's got Mega High AR which to be fair it always did, but now it's got better Musa - faster more effective which was a major issue for these weapons in general and now it's better. The Ash of War suddenly works with the beast right, it's apparently a bug so the beastro Talisman will enhance the power of the ash Regal Roar and now it does just stupendous damage even if all you're doing is doing the single Regal Roar Ash of War and spamming that. But of course it has the follow-up heavy attack once you've got that activated, so now it does a quick stomp and a quick sort of uppercut swing and that is insane with super high damage multi-hit combo, massively staggering and on top of that super quick. So you can entirely rely on just spamming that for your PVE scenarios and boss fights or in PvP for trading, but then you have Regal Roar which is outrageously damaged now with the big range at that. And the base moveset it's more effective it's faster and again it's high AR especially when you're buffed up after doing the Regal Roar because it works like a War Cry. There are many other ways to make a build work with this weapon if you go into sort of the Beast incantations.

6 - Sacred Relic Sword (A Tier)

Much like the Sacred Relic Sword, although that has seen some improvements in previous patches where two handing a great sword and its move set is better and as cool as this weapon is especially with that Golden VoW and the massive Ash of War, it doesn't have too much going for it in terms of threat. The Ash of War is the ultimate Elden Ring Rune farming technique and Tool, and in PvP, in Invasions it can be fun but in Jewels, it's so easy to avoid this wave called the Ash of War by just rolling through it because it comes out kind of slow. It's a tough one because if you do improve that Ash of War to be more viable and more likely to hit, it might reach broken levels very quickly. It certainly has its place and where it has its place it's very effective so A grade for sure. 

7 - Morgott's Cursed Sword (A Tier)

Morgott's Cursed Sword in 1.06 and 1.04 saw multiple buffs, the curved great sword moveset improved, the Ash of War how fast it comes out the motion values of that much improved, making it a viable Arcane bleed weapon but it also comes with the cursed blood aspect, meaning it's got that explosive effect the fire and the bleed. To jump forward you strike there's a pop and then you can combo a second time for another strike and another pop, making it kind of an absolute beast when it comes to trading in PvP. And in PVE you can just blindly spam that gets loads of staggers, get bleeds and it's been made better in two hand on its own so you don't need to rely on power stance with a weapon like this anymore. It is much better than it once was and that's why we brought it up to A tier. 

8 - Hand of Malenia (A Tier)

Hand of Malenia is basically an good Katana, it is essentially the Nagakiba but worse - kind of the same range but worse scaling an output. But when we look at it as a boss weapon compared to all the remembrance weapons, it is a long range Katana move set with bleed as part of its kit which is obviously very strong. Then it has the Waterfowl Dance which if you get successive talismans and buffs and so on, the arc can skyrocket. If you're able to land this combo on a boss or an enemy or group of enemies you absolutely steamroll them. And in PvP as well as hard as it is to land that Ash of War if it does land it's going to kill the person it hits. 

9 - Dragon King's Cragblade (A Tier)

This weapon was previously a high B-tier boss weapon and now putting it towards a low A, because there's been a minor change that they made the Ash of War track better. When you're in that cloud form, you get the hyper armor it deals great damage, the problem is that it's quite avoidable in PvP and in certain cases in PVE - the enemy would just avoid it or Dodge it inadvertently. Now you can turn a full 180 or even 360 making the tracking much more effective on someone who's jumping around or attacking you get this a bit hard to hit. As a weapon baseline, it's got a bit of a simplistic moveset but good damage, and that's backed up with a very strong Ash of War which is now even better. 

10 - Starscourge Greatsword (A Tier)

Lastly for a great then it is, of course, the Starscourge Greatsword, the two-in-one weapon, the weapons of Redan they're awesome, they've been good from the start and now they're slightly better with colossal weapon Buffs. But it never really relied on the things that the other ones did such as the crouch poke. It never had that because it's two in one you're forced to have a very simplistic move set basically only having one button for all of your attacks other than your Ash of War. The Ash of War Starcaller Cry is obviously effective in pulling people in doing that massive slam. With the posture changes in 1.07, we can stagger enemies very effectively with this weapon, and we already could beforehand it's just better. So it's sort of this passive slight improvement but very very minor, it would be cool if there was some more uniqueness to the moveset specifically with this weapon, but it is still very viable and solid as a weapon and remains good. 

11 - Marika's Hammer (B Tier)

Marika's Hammer has changed in 1.07  as well. Conceptually it is very cool and it was buffed in a previous patch to have such a wall come out quicker so very effective, and now in 1.07, they've actually buffed the damage specifically in PVE so you're absolutely able to completely rely on this Ash of War. It will hard carry you, the hummer weapon type is just weak as hell, with tiny range, and cool moveset but with really low Poise considering you're using hammers. Simply put it's not effective, and best used in power sense, but if you're really going to make this weapon work you're basically just only using the Ash of War for your damage. So that's not really that great in PvP and it's viable as a weapon in PVE but has that issue, it deserves it because of how good the Ash of War is to be above a C grade but we are not going to put it higher. 

12 - Axe of Godrick (C Tier)

Improved back in 1.06, we brought it up to a C rating and we keep it there now. It's got an interesting and effective move set, and the basics of the weapon is solid. The Ash of War has the faint and cancel, so when you're using it you can roll out of it but it doesn't do massive damage, it's just a useful tool in AOE or PVP to catch people out with the range that it has. It's certainly not the strongest weapon but it's certainly viable if you like the weapon. Compared to Godfrey's Axe, it doesn't really compete because it doesn't have the same levels of output.

13 - Giant's Red Braid (C Tier)

Giant's Red Braid has had no changes of relevance, it's a fun faith whip with fire damage which is always good. The Ash of War holds are in place too much as good as its range, if you could roll out of that like many Ashes of War that's an improvement it should see, but it just doesn't compete with say bleed whips. But thanks to its fire and physical damage and great range of fun moveset, we reckon it's above the D grades and that's why we keep it as a C.

14 - Lion Greatbow (C Tier)

Just like Lion Greatbow which is the only ranged weapon on this list. Also with no changes in any relevant patches recently, it just remains a good ranged output machine, you can spam the Ash of War, especially against big targets, and do pretty good damage. Of course, it being a great bow like this you held it in place when using it so it's certainly not viable in Jewels maybe open-world combat in Invasions, but otherwise, it's just a fine bow which is kind of disappointing considering its redan's bow, for now, though C grade seems fair. 

15 - Winged Greathorn (D Tier)

What else has been changed in this patch to technically be better well, there is a great ax - Winged Greathorn which we keep at a D Tier despite multiple improvements. In the 1.07 patch, it benefited from a Target buff where they improved the Ash of War Soul Stifler by extending the effect time. But we think it needs more than that, the Ash of War needs to be bigger to actually have a chance of landing in PvP and be more viable in boss fights, otherwise, it's just not going to happen, it's easy to avoid even if it does last longer now. Meanwhile, the base attacks are fine and technically they weren't made better in 1.07 for great access, but that damaged and output is just too low. It's not good in either side of the content even if you do somehow land the ash, so while it is better than it was, we still rate this a low D tier.

16 - Grafted Dragon (D Tier)

Grafted Dragon has no changes in 1.07 and is still rated D tier. Ultimately it's the first weapon meaning Tiny range and lacks power behind it, nothing special like bleed or something like that. The reason it's not an F rating though comes down to Ash of War Bear Witness which shoots all that fire up into the sky, neat in PVE because it can stagger bosses and you can do that over and over making it tech viable. But that's relying on a gimmick to make it work, it certainly doesn't stand up on its own as a weapon, it is not strong and just technically usable.

17 - Bastard's Stars (F Tier)

Bale remains arguably the worst first weapon type in the game as neat as the concept is - it's a two-shot range, lacking in damage, posture damage, etc. Nebula specifically for Bastard's Stars was buffed but not in a way that matters, they slightly improved its damage in PVE specifically only, so it remains the same in PvP which is not viable. In boss fights, its DPS output is slightly better but we still think this is not enough. Flails need some love in the way other weapon types have had, the flail remains a gimmick and ignored and we would love to see them do some kind of improvements to it, maybe in time for the DLC. But for now, this is still the worst boss weapon. 


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