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Elden Ring 1.08 Best Samurai Build - One-Shot Cold Nagakiba Dex/Int Ronin Build in 1.08 Patch
1/18/2023 6:02:40 PM

In this Elden Ring guide,  we are going to be showing you a samurai build that focuses on the setting of The frostbite status effect and this can be used in New Game Plus as well as most of the regular game.

Elden Ring 1.08 Best One-Shot Dex Int Ronin Samurai Build

Elden Ring 1.08 Best One-Shot Dex/Int Ronin Samurai Build Guide

Something people have been critiquing is it doesn't have a lot of Buffs to it, your buff Chilling Mist is actually an attack at the same time you use it quite frequently in your combos and the way you're playing in your gameplay so you're not constantly stopping to have the buff. But Chilling Mist was actually improved in patch 1.07, its motion speed was increased which is great and the duration of the frostbite effect added to your weapon was doubled from 20 to 40 seconds. So it's a lot more viable now than it has been previously because you don't have to just constantly use it to keep your weapon buff.

You go around in the landscape and just use the attack naturally on groups of enemies to get AOEs and then you buff your weapon at the same time and then do triggers on regular enemies in about two swings most of the time, so if you don't kill something on one hand, you almost always trigger frostbite which is not something that happens with Hamrick.


  • Right Hand: Cold Nagakiba+25 with Chilling Mist

Nagakiba has native bleed build-up which is fantastic and you can get this very early on in the game so if you're playing this build from the new game perspective it doesn't take very long to get this. 

Here we set it to the cold Affinity using the Chilling Mist Ash of War. The Chilling Mist deals decent damage - it deals about a hundred percent the damage of a regular attack, it's sweeping so it can AOE through multiple enemies and adds frostbite buildup in an area for a little bit of time and it adds extra frostbite build up to your weapon swings which already have a decent amount because of the Cold Affinity, so it's not very hard at all to set the frostbite status effect with this build. 

Frostbite is a really good status effect and it not only debuffs the enemy allowing you to do more damage with your swings but it also rips off a chunk of their health based on their Max health, so the harder enemies are to defeat the more damage they're going to take, so this is really good in boss fights or Co-op or NG plus, etc. The downside to it is unlike Hemorrhage, it can't be applied repeatedly without removing that frostbite status effect by dealing damage with fire or just waiting for it to run out, so we've added a way to do that here it's not the focus of the build but that will increase your damage during certain fights. Unlike Hemorrhage, this will trigger during regular enemy fights constantly and what's really nice about that is enemies Flinch for a second when they are triggered the frostbite triggers on them giving you an opening to keep swinging or when you anticipate that that's going to happen, you can keep swinging without worrying about getting hit while you're in the middle of your like R1 combo.

  • Left Hand: Black Bow

We use the regular Elden Ring weapon that operates the way a short bow does meaning that you can jump in the air and shoot and then shoot again when you land instantly, which is fantastic for Mobility and allows you to get arrows off a lot easier. The bow isn't the main focus of this build, it's there to augment your play style and give you a ranged option in a pinch maybe thin out a couple of enemies before you go in kind of how you would play the samurai build

Also using fire arrows gives you a way to strip off that frostbite status effect and then be able to reapply it with another Chilling Mist sweep and attacks so you can do this multiple times in a boss fight ripping off 20 to 30% of their health, you can do this two or three times. 

You can also use bleeding arrows as well or other arrows if you want to supplement your damage depending on what you're fighting sometimes it'll make fights easier depending on what things are resistant to, but again the bow is not the focus of this build it's just there to augment it and give you some options when you're fighting.

Armor Set

Zamor Armor Set or Heavier Amor Set with Better Protection

The armor set that we are using for this build is the Zamor armor set as it is very Frost themed and it's just more for the look of things than anything. But if you were Min maxing this build, you would probably wear heavier armor with better protection you have the equipped weight for it or you could wear the body armor and use something like Okina Mask which will give you extra dexterity and increase your damage. So there are things you can do with this build to min-max better. 


Then we use the below talismans to boost up the build to better status:

  • Bull-Goat's Talisman - This is to hit the 51 points breakpoint because of the armor that we're wearing, if you're using a different armor that's heavier that's got better Poise then you won't need to use this and you can free up the slot again that would be a better way to min-max this.

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia & Millicent's Prosthesis - This gives you 5 extra dexterity which is great for damage, and both of these increase your damage as you swing over and over, when you get into melee range a lot of times when you're playing this build, you're just going to R1 spam trying to trigger prospite, trying to bleeding and to try and boost your attack power so you can deal even more damage, so these are really nice to have here.

  • Shard of Alexander - This one will boost your Chilling Mist attack if you hit with the blade.

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman - You can go with the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman in order to get more protection because you don't have like the most protection set or you can go with something like Lord of Blood's Exultation. But we do find that you don't set bleeding that much with this setup because you just have like 38 or so bleed build-up per hit, and that's not a lot like you're not going to trigger that regularly out on the landscape and even in boss fights probably going to trigger maybe once because we're not focusing on bleeding, so it's a little bit more situational even than something like Shard of Alexander out of the three the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is probably going to give you the most effective. But if you're pretty confident in your dodging ability or you're not really dying much, Shard of Alexander is not a bad choice. 


When it comes to attributes, the below set up could be better for you:

  • Vigor: 55 - This is enough for the period of the game for the beginning of New Game Plus,  you should have plenty of protection with what you have here, it's not like a lot of protection between that. With 55 Vigor, you're not going to die very easily, you probably want to take this up to 60 throughout New Game Plus though.

  • Mind: 30 - You can get away with less mind than this Chilling Mist doesn't use that much FP, you're not casting any spells and you can absolutely get away with less mine here if you absolutely want, but there isn't a ton of other places we need to put attribute points and this allows you to skew almost all of your flasks to the HP side of things allowing you to be a lot of aggressive and not really worry about your flask count because you always have healing.

  • Endurance: 19 - Mostly for the stamina, but you can go higher, and probably going up to something like 30 isn't a bad idea, here you could take a few points out of mind and put some in endurance or as you level up from here keep increasing endurance.

  • Strength: 18 - This is the minimum requirement to use the Nagakiba one-handed, sometimes when you're swapping back and forth between your bow and your Nagakiba, but you don't have a lot of time to two-hand it, before you need to get an attack off the damage increase isn't that much for two handing when you have very little strength. So meeting that requirement for one handling at 18 strength is nice.

  • Dexterity: 65 - The cold Nagakiba scales best with dexterity up to 50, so you want to start there getting dexterity up to 50, if you're playing a regular new game build you want to focus on dexterity to get your damage up if you're just talking about which attribute for damage.

  • Intelligence: 50 - Then once you hit 50 dexterity, you'll start focusing on intelligence and then once you get to 50 intelligence, you'll focus on dexterity once again, that's kind of the order in which things are scaled the best here.

  • Faith: 7

  • Arcane: 9

However, if you want to play like a spell blade build here and you would rather have more intelligence because you want to cast spells with this build, you could easily go 65 intelligence and 50 dexterity, or 75 intelligence and 40 dexterity, and you wouldn't lose out on that much damage.

Flask of Wondrous Physick

  • Greenburst Crystal Tear - Keep this one to recover stamina because this build is very stamina hungry 

  • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear - Increases your magic damage, although it's not going to be as effective because we'll only do about 40% magic damage but that is an option

  • Thorny Cracked Tear - Or you can use ones that increase the damage you do for multiple hits that will give you more damage as you are one spam, or you could use ones that just simply increase your dexterity or strength and that'll give you or intelligence and that'll just give you a flat damage increase.


Guess you ask