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Elden Ring Best Damage Type - Every Damage Type Ranked from Strongest to Worst
5/25/2023 6:00:10 PM

There are 8 different damage types in Elden Ring and great builds can be made of all of them, but which one is the best? Every Elden Ring damage type is ranked here from strongest to worst after Patch 1.09 to find out the best physical and elemental damage, we’ll also list the best ER weapon for each damage.

Elden Ring Best Damage Type After 1.09 - Every Damage Type Ranked from Strongest to Worst 

Below is the ranking of all eight damage types in Elden Ring, Youwy dived into each one with the best damage weapons. On this list, the best Elden Ring physical and elemental damage types are going to be pierce damage and lightning damage.

1 - Pierce Damage (Physical)

For number one, piercing damage is going into the best damage type in Elden Ring. It got some of the best weapon classes in the game with good movesets and good Ash of War options. The piercing damage also gets a cool effect on that when you hit on a counterattack, because enemies are constantly attacking, you just do much more damage, and you can pair with a talisman to do even more damage. For the bosses, there are a couple of enemies that are weak to piercing damage, like Radahn, Fortissax, and Placidusax. There aren't really many enemies in the entire game that resist two piercing damage at all, but going over the regular enemies that are weak to piercing damage, it's pretty much all the Knights and all the Soldiers, and the dragons are very weak to piercing damage. When you are going over the enemies that are resistant to piercing damage, it's pretty much just like a bunch of enemies that you find in the dungeons, just going through the dungeon with a strike weapon and throughout the rest of the game, which is like 90 of it, just use the piercing weapon.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Pierce Damage

- Bloody Helice

- Serpent Hunter

- Godskin Stitcher

- Lance

- Antspur Rapier

2 - Lightning Damage (Elemental)

The five weapons are pretty decent for doing lightning damage, Bolt of Grand is probably the best weapon in the entire game. There is one boss that is actually most resist to lightning, that is Fortisax, there are a couple of bosses that are actually most weak to lightning damage, Godfrey and Malenia, one of the best things about lightning is that when you're actually standing in water or is if it's raining, you're just doing 10 more damage and specifically when you're actually in water and you actually use a lightning attack, it does a cool animation in the water to where it turns it into an AOE itself, which is a really cool interaction. As for the regular enemies that are resistant to lightning damage, all the soldiers and all the knights, are definitely the ones that stand out the most, which is just a majority of the game. When it comes to the enemies that are resistant to lightning damage, these do not outweigh what you actually have with the weaknesses in terms of all the knights.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Lightning Damage

- Dragonscale Blade

- Dragon Halberd

- Dragon King’s Cragblade

- Stormhawk

- Axe

- Bolt of Gransax

3 - Magic Damage (Elemental)

This is kind of like the elemental version of standard damage in terms of the resistances because enemies are just completely neutral to them, you can get some of the best weapon and spell options in the entire game. Looking at the enemies that are most resistant to magic damage, Renalla, and Regal Spirit, these bosses aren't really that hard to begin with, so it's not really that big of a deal, the rest of the bosses tend to just be very resistant to elemental damage in themselves, so that kind of hurts magic damage in that way, however one thing you do have to remember is that magic also gets access to frost, which is pretty accessible like most spells and weapons actually tend to have frost buildup already onto them, which is really nice. As for the enemies that are resistant to magic, it does tend to be all the enemies in regular carry, outside of regular career magic damage is perfectly fine, but inside of it it kind of is a problem.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Magic Damage

- Wing of Astel

- Moonveil

- Dark Moon Greatsword

- Clayman’s Harpoon

- Death’s Poker

4 - Slash Damage (Physical)

There are no enemies that are even or even second versus isn't too specific slash damage, but there are a few enemies that actually tend to be most weak to slash damage, enemies like Morgott, and Fire Giant are all pretty weak to slash damage. As for the regular enemies, this is where it kind of gets a bit interesting. As for the weaknesses, there are pretty a lot of enemies that are weak to slash damage, definitely ones that stand out to be the most, the Revenants, Godskin, and more annoying enemies, which is very nice. When you look at the enemies that are resistant to slash-type damage, it's not gonna have a long list but have Knights, all of those Knight-type enemies are just very resistant to slash type, which is almost half the game in itself, so it kind of balances out.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Slash Damage

- Nightrider Glaive

- Cross-Naginata

- Bandit’s Curved Sword

- Nagakiba

- Bloodhound’s Fang

5 - Strike Damage (Physical)

Actually, the top weapon options for strike damage are weaker compared to other ones, especially the Ash of War options that strike-based weapons do actually get, they're just not as good as the piercing or slash-type options that are available. Getting into the enemy resistances and weaknesses, talking about the weaknesses first, these are the ones that are actually weak to strike damage, it's just a bunch of enemies that are actually just based in dungeons, so when you're actually going into dungeons, the strike is going to be your best option and you can go with a strike base weapon or actually have a backup strike weapon to go into a dungeon. As for the enemies that are resistant to strike damage, these ones aren't that many.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Strike Damage

- Morning Star

- Great Mace

- Giant-Crusher

- Stone Club

- Star Fist

6 - Fire Damage (Elemental)

In terms of the spells, they do got Catch Flames, your second-best melee option, Flame Fall Upon Them, the second-best ranged option, and Burn O Flame, the second-best AOE option. But for the remembrance boss, there are a few bosses that are pretty resistant to fire damage and some even like 80 resist things like Mohg, and Fire Giant is also pretty resistant to fire. There are a few bosses that tend to be pretty weak to fire, like Radagon. Malenia is pretty weak to fire, however when you fight her in the water, then it's actually equally resistant to lightning damage, which is a very annoying thing about fire damage that we're actually standing in model or when it's raining outside, you just do 10 less damage.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Fire Damage

- Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

- Eleonora’s Poleblade

- Blasphemous Blade

- Magma Wyrm’s Scaleword

- Godslayer’s Greatsword

7 - Standard Damage (Physical)

Standard damage tends to be tied to things like Straight Swords, Greatswords, Colossal Swords, and Twinblades, these are actually pretty solid, but the best part of the moveset of these weapons is that they get poking attacks which are tied to piercing damage, so you can't really actually give that to standard damage. There is no enemy or no boss in this game is actually more resistant to standard damage or even weak to standard damage compared to any other damage type, it's just the most neutral thing in the entire game. The only redeeming factor of this is that it is physical damage and most of the bosses firing like a couple are actually pretty weak to physical damage in itself, it's a decent option but it can't really get anything higher than number seven. 

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Standard Damage

- Claymore

- Godskin Peeler

- Greatsword

- Lordsworn’s Straight Sword

- Guardian’s Swordspear

8 - Holy Damage (Elemental)

Holy damage is the worst one by far, there are some amazing ER weapon options and you can go through the game with these ones pretty easily, but the spell options are not that good. When it comes to the boss remembrance weaknesses and resistances, holy damage is almost every single one of the boss’s highest resist damage types, and even the second highest resist, there are only 4 out of the 17 options that do not resist to holy and there's only one that actually is weak to holy which is the Regal Spirit, which is also actually weak to fire as well, so it's not even that unique in itself, you're just gonna have a much harder time just fighting things with holy damage compared to every other type of damage.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Holy Damage

- Siluria’s Tree

- Halo Scythe

- Envoy’s Long Horn

- Ordovis’s Greatsword

- Coded Sword


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