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Elden Ring 1.09.1 Heavy Brick Hammer Build |Thor, GOD of Thunder: Best Strength & Faith Build
5/25/2023 2:57:44 PM

This is a powerful strength and faith built using electrified armament. This is an enjoyable Elden Ring build and can also do a solid amount of physical and lightning damage! This is a fairly potent build in the late game as well if you focus on strength and faith, you’ll open up the blasphemous blade, all lightning, magma blades, and more! This has solid build variety. We meant to say dragon bolt blessing can be good for PvP not PvE.


Attributes & Stats of Elden Ring 1.09.1 Heavy Brick Hammer Build

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 23

  • Endurance: 28

  • Strength: 50

  • Dexterity: 15

  • Intelligence: 9

  • Faith: 50

  • Arcane: 14


Equipment of Elden Ring 1.09.1 Heavy Brick Hammer Build

  • Right Hand Armament: Heavy Brick Hammer+24

We're going to take the brick Hammer, we're going to use Electrify Armament, and we're going to take on these two dragons that are basically respawning mini-bosses, see how much damage we could do if we could build up some posture damage as well, and see how good the brick Hammer is with an Electrify Armament on it, you're going to have that versatility, you can jump to Faith you can jump to strength we're at 50, we're going to hit 50 of both because we're using the faith here we have 40 faith, we have 50 strength and with the faith here, that's going to give us 50 50 and again lots of damage with Electrify Armament and then a good amount of damage as far as the physical portion of the weapon goes as well.

  • Left Hand Armament: Gravel Stone Seal+25

  • Head Armor: Blackflame Monk Hood

  • Chest Armor: Kaiden Armor

  • Arms: Elden Lord Bracers

  • Leg Armor: Bandit Boots

  • Talismans:

Lightning Scorpion Charm

Shard of Alexander

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Axe Talisman

  • Flasks:

Faith-knot Crystal Tear

Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

  • Ash of War: Lion’s Claw

You're going to build up posture damage every time you use it too, it's probably around 30-something posture damage per each Lions claw which is quite good, and you could break most of the bosses in the game which is three applications of it, but when they nerfed posture damage, they really did beat it up a little bit too much, because it takes a ton now to get posture breaks, and there is still some things like the glint blades, you can use that Ash of War to get posture damage, and there's a couple of different things you could do to build up Square Off still pretty good too, but as far as the actual game goes, the majority of it now seems to work around maybe getting one posture break per fight if you're lucky, and then two is a little bit rarer, simply for the fact that they just changed it, they kind of nerfed it a little bit too much. so back to this as far as the Thor build goes you can see the good damage there that we're getting on the brick hammered, we're going fully with the lightning Electrify Armament, and it looks really cool too, Dragon Bolt blessing will obviously look cool as well.


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