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Elden Ring 1.06 Best Build for Elden Beast - Best Way to Beat Elden Beast After Patch
9/13/2022 2:55:35 PM

If you are in the fight with the Elden Beast, what is the best and fastest way to take him out? A powerful weapon and build can help a lot.  Let’s get into the Elden Beast cheese 1.06 guide, along with the 1.06 best build for Elden Beast in Elden Ring. 

Elden Beast Cheese 1.06

Best Way to Beat Elden Beast After Patch in Elden Ring - Easiest Elden Beast Cheese 1.06

Before we get into the Jazza97's Elden Beast build, an Elden Ring weapon that can clear everything including Radagon and Elden Beast you should know is Wing of Astel, it's so good, especially with the recent 1.06 updates, other weapons taking a major hit such as the Rivers of Blood, you can look no further than the Wing of Astel, it's possibly the heaviest hitting weapon you can obtain in the game right now, and its skill move scatters an explosive astral barrier in front of yourself, which if the enemies are in front of that, you can wave goodbye to them because not only does it stagger them so then you can perform a critical hit, but it also deals an absolute shed ton of damage, it's quick mobility being like a short curved sword allows for quick movement to get up close and personal with bosses, and its charge attack also staggers enemies, even if you don't use the skill power, you can use the charged up heavy attack to do the same thing, and it's just all around a devastating weapon if used correctly.


How do you get Wing of Astel in Elden Ring? You begin at the Site of Grace on the Ainsel River Main and go south to reach the northern portion of the Uhl Palace Ruins. Proceed through the river tunnel to the right of the Malformed Star. Turn left before entering Nokstella, Eternal City, and proceed through the entrance guarded by Giant Ants. This path leads to the upper level of the southeast portion of the ruins, where a tiny chest containing the Wing of Astel can be found.

Elden Ring Best Build for Elden Beast 1.06

The Wing of Astel scales with both intelligence and dexterity, so if you are making a build around that, you should consider this. And in order to make the best use of this weapon, you can upgrade it to the max level by using somber smithing stones and once you've leveled it up to the max level, put as many points as you can into intelligence and dexterity, you literally have a fully-fledged hand cannon at your disposal. 

Stats (Level 244)

If you are going to use this weapon, it’s recommended to put the majority of your points into intelligence as well as some dexterity, so you can start scaling the damage output on the Wing of Astel. The stat allocation below is at level 244 for the NG+4 build. If you're only like level 100 or so, maybe put about 20 or 25 into vigor, 20 into endurance, and then similarly for the mind, but literally, you need to put the minimum amount to strength, because it doesn't really scale the weapon, and just put the rest of the points available into intelligence and dexterity.

- Vigor 60

- Mind 46

- Endurance 30

- Strength 20

- Dexterity 59

- Intelligence 80

- Faith 18

- Arcane 10


Firstly, the weapon Wing of Astel can literally stagger any boss including the Elden Beast. Black Knife Tiche, the special ability and skill power with the Black Knife is just really handy to have especially when you're dealing massive damage yourself, then having somebody able to use his death ability to constantly and gradually deplete the enemy's health bars.


The talismans are very sorcery based, these two talismans boost sorceries by eight percent, with five percent for the second one with Godfrey Icon as well to help with charged attacks and the Shard of Alexander talisman you get for the Alexander quest to also boost the power dealt with skill powers, this combination of the Wing of Astel, the Black Knife and also the Black Knife Tiche makes defeating any boss become easy because it allows you to get up close and utilize the Wing of Astel's special power to deal some heavy damage and then you can back off, use the Black Knife special ability to hit at range and mixing it in with some mage spells.

Killing Tips and Strategy

When it comes to the easiest way to defeat the Elden Beast, just simply sit behind him and spam the L2 or LT, the weapon deletes his health and will also stun him, allowing you to also critical hit him and Black Knife Tiche will most likely be keeping his distance, also dealing that death effect, you can also do it yourself if you have the black knife, but you don't have to. Rinse and repeat, you only really need to do this like three or four times depending on like the rng of his move set that you get with the Elden Beast, he's gonna fly up into the air and dodge his rings, whenever he does that attack by jumping over them, so you're not trapped in a circle when the explosion occurs, just simply try and get as up close as you can with the Elden Beast, dodging his attacks, it's very easy to see when he's attacking and it's very easy to dodge his gigantic swings of the sword, but try and stay on top of him and use that skill power. You can also use spells to protect yourself or boost damage with incantations, Golden Vow is a good one. There are also lots of other good build options, feel free to mix up the gear and talismans. 


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