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Twisted Essence of Suffering

Twisted Essence of Suffering

Twisted Essence of Suffering

Miscellaneous Item

Dropped by Andariel and Duriel on Hell

Twisted Essence of Suffering


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     Act 1 – Andarie Monastery Catacombos – Twisted Essence of Suffering – 1 in 14Act 2 – Duriel Tal Rasha’s Tom – Twisted Essence of Suffering – 1 in 7Act 3 – Mephisto Durance of Hate – Charged Essence of Hatred – 1 in 17Act 4 – Diablo Chaos Sanctury – Burning Essence of Terror – 1 in 17Act 5 – Baal Tbrone of Destruction – Festering Essence of Destruction - 1 in 17Once you have farmed all of these bosses, don't think you will farm them once and they will drop it each time, it is down to a lot of luck and they will drop it pretty much rng based like everything else
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    AmuletsCharged Essence of Hatred or Twisted Essence of Suffering plus skill necklace will do, preferably with other attributes; in addition, orange necklace (magic) can be synthesized by hand

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