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Prudence [Runewords(Runes)]

+25% Faster Hit Recovery
+140-170% Enhanced Defense (varies)
All Resistances +25-35 (varies)
Damage Reduced by 3
Magic Damage Reduced by 17
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
+1 To Light Radius
Repairs Durability 1 In 4 Seconds
Prudence Runeword


Price 0.14 USD

What is Prudence Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Prudence is a runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected that requires Mal and Tir runes to be inserted in a socketed body armor in that specific order. The eligible bases for Prudence are limited to body armors. Prudence Rune Word is considered to be one of the better mid-level runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected, partly because it provides significant defensive boosts and partly because it is an ideal runeword for ebugged armor. The high defense rating of ebugged armor, combined with the defensive bonuses from Prudence, can make for a highly effective armor option for mid-level characters.

How To Make a Prudence Runeword in D2R?

Prudence Runeword can be created by combining mal + tir into a 2 socket body armor, and requires at least level 49 to equip.

What is Prudence Runeword Good For in D2R?

Prudence and Fortitude runewords share some similarities in terms of their defensive boosts, such as resistances and defense bonuses. However, Fortitude provides additional bonuses such as enhanced damage and faster cast rate, while Prudence offers magic damage reduction and faster hit recovery bonuses. While Prudence may not be as powerful as Fortitude in some respects, it is significantly less expensive to craft, making it a more accessible option for players on a budget.

In addition to its defensive boosts, Prudence runeword also provides a 25% increase to hit recovery speed. This can be highly advantageous for players, as faster hit recovery can reduce the time spent in the "hit stun" animation that is triggered when a hit takes more than 1/12th of the player's total life. This can help players quickly recover from hits and continue fighting effectively.

Additionally, the bonuses provided by Prudence can help players reach important hit recovery breakpoints and max out their resistances, making it a versatile and useful runeword for a variety of different builds.

D2R Prudence Runeword Bases

Here are the base items that can be used for socketing Prudence in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

2 Socket Normal/Superior Quality Body Armor

What Base (Weapon) is Best for Prudence in D2R?

Here are the best bases for Prudence to achieve different effects for different classes and specs in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

An ethereal Prudence is something to look for since this item repairs itself.  While Prudence may not provide the same level of enhanced defense as Fortitude, it is still a highly effective armor option thanks to its self-repair mod and additional bonuses such as magic damage reduction and faster hit recovery. When crafted in ethereal armor, Prudence can provide a higher defense rating than both Fortitude and Stone runewords, making it a valuable option for mid-level characters seeking to maximize their defense and resistance.

Which Builds Use Prudence Runeword in D2R?

Due to its versatility and utility, the Prudence Runeword can be used in a variety of character builds. Some of the popular builds that can make use of Prudence are:

  • Sorceress: Frozen Orb Sorceress, Lightning Sorceress, Meteorb Sorceress (Meteor + Frozen Orb)

  • Paladin: Hammerdin (Blessed Hammer), Zealot (Zeal + Fanaticism)

  • Druid: Wind Druid (Tornado + Hurricane), Fury Werewolf Druid

  • Necromancer: Summonmancer (Summon Skeletons + Skeleton Mastery), Poisonmancer (Poison Nova + Lower Resist)

  • Amazon: Lightning Javazon (Charged Strike + Lightning Fury), Bowazon (Multishot + Guided Arrow)

  • Assassin: Trapsin (Lightning Sentry + Death Sentry), Martial Arts Assassin (Dragon Talon + Dragon Flight)

  • Barbarian: Whirlwind Barbarian, Frenzy Barbarian

While Prudence may not be the top choice for every build, it can be a useful option for players looking for a relatively affordable armor with decent resistances, faster hit recovery, and some utility. As you progress and find better armor options, you may replace Prudence with other Runewords or D2R unique items that better suit your build.

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