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Bitter Eye[ID:1679162315]
Bone Grip[ID:1667933008]
Corruption Grasp[ID:1667987087]
Death Eye[ID:1673316692]
Death Talistan[ID:1669969838]
Demon Barb[ID:1681528349]
Dread Clasp[ID:1668586425]
Dread Emblem[ID:1667718833]
Ewelers Iionarch Of Deflecting[ID:1671794578]
Fiend Clutches[ID:1679471645]
Leweler’s Monarch Of Deflecting[ID:1671784583]
Lewelers Monarch Of Deflecting[ID:1671784700]
Raven Beads[ID:1671139778]
Raven Knot[ID:1673144835]
Shadow Eye[ID:1667932280]
Shadow Scarab[ID:1672716821]
Skull Brow[ID:1679284570]
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