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Pride [Runewords(Runes)]

25% Chance To Cast Level 17 Fire Wall When Struck
Level 16-20 Concentration Aura When Equipped (varies)
260-300% Bonus To Attack Rating (varies)
+1-99% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level)
Adds 50-280 Lightning Damage
20% Deadly Strike
Hit Blinds Target
Freezes Target +3
+10 To Vitality
Replenish Life +8
1.875-185.625% Extra Gold From Monsters (Based on Character Level)
Pride Runeword


Price 0.67 USD

What is Pride Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Pride is a weapon runeword that is exclusively available for Polearms in Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.6 and Ladder Season 3. It is primarily used by Act II mercenaries for the Concentration aura, which is highly beneficial for melee characters. This aura increases physical damage and reduces the likelihood that attacks will be interrupted.

How To Make a Pride Runeword in D2R?

Pride can be created by combining cham + sur + io + lo runes into a 4 socket polearm or spear. It can only be equipped by characters who have reached at least level 67.

What is Pride Runeword Good For in D2R?

The Pride Runeword boasts several strengths, including:

  • The Concentration aura is highly valuable for Act II mercenaries, making it a great runeword option for them.

  • 4-slot Polearms are relatively easy to obtain, making it more accessible compared to other runewords.

  • The elemental attacks provided by Pride can be effective for dealing with physical immune enemies, which can be a significant advantage in certain areas or against certain bosses.

D2R Pride Runeword Bases

Here are the base items that can be used for socketing Pride in Diablo 2 Reusrrected:

  • 4-socketed Scythes (watch the Strength and Dexterity requirements)

  • Spears: Matriarchal Spear

What Base (Weapon) is Best for Pride in D2R?

Here are the best bases for Pride to achieve different effects for different classes and specs in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

When selecting a base item for the Mercenary polearm, it's crucial to avoid selecting a spear accidentally. Therefore, it's essential to check the weapon type carefully. You can also consult the Polearm Base Items guide to double-check and ensure that you select the right base item.

If you're using Spears, you'll typically use them for Amazon builds such as Fend or Charged Strike. For these builds, you'll need a Matriarchal Spear base item with +3 to Javelin and Spear Skills. While it can range from 1-3, it's best to hold out for a +3 on this expensive runeword. Matriarchal Spears have slightly less base damage but are faster than Matriarchal Pikes.

You can use any Polearms except for the Normal, Elite, and Exceptional versions of the Bardiche (Bardiche, Lochabar Axe, and Ogre Axe) as they only have a maximum of 3 sockets.

The fastest Polearms are various scythes, including the Scythe and War Scythe (Normal), Battle Scythe and Grim Scythe (Exceptional), and Thresher and Giant Thresher (Elite).

Which Builds Use Pride Runeword in D2R?

Here are the best classes and builds for the Pride Runeword:

While Pride may not be the Best in Slot (Bis) weapon for any particular class, it can still be a useful weapon for certain builds, such as Fend or Charged Strike/Lightning Strike Spearazons.

However, Pride is highly desirable for Mercenaries for Zeal and Vengeance-based Paladins, Fury Werewolf and Maul Werebear druids, and Frenzy Barbarians who don't need their Mercenaries to carry The Reaper's Toll to break Physical immunities. Moreover, Summoner Druids and Summonmancers also appreciate the Concentration aura for improving the damage of their summoned minions, as it can increase their damage more than the Might aura.

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