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Famine [Runewords(Runes)]

+30% Increased Attack Speed
+320-370% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
Adds 180-200 Magic Damage
Adds 50-200 Fire Damage
Adds 51-250 Lightning Damage
Adds 50-200 Cold Damage
12% Life Stolen Per Hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Strength
Famine Runeword


Price 1.05 USD

What Can Famine Runeword Do In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Famine runeword is a powerful item that can be created by socketing a melee weapon with the runes Fal (19), Ohm (27), and Ort (9). the Famine runeword is a powerful item that can greatly benefit characters that rely on melee attacks. The combination of offensive bonuses such as increased damage and magic damage, along with defensive bonuses of preventing monster heal, make the Famine runeword a formidable option for players looking to increase their damage output in combat. The chance to cast Blaze and Venom also provides additional offensive options, while the Ignore Target Defense attribute ensures that the player's attacks are more likely to hit and deal damage. The Famine runeword provides the following bonuses to the player:

+30% Increased Attack Speed: This attribute increases the player's attack speed, allowing them to deal damage more quickly.

+320-370% Enhanced Damage: This attribute greatly increases the damage dealt by the player's melee attacks.

Ignores Target Defense: This attribute allows the player's attacks to bypass the defense of the target, making them more likely to hit and deal damage.

Adds 180-200 Magic Damage: This attribute adds a significant amount of magic damage to the player's attacks, making them more effective against enemies with high physical resistance.

100% Chance to Cast Level 40 Blaze When You Level-Up: This attribute has a chance to cast the Blaze spell at level 40 when the player levels up. Blaze creates a trail of fire behind the player as they move, damaging enemies that come into contact with it.

25% Chance to Cast Level 15 Venom on Striking: This attribute has a chance to cast the Venom spell at level 15 when the player strikes an enemy. Venom poisons the enemy, dealing damage over time.

Prevent Monster Heal: This attribute prevents monsters from healing themselves, making them easier to defeat.

What Is The Fast Way To Get D2R Famine?

The Diablo 2 Resurrected Famine runeword requires a melee weapon with three sockets and the runes Fal (19), Ohm (27), and Ort (9) to create. The runes can be found as drops from monsters, or can be traded with other players.

The most reliable way to acquire the necessary runes and a three-socketed melee weapon is to farm certain areas of the game, such as the Chaos Sanctuary or the Pit. These areas have a higher chance of dropping high-level items, including the runes and weapons needed to create the Famine runeword.

Players can also trade with other players to acquire the necessary runes and a three-socketed melee weapon. Many players specialize in trading items and runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected, so it may be possible to find a seller through online forums or trading sites.

Finally, it is possible to gamble for a three-socketed sword, axe, or mace at a vendor in the game, although the chances of getting one are relatively low. Players can also use the Horadric Cube to add sockets to a weapon, although this process can be expensive and is not guaranteed to work.

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