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Sanctuary [Runewords(Runes)]

+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+20% Faster Block Rate
20% Increased Chance of Blocking
+130-160% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+250 Defense vs. Missile
+20 To Dexterity
All Resistances +50-70 (varies)
Magic Damage Reduced By 7
Level 12 Slow Missiles (60 Charges)
Sanctuary Runeword


Price 0.3 USD

What is Sanctuary Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Sanctuary is actually a shield runeword for paladins only, and it provides a large boost to defense, high resistances, faster block rate, and charges of Holy Shock. Physical fighters may still derive the most benefit from it due to the improved blocking and defense, but the Holy Shock charges make it a useful offensive tool as well.

How To Make a Sanctuary Runeword in D2R?

It requires these 3 runes to be inserted into a 3 Socket Shields  in the exact order: Ko + Ko + Mal .

What is Sanctuary Runeword Good For?

Using Sanctuary will boost your Hit Recovery Speed by 20%. This, in turn, will decrease the duration of the "hit stun" animation, which occurs when a hit deals more than 1/12th of your maximum life.

In addition, Sanctuary provides a 20% increase in your Block Rate, resulting in a shorter duration for the blocking animation. This shield is particularly effective for most classes, as it allows them to reach the first or second breakpoint for blocking.

D2R Sanctuary Runeword Bases

Here are the Diablo 2 base items that can be used for socketing Sanctuary in Diablo 2 Resurrected: 3 sockets Normal/Superior quality Shield

What Base (Weapon) is Best for Sanctuary in D2R?

Based on these factors, some of the top choices for a Sanctuary base are:

  • Kurast Shield (Paladin-exclusive) - Offers high defense, good blocking, and decent resistance. It has a relatively low strength requirement, making it a popular choice for Paladin builds.

  • Monarch Shield - High defense and a reasonable strength requirement. It has a lower blocking rate than Paladin-exclusive shields, but it can be used by all classes.

  • Troll Nest - A good balance between defense, blocking, and strength requirements. This shield is available to all classes, making it a versatile choice.

Remember that the ideal base for your Sanctuary runeword will depend on your specific character build and playstyle. Consider the factors mentioned above and make the best decision for your character.

Which Builds Use Sanctuary Runeword in D2R?

Some build that can benefit from the Sanctuary runeword include:

  • Paladin Builds a. Hammerdin - A Paladin build centered around the Blessed Hammer skill. b. Zealot - A melee Paladin build focusing on Zeal and Fanaticism skills. c. Smite Paladin - A build that utilizes the Smite skill for single-target damage.

  • Sorceress Builds: Although Sorceresses are not typically known for their use of shields, Sanctuary's high resistances can be beneficial in improving their survivability, especially for melee-focused builds like the Melee Sorceress or Enchantress.

  • Druid Builds: A Druid build that focuses on melee combat, such as a Werebear or Werewolf, can benefit from the increased defenses provided by Sanctuary.

  • Assassin Builds: Sanctuary can be a useful choice for a melee-focused Assassin build like a Martial Arts or Dragon Talon/Claw build, providing improved defenses.

  • Necromancer Builds: While not typically seen with shields, a melee-oriented Necromancer build (e.g., a Poison Dagger build) can also take advantage of Sanctuary's bonuses.

Sanctuary is a versatile runeword that can be used by various builds to improve their defenses and survivability. While it may not be the optimal choice for every build, it can still provide solid support for characters focused on melee combat or who need additional resistances.

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