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Rainbow Facet-Fire /Death Random
Rainbow Facet-Fire
/Death Random


Price 0.38 USD

What is Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random in Diablo 2 Resurrected & Is It Good?

Rainbow Facet is a type of jewel in Diablo 2 Resurrected that can be socketed into a piece of equipment such as a weapon or armor. There are four different types of Rainbow Facets in the game, each with a different elemental damage type: fire, cold, lightning, and poison.

Rainbow Facets have a unique property called "Facet-Mod" that grants a bonus to the corresponding elemental damage type and reduces the enemy's resistance to that element. The bonus and resistance reduction increase with the level of the jewel, with a maximum of +5% bonus and -5% resistance reduction at level 99.

The term "Facet-Fire/Death Random" likely refers to a specific Rainbow Facet jewel that has both fire damage and a chance to cast the Death Sentry skill on hit. Death Sentry is an assassin skill that releases a blast of deadly energy upon activation, dealing physical and lightning damage to nearby enemies.

Whether a Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random is good or not depends on your build and playstyle. If you are using a fire-based build, the bonus to fire damage and reduction to fire resistance can be very beneficial. Additionally, the chance to cast Death Sentry can provide some extra damage and crowd control. However, if you are not using a fire-based build, the jewel may not be as useful. It is important to consider your overall build and equipment setup before deciding whether to use a Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random.

How to Use Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random in D2R?

To use a Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you will need to first find a piece of equipment with an available socket, such as a weapon, shield, or armor. Once you have the equipment, you can then insert the Rainbow Facet jewel into the socket.

When you equip the item with the Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random, you will benefit from the bonus to fire damage and the reduction to fire resistance, as well as the chance to cast Death Sentry on hit. Keep in mind that the chance to cast Death Sentry is only triggered when you hit an enemy, so it may not activate on every attack.

It's important to note that Rainbow Facet jewels can be swapped in and out of equipment as needed, so you can experiment with different combinations of jewels and equipment to find the setup that works best for your build and playstyle. Additionally, Rainbow Facet jewels can be upgraded by inserting them into the Horadric Cube along with a Perfect Gem of the corresponding type, which will increase the level of the Facet-Mod bonus and resistance reduction.

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