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Rainbow Facet-Lightning /Death 5-5
Rainbow Facet-Lightning
/Death 5-5


Price 2.9 USD

Is Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 Any Good In Diablo 2?

Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 is a unique jewel in Diablo II Resurrected (D2R) that provides bonuses to Lightning and Poison skills. It is part of a set of jewels known as "Rainbow Facets", each of which provides bonuses to different elemental skills.

The "Lightning/Death" aspect of the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 jewel means that it provides bonuses to both Lightning and Poison skills, with a 5% bonus to each. This can be particularly useful for characters who specialize in Lightning or Poison attacks, as the bonuses can increase the damage output and effectiveness of these skills.

Rainbow Facet jewels can be socketed into equipment like weapons, armor, and helms, providing a powerful bonus to the character's elemental damage. However, whether or not Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 is good depends on the character build and playstyle.

For example, if you are playing an Amazon character who specializes in Lightning Fury, the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 can be very effective. The bonus to Lightning skills can increase the damage dealt by Lightning Fury, while the bonus to Poison skills can add some additional damage.

Overall, Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 is a useful and valuable item in D2R, and it can be effective in certain character builds that specialize in Lightning or Poison attacks.

How To Get Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Hell Difficulty Level: Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 can only drop in the Hell difficulty level, so players will need to progress through the game and defeat the final bosses on this difficulty level in order to have a chance of finding one.

  • Uber Tristram: Uber Tristram is a secret level that can be accessed by assembling the keys and organs obtained from certain bosses throughout the game. Uber Tristram has a chance to drop Rainbow Facet jewels, including Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5.

  • Diablo Clone: The Diablo Clone is a special boss that can be summoned by players who have sold enough SoJ (Stone of Jordan) rings in a specific game. The Diablo Clone has a chance to drop Rainbow Facet jewels, including Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5.

  • Lower Kurast: The chests in Lower Kurast have a chance to drop high-level runes and unique jewels, including Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5.

  • Trading: If you cannot find a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death 5-5 through farming, you can try trading with other players. You can trade items or runes with other players to obtain the jewel you need.

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