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Rainbow Facet-Lightning /Death Random
Rainbow Facet-Lightning
/Death Random


Price 0.76 USD

What is Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random in Diablo 2 Resurrected & What Makes It Different?

Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random is another type of Rainbow Facet jewel in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Like other Rainbow Facets, it can be socketed into a piece of equipment to provide a bonus to lightning damage and reduce the enemy's resistance to lightning. However, it also has a chance to cast the Death Sentry skill on hit, just like the Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random.

The main difference between the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random and the Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random is the type of elemental damage that it provides a bonus to. While the Rainbow Facet-Fire/Death Random provides a bonus to fire damage, the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random provides a bonus to lightning damage. This makes it a better choice for builds that focus on lightning-based attacks rather than fire-based attacks.

Additionally, the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random may be more useful in certain areas of the game where enemies are particularly susceptible to lightning damage, such as the Chaos Sanctuary or the Throne of Destruction. However, as with all Rainbow Facets, whether or not the Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random is a good choice for your build and playstyle will depend on a variety of factors, including your other equipment, skills, and attributes.

Best Places or Ways to Get Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random in D2R

Rainbow Facets are rare jewels in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and finding the specific type of Rainbow Facet that you want, such as a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random, can be challenging. Here are some of the best places or ways to get Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random in D2R:

Farming Bosses: Rainbow Facets can drop from any monster in the game, but bosses and elite monsters have a higher chance of dropping them. Some good places to farm for Rainbow Facets include the Worldstone Keep, the Throne of Destruction, and the Chaos Sanctuary. These areas are particularly good for finding Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random due to the high number of lightning-based enemies.

Trading with Other Players: If you're having trouble finding a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random, trading with other players may be your best bet. You can use the in-game trade channel or visit online trading forums to find other players who are looking to trade or sell their Rainbow Facets.

Gambling: Another way to get Rainbow Facets is through gambling. You can gamble for jewels with the Horadric Cube by transmuting a rare D2 item with four magical properties and one jewel. While the odds of getting a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random are low, it's still possible to get lucky and find one this way.

Crafting: You can also try to craft a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random by using the Horadric Cube to combine a Perfect Amethyst with a Magic Jewel and a Chipped Topaz. While this method is also unlikely to result in a Rainbow Facet-Lightning/Death Random, it's still worth trying if you have the resources and are looking for a specific type of Rainbow Facet.

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