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Perfect Topaz

Perfect Topaz

Perfect TopazPerfect Topaz
Clvl Required 18

+1-40 Lightning Damage
+24% chance to find magical items
+40% Lightning Resistance
Perfect Topaz


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    Stone of JordanRequired Level: 29+1 To All SkillsIncrease Maximum Mana 25%*Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage+20 To Mana(Spawns In Any Patch)If you compare the total plus mana you get from wearing a griffins with a surround in it that gives you +5% to maximum mana versus a griffins with a perfect sapphire, it's the same idea as a perfect topaz and a helmet versus an estrone
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    Perfect topaz is highly required for a magic find at the Ladder start
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    So as most people know because everybody has used this at some point in their life, this helm has two to all skills, it's got one and a half points to life and mana based upon character level, 50% better magic find, physical damage reduced by 10% and 2 to each attribute, this helmet is almost always socketed and then stuck with a perfect topaz to get that magic find even higher
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    He has plus 30 strength, so he can actually wield his ethereal colossus vulge, you know at least he'll be able to use it until he levels up a little bit and you could take off the helmet, and you know he can use it on his own, there are also some very interesting uses for low-level characters, for instance, if you wanted to just make a little character who could really just roll through content finding a nice four-socket bow and just giving them literally a perfect sapphire, a perfect topaz, a perfect ruby, and a perfect emerald literally gives them a multi-spectral damage type of basically all the elements

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