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Stormshield [Uniques Items]

Stormshield Defense: (136-504) - (151-519) (varies)(Base Defense: 133-148)
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 156
Chance to Block: Pal: 77%, Ama/Asn/Bar: 72%, Dru/Nec/Sor: 67%
Paladin Smite Damage: 12 To 34
+ (3.75 Per Character Level) 3-371 Defense (Based On Character Level)
+25% Increased Chance Of Blocking
35% Faster Block Rate
Damage Reduced By 35%
Cold Resist +60%
Lightning Resist +25%
+30 To Strength
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)


Price 0.61 USD

What is Stormshield in Diablo 2 Resurrected & Is It Good?

Stormshield is a unique Monarch shield in Diablo 2 Resurrected that is known for its high damage reduction, block rate, and resistance bonuses. It is considered one of the best shields in the game for its defensive capabilities and is particularly effective against physical attacks.

Stormshield has a 35% chance to block, which is the highest possible block chance for any shield in the game. It also provides a massive 35-45% damage reduction against physical attacks, making it an excellent choice for tanky characters who want to mitigate incoming damage. Additionally, Stormshield provides resistance bonuses to fire, cold, and lightning damage, which can be useful against elemental attacks.

Overall, Stormshield is a very good shield in Diablo 2 Resurrected, particularly for tanky characters who want to focus on defense. While it does not provide any offensive bonuses, its high block rate and damage reduction make it an incredibly effective defensive item. It is a popular item for Hardcore characters, who need to be particularly cautious about taking damage.

How to Use Stormshield for Assassin in D2R?

Stormshield is a unique Monarch shield in Diablo 2 Resurrected that is particularly effective against physical attacks, making it a good choice for Assassins who want to focus on defense. Here are a few tips on how to use it effectively:

Maximize Block Rate: Stormshield has a high chance to block attacks, so you should invest in skills and items that increase your block rate even further. Skills like Claw Mastery and Weapon Block can provide significant bonuses to your block rate, while items like Ravenfrost ring can further increase your chance to block.

Use Mind Blast: Mind Blast is a powerful Assassin skill that can stun enemies and make them more vulnerable to attacks. It can also be used to distract enemies, allowing you to move around the battlefield more easily.

Use Venom: Venom is another Assassin skill that can be useful when using Stormshield. It allows you to add poison damage to your attacks, which can be particularly effective against enemies with high physical resistance.

Boost Your Resistance: Stormshield provides resistance bonuses to fire, cold, and lightning damage, but it is still important to invest in other items and skills that can increase your resistance against other types of damage. Look for items with high resistance bonuses, such as the Spirit Ward unique shield or items with resistance affixes.

Use Fade: Fade is an Assassin skill that can provide significant bonuses to your defense and resistance against all types of damage. It can be particularly effective when combined with Stormshield, as it allows you to mitigate even more damage.

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