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D2R Pandemonium Event Guide: How to Get Hellfire Torch & How to Get Keys for Pandemonium Event
7/8/2023 5:49:43 PM

We have enjoyed 4 seasons in Diablo 2, each season brought new items, features, mechanics, new character builds, and even new quests. But one of the most challenging quests of D2R has to be the Pandemonium Event, a rewarding endgame encounter that tests the mettle of players. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Pandemonium Event, exploring its mechanics, rewards, and strategies to conquer the chaos that awaits.

What is the Pandemonium Event in D2R?

The Pandemonium Event is possibly the hardest quest in Diablo 2 Resurrected. You have to collect keys, find portals and fight different enemies to ultimately face off against a trio of strong and scary bosses, known as the Uber Tristram trio: Uber Diablo, Uber Baal, and Uber Mephisto. These formidable adversaries possess enhanced abilities and deadly attacks, making them a true test of skill and strategy for even the most seasoned Diablo 2 veterans.

How to Complete & Unlock Pandemonium Event?

To gain access to the Pandemonium Event, players must collect the 3 "keys" dropped by 3 powerful Act Bosses: the Key of Terror (Andariel), the Key of Hate (Duriel), and the Key of Destruction (Mephisto). Collecting these keys is no easy task, as the Act Bosses have been infused with additional power and pose a greater challenge than their regular encounters.

Here’s how to get D2R pandemonium event keys:

- Key of Terror: You have to defeat Countess and obtain this key as a drop from her. You can find her in Act 1 on the fifth tower of the Forgotten Towers in Black Marsh.

- Key of Hate: Defeat the Summoner to get this key. You can find the Summoner in Act 2 at one of the four points in Arcane Sanctuary.

- Key of Destruction: Defeat Nihlathak to get this key. You can find him in Act 5. You can use Anya’s portal in Harrogath to enter the Halls of Vaught. He will be at the lowest level of the three halls.

Once the keys have been obtained, players can combine them in the Horadric Cube to create a portal to Uber Tristram. This sinister location is a twisted version of the original Tristram, featuring a haunting atmosphere that befits the intense battles that lie ahead.

The Pandemonium Event Mechanics

Upon entering the Pandemonium Event portal, players face a series of dynamic encounters against the Uber bosses. Each boss fight is more challenging than its regular counterpart, with increased stats and potentially deadly new abilities. Strategic gameplay, coordination, and robust character builds are crucial to overcoming these formidable foes.

Pandemonium Event Rewards & How to Obtain Hellfire Torch in Diablo 2?

The main reward for completing the Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event is the Hellfire Torch, a one-of-a-kind special large charm that can only be obtained by completing the Diablo 2 Pandemonium Event.

The Hellfire Torch unique large charm has the following stats:

  • +10-20 to All Attributes

  • All Resistances +10-20

  • +3 to random character class skills

  • 25% Chance to Cast level 10 Firestorm on Striking

  • Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)

  • +8 to light radius

  • Required Level: 75

Can You Solo Pandemonium Event Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Yes, it can be done solo with Smite Paladin, the most recommended class to do the Pandemonium Event single player.


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