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D2R Super Chest Guide: Locations, Items, Drop Rate & How to Find
7/11/2023 4:37:48 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, super chests are rarer than normal chests and have a higher chance to farm high runes. In this article, we are going to list all available super chests in D2R, and also introduce the locations, items, and drop rates. 

D2R Super Chest

List of Super Chests in Diablo 2 Resurrected

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the super chest is popular for farming, they can drop much more items than the golden chest, unique items are not available, and no magic find works here, but the number of players will affect the drop rate, depending on the area, very high D2 runes are possible, you can get the maximum rune drops in Nightmare and Hell. 

Act 1:

Blood Moor to Tamoe Highland: Houses

Mausoleum, Crypt, Tower Cellar 1-4: Patterns with many pillars

Catacombs: Square-shaped rooms in the bottom right corner (elite/champions)

Act 2:

Desert Areas, especially Lost City: Ruins with 3 entrances next to each other

Maggot Lair: Dead ends (more rarely at the exits)

Arcane Sanctuary: at each end where the summoner is not

Act 3:

Lower Kurast: Campfire houses (2 fires possible, 3 super chests at each

Upper Kurast: Temples (stairs to the top left), small houses with front yard

Durance of Hate 3: In the middle at the border behind Mephisto

Act 4:

River of Flame: Short headland pointing to the top left

D2R Super Chest Locations - How to Find Hidden Chest Chests in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Super chests are always found in the same area in the game, below are detailed D2R super chest locations pointed out by Mount Arreat.

- In Act 1, they can appear on all green areas from the Blood Moor to the Tamoe Highlands whenever you find a house with a bat in it, and there is a chest in or in front of the house, this is a super chest, there are also possibly some in the map's Mausoleum, Crypt, and Tower Cellar are Level 1 to 4, always on those map patterns that contain a lot of pillars, these places can be found at dead ends, straight passages curves and crossings, there is no guarantee that there will be such a map pattern, it just depends on if the randomly generated map has such components or not, so chests are always bound to certain map structures where they can appear in the catacombs, there are sometimes super chests, you have to watch out for the square rooms that appear in the corner at the bottom right and usually contain an Elite or Champion group.

- In Act 2, super chests can appear in the desert areas anywhere you can find ruins, especially in the lost city, you can recognize it by the three entries right next to each other, if there is a crate, there is also a super chest. In the Maggot Lair, you can often find two crates at the dead end, sometimes it's a super chest less often, they can be placed directly beside the exit to the next level. In the Arcane Sanctuary, you can find three super chests at each end where there is no summoner, that's a total of nine.

- In Act 3, Lower Kurast is the most popular, you can find them at the campfire, there are sometimes two campfires on the same map, so you have the chance of up to 6 super chests in a relatively small area. Many people do not know an Upper Kurast super chests can occur at exactly Temple structures where the stairs lead up to the top left regardless of whether there is actually an entrance to the interior or not. In addition, there are also such small rectangular houses in Upper Kurast, which are built on a small stony socket and have a front garden, super chests can spawn here. In the Durance of Hate level 3, a super chest just behind Mephisto in the middle at the border you should always open it when killing Mephisto.

- In Act 4, super chests can appear in the River of Flame at small Headlands or at dead ends, but they are very rare.

D2R Super Chest Drops, Items & Rates

The dropping mechanic of the super chest is different than that of a regular chest, a super chest can drop up to four Diablo 2 Resurrected items at a time, and if the first drop in the batch is not a magic or rare item, it is going to continue dropping up to 10 more items, which makes it can drop up to 44 items or 48 items if it is locked. In addition, super chests have 65534 possible possibilities in terms of the items, and a total of 131,072 drop patterns, it may contain high runes. 

When it comes to the drop rate, super chests have a 5% chance to drop rare items and a 95% chance to drop magic items, there is a 1:2200 chance for a rune every time you pop a chest.