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Shadow Bow[4S & 13-14 ED]

Shadow Bow[4 Sockets & 13-14 ED] [Runewords(Bases)]

Sale [4 Sockets ]
Sale [+13-14 EDmg]

Shadow Bow [Runewords(Bases)]

Ichorsting 2H damage: 15-59
Base speed: [0]
Class speed: Ama, Asn, B, D, P, S - Fast
N - Normal
Req Strength: 52
Req Dexterity: 188
Req level: 47
Quality level: 63
Max sockets: 5
Shadow Bow
[4S & 13-14 ED]


Price 2.42 USD

What is Shadow Bow[4S & 13-14 ED] in Diablo 2 Resurrected & What is It Used for?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, a Shadow Bow with the affix "4S & 13-14 ED" is a rare and valuable item that provides two different bonuses:

"4S" stands for "Socketed (4)", which means the bow has four sockets that can be used to enhance its properties with gems, runes, or jewels.

"13-14 ED" stands for "Enhanced Damage", which means the bow will deal 13-14% more physical damage. This bonus applies to all attacks made with the bow.

In other words, a Shadow Bow with the "4S & 13-14 ED" affix is a powerful weapon that can be further enhanced with additional gems, runes, or jewels. It is used primarily by ranged-focused character builds, such as Amazons or Bowazon Assassins, to deal physical damage from a distance.

The combination of four sockets and enhanced damage affix makes this item highly desirable and valuable to players. The four sockets allow for a wide variety of customization options, including adding additional damage, elemental damage, life or mana steal, or other helpful attributes.

Overall, a Shadow Bow with the "4S & 13-14 ED" affix is a valuable item that is highly sought after by ranged-focused character builds. If you have one, it can be a great addition to your gear setup and can greatly enhance your character's effectiveness in combat.

Best Places or Ways to Get Shadow Bow[4S & 13-14 ED] in D2R

Shadow Bows with the "4S & 13-14 ED" affix are rare and valuable Diablo 2 items. Here are a few ways to obtain them:

Gambling: You can gamble for a Shadow Bow by visiting Gheed in Act 1 and using the Gambling feature. Gambling can be an expensive and unreliable method, but it can be a good way to obtain Shadow Bows if you have a lot of gold to spend.

Farming: Shadow Bows can drop from monsters and bosses throughout the game. Some good areas to farm for Shadow Bows include the Pit, Ancient Tunnels, and the Chaos Sanctuary. You can also farm bosses like Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal for a chance at better loot drops.

Trading: If you have other valuable items that you don't need, you can trade them with other players for a Shadow Bow. This can be a good way to obtain Shadow Bows with specific affixes without having to rely on random drops.

Crafting: You can craft a Shadow Bow by combining a Normal Bow, a Lum Rune, a Pul Rune, and an Amn Rune in the Horadric Cube. This can be a good way to obtain a Shadow Bow with specific affixes, but it requires a significant investment of time and resources.

Obtaining a Shadow Bow with the "4S & 13-14 ED" affix can be challenging, but there are several ways to acquire them. By combining different methods and being persistent, you can increase your chances of obtaining the bow you need to optimize your gear setup in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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Shadow Bow[4S & 15 ED]
9.68 USD
4.84 USD
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