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Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 15 ED ]

Giant Thresher[4 Sockets & ETH & 15ED ] [Runewords(Bases)]

Sale [4 Sockets]
Sale [ETH]
Sale [15 EDmg]

Giant Thresher [Runewords(Bases)]

Ichorsting 2H damage: 40-114
Base speed: -10
Class speed: D - Very Fast
N, P, S - Fast
Ama, Asn, B - Normal
Adds range: 4
Durability: 55
Req Strength: 188
Req Dexterity: 140
Req level: 66
Quality level: 85
Max sockets: 6
Giant Thresher
[4S & ETH & 15 ED ]


Price 95.93 USD

What Can Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 15 ED ] Do In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Giant Thresher with 4 sockets, Ethereal and 15% Enhanced Damage is a highly sought-after weapon in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The Ethereal property means that the weapon will never lose durability and the 15% Enhanced Damage increases its overall damage output. The 4 sockets provide a lot of flexibility for adding sockets through the Horadric Cube, such as adding additional damage or elemental damage, or even adding a high-level runeword to the weapon. With the right runes and jewels, the Giant Thresher can become a very powerful weapon for many different builds.

What Is The Best Class For Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 15 ED ] In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

The best class for using the Giant Thresher [4S & ETH & 15 ED] in Diablo 2 Resurrected would be the Amazon or the Barbarian. The Amazon can benefit from the high attack speed of the Giant Thresher, while the Barbarian can take advantage of the high damage output and the durability provided by the ethereal and 4 sockets.

How To Get Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 15 ED ] In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

D2R Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 15 ED ] can drop as random loot from monsters or chests in the game, but the chances of finding one with specific attributes such as 4 sockets, ethereal, and 15% enhanced damage are very low.

One way to increase your chances of finding this item is by farming high-level areas such as the Pit, Ancient Tunnels, or the Worldstone Keep in Hell difficulty. Another option is to trade with other players who may have the item you are looking for.

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Giant Thresher[4S & ETH]
2.82 USD
1.41 USD
Giant Thresher[6S & ETH]
2.82 USD
1.41 USD
Giant Thresher[4S & ETH & 10-14 ED ]
19.28 USD
9.64 USD
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