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Magic Jewels[20 Mana & -15% Reqs]
Magic Jewels
[20 Mana & -15% Reqs]


Price 17.75 USD

What Is Magic Jewel [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] & How Does It Work In D2R?

D2R Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] provide specific bonuses to your character's mana pool and item requirements.
  • 20 Mana: This attribute adds +20 to your character's maximum mana pool. It increases the amount of mana you have available for casting spells, using skills, or activating magical abilities. This can be particularly useful for characters that heavily rely on mana-intensive abilities or for those who want to have a larger mana reserve for prolonged battles or using multiple skills.

  • -15% Reqs: This attribute reduces the requirements of equipped items by 15%. Item requirements typically include attributes like strength, dexterity, and level requirements. By reducing the requirements, it allows your character to equip items that have higher attribute or level prerequisites than they would normally be able to meet. This can be beneficial for characters looking to use powerful gear that would otherwise be beyond their current capabilities.

Magic Jewels with these attributes can be valuable for various character builds in D2R. The "20 Mana" attribute provides additional mana pool, which can benefit spellcasting classes like Sorceresses or Paladins. The "-15% Reqs" attribute allows characters to equip higher-level or attribute-restricted items earlier than expected, which can be advantageous for any character build seeking to maximize their gear potential.

It's important to note that the "-15% Reqs" attribute only affects the requirements of the item it is socketed into and does not reduce the requirements of other equipped items. Additionally, the reduction is percentage-based, so the effect will vary depending on the base requirements of the item itself.

When socketing a Magic Jewel with "20 Mana" and "-15% Reqs" into an item, its effects are applied immediately. The item's mana bonus and the reduction in requirements will be active as long as the jewel remains socketed in the item.

Where Can I Find Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] In D2R?

  • Farming Monsters: Engage in monster farming in various areas of the game, such as boss runs, specific zones, or high-density monster areas. By defeating monsters, you have a chance to obtain Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] as random drops. Keep in mind that higher difficulty levels generally have better drop rates for higher-level jewels.

  • Chests and Containers: Explore different areas and open chests, urns, and other containers scattered throughout the game world. While the drop rate from containers is generally lower compared to monster drops, it's still possible to find Magic Jewels with the desired attributes.

  • Gambling: In Act 2, you can gamble for Magic Jewels with Gheed, a non-playable character located in the town of Lut Gholein. Gambling involves spending gold in exchange for a random item of a specific type, which can include jewels. Keep in mind that gambling does not guarantee specific attributes or item types, so it may require multiple attempts to obtain a Magic Jewel with the desired attributes.

  • Trading: Engage in player-to-player trading either through in-game trade channels, online trading forums, or dedicated Diablo II trading platforms. You can negotiate with other players who may have Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] and arrange trades using in-game items or currency.

How To Use Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs]

  • Obtain the Magic Jewel: Acquire a Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs] through drops, trading, or other means mentioned earlier.

  • Find Socketed Equipment: Look for equipment that has sockets available for jewel insertion. Socketed items can include weapons, shields, helmets, body armor, gloves, boots, or belts. The number of sockets an item can have depends on its type and quality.

  • Open the Socketed Item: Right-click on the socketed equipment to open its inventory window. This will display the available sockets where you can place jewels.

  • Insert the Magic Jewel: Drag and drop the Magic Jewel from your inventory into one of the empty sockets in the equipment's inventory window. The jewel will be placed into the socket, and its effects will be applied to the item.

  • Enjoy the Benefits: Once the Magic Jewel is socketed, the equipment will gain the bonuses of "20 Mana" and "-15% Reqs". The additional mana will increase your character's mana pool, allowing for more spellcasting and skill usage. The reduction in requirements will lower the attribute and level prerequisites for the equipped item, allowing your character to use it even if they don't meet the original requirements.

What Class Is Good For Magic Jewels [20 Mana & -15% Reqs]?

  • Sorceress: The Sorceress class heavily relies on mana for casting spells. The "20 Mana" attribute increases the maximum mana pool, allowing for more sustained spellcasting. The "-15% Reqs" attribute can be useful for reducing the requirements of high-level or attribute-restricted gear, enabling the Sorceress to equip powerful items earlier than usual.

  • Paladin: Paladins have a wide range of skills that require mana, such as offensive auras and Holy spells. The "20 Mana" attribute increases the mana pool, supporting the Paladin's spellcasting capabilities. The "-15% Reqs" attribute can be helpful in reducing the attribute or level requirements of specific gear, allowing the Paladin to wear higher-level equipment.

  • Necromancer: The Necromancer class utilizes mana for summoning and controlling minions, as well as casting spells like Bone Spear and Corpse Explosion. The "20 Mana" attribute provides additional mana reserves for sustained minion control and spellcasting. The "-15% Reqs" attribute can help the Necromancer meet the requirements of higher-level gear, enhancing their overall effectiveness.

  • Assassin: Assassins have a variety of skills that consume mana, particularly in the Martial Arts tree. The "20 Mana" attribute increases the mana pool, supporting the Assassin's ability to use these skills more frequently. The "-15% Reqs" attribute can help reduce the requirements of items, allowing the Assassin to equip gear with higher attribute prerequisites.

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