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Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res]

Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res]

Sale [+15% Increased Attack Speed]
Sale [+15% All Resistances]
Magic Jewels
[15%ias & 15%Res]


Price 19.28 USD

What Can Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res] Do In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Magic Jewels with the affixes "+15% Increased Attack Speed" and "+15% All Resistances" are valuable items in Diablo 2 Resurrected that can provide several useful benefits when socketed into gear.

+15% Increased Attack Speed: This affix increases the attack speed of the weapon that the Magic Jewel is socketed into. Increased attack speed allows the character to attack more quickly and deal more damage in a shorter amount of time. This can be especially useful for melee characters who rely on fast attacks to deal damage.

+15% All Resistances: This affix increases the character's resistance to all types of elemental damage (Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Poison) by 15%. This can help the character survive against enemies that deal elemental damage and make them more resistant to various forms of magical attacks.

When socketed into gear, Magic Jewels with these affixes can help increase the effectiveness of the character in combat and improve their survivability. They can be especially useful for characters who need to attack quickly or need to be resistant to elemental damage.

Where To Farm Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res] In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Cheap D2R Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res] can be difficult to find, as they are rare items that have a low chance of dropping. However, there are several areas in the game that are known for having a higher chance of dropping high-quality items like Magic Jewels.

Here are some areas that can be good for farming Magic Jewels with these affixes:

Act III - The Kurast Bazaar and the Spider Forest are both known for having a high chance of dropping valuable items like Magic Jewels. The areas are relatively small and have a high density of monsters, making them good areas to farm for items.

Act V - The Worldstone Keep and the Throne of Destruction are both high-level areas that have a high chance of dropping rare and valuable items like Magic Jewels. These areas can be challenging, but the rewards can be significant.

The Pit - The Pit is a level 1 area in the Tamoe Highland that is known for having a high monster density and a good chance of dropping high-quality items. It can be a good place to farm for Magic Jewels.

Chaos Sanctuary - The Chaos Sanctuary is a high-level area that can be accessed after completing Act IV. It is known for having a high chance of dropping valuable items, including Magic Jewels with useful affixes.

Cow Level - The Cow Level is a secret area that can be accessed by using a Portal to the Moo Moo Farm. It is known for having a high density of monsters and a good chance of dropping rare items like Magic Jewels.

It's important to note that finding Magic Jewels with these affixes can be a matter of luck and can take some time. It's best to focus on farming in areas that have a higher chance of dropping the diablo 2 resurrected items for sale, using Magic Find gear, and playing with more players to increase the chances of finding the item.

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