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Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide 2022 - 10 Best Methods & Tips To Make Gold In Lost Ark
8/5/2022 5:54:56 PM

Gold is required in Lost Ark, and there are several ways to earn it. Are you ready to ride to victory on a mountain of gold in Lost Ark? Today we're going to talk about the 10 best tips and methods to make gold in Lost Ark. 


Lost Ark Gold Making Guide 2022 - 10 Best Gold Farm Methods & Tips In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 1 - Abyssal Dungeon

Abyssal Dungeon is a great way to make gold. You can make 2 Abyssal Dungeons per week if you are not 1415 yet. Those Abyssal Dungeons have two difficulties. If you are 1340 you can do the easy mode and if you are 1370 you can make the hard mode. Easy mode will give you 600 gold for the first dungeon and 900 gold for the second. The hard mode will give you 900 gold for the first one and 1200 gold for the second. Even if this is a hard mode, this isn't hard. But you absolutely need to come with good stats and engravings at least. Otherwise, people will quit seeing your character and also you need to do the mechanics. Don't worry they are not hard. You can make 2100 gold per week and per character with two heart Abyssal Dungeon. 

However, only 6 characters can receive gold from this content. If you have 6 characters 1370, you will make a total of 12600 gold per week. In addition at the end of the dungeon, you have a personal loot that can give you a legendary class engraving, and also you have a shared loop that works with a bid system and this loot also gives a random legendary engraving. If there is a legendary engraving, don't let people have it for cheap. If the legendary engraving is 4k gold on the market, you can bid on it up to 3.5k gold easily. Simply because you will sell it for more after the dungeon. If you didn't get it that's not a problem. The gold of the bid is shared.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 2 - Affinity System

The affinity system can make extra gold but it is only one time. You can gain affinity with NPC characters by playing some song or doing emotes. Some NPC gives a lot of gold, for example, Sasha can give you 3500 gold. Also, you just need to search for a good NPC and that's it. You can also give some purple legendary and relic gifts if you want to increase your affinity with an NPC.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 3 - Field Boss

You can find field boss by watching your alarm events in the left corner of the screen. These field bosses can give you a lot of different things. For example, if you do Thunderwings, you can have one stone of chaos every time you will do it. These stones are used for increasing your relic gear quality. If you want to buy them, they cost a lot. Also, you allude to some relics accessories and with some rng maybe you have something good to sell. Legendary engravings are also lootable on-field boss. In addition, you can have solar graces and solar blessing, these mats are useful for your weapon which is something extra. You can only do one boss per day, so try to do the highest you can. You should fight Moake until you have the Omnium Star on it. Because Omnium Star is important, you can do the highest one. 


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 4 - Abysaal Raid Argos

Argos raid is a really good amount of gold per week. If you can do phase 3, you will receive 2700 gold per character. The trick is just to ask some friend to carry your all 1370 with his main and you will do the same for him. Next run you take an alt and you take your main to carry him. Even if you are 1385, you can do Argos phase 3. With the best Lost Ark gold farming tip, you can unlock more gold per week. Argos also loot Argos blood. If you dismantle them, you will gain a lot of great honor leap stones. 

You will need to create your own group for this, no pickup group and you need to take at least someone else doing some damage just in case your friend is dead for example. Legendary engravings are also lootable on all three phases and it is only class engraving. If you play blade for example surge or remaining energy cost 4k gold each minimum in this case this is not bad. For shadowhunter if you loot the perfect suppression instead of demonic impulse, you still get 2700 gold and that's the most important thing. 


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 5 - Legion Raids

Legion raids are really good in terms of farming gold in Lost Ark but also they are a lot of fun. Valtan easy mode is 3500 gold. If you don't take the chest and Valtan hard mode is 4500 gold also not taking the chest. You should take the chest until you have your first part of your relic gear then don't take it, it's not worth it. For Vykas it is also 4500 gold in hard mode if you don't take the chest and 3500 gold in easy mode. You can make two raids per character per week. 

If you have a roster of 6 characters 1460, you will do Valtan normal mode and Vykas normal mode. Be careful though, you can make only 6 characters per week for this content. It is the same mechanic as Abyssal Dungeons, only 6 characters can have gold per week. Legion raids are going to be the most gold income per week you will have.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 6 - Una Tasks

Una tasks can make an extra gold income per week. You can buy up to three chests every week from the gold vendor. Those chests can make you rich if you are lucky. You can have a giant gold bar inside which is 10k gold. But honestly, the chance to get this giant gold bar is 1-2%, so don't go too enthusiasts about that. However, you can make 3k gold surely per week because every chest contains a minimum of 1k gold. By the way, don't take small or medium chests, they are not worth, take directly the big one. The more you have, the more you can have in tokens. 

Just grind for extra in the tokens. If you want to complete this, you just need to do your weekly quest. The best thing you can do is 2 boss rush and 1 cube per week. If you like PVP you can also do the weekly, it gives a lot of great honor leapstone. Boss rush is pretty easy to do only 15 waves. You can go there and pick up groups, this is absolutely no problem.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 7 - Anguished Island

This island is really good because here you have a vendor which sells 2 legendary class engravings. If you already have those legendary engraving and you can still sell those too. For someone who start the game recently, you can sell them directly because you will need them more later. By the time you get there, you will have more money. This is just an extra goal for you. If you play shadowhunter, you will need to do the dungeon here. Because it can loot the omnium star and with 5 omnium stars you can have a legendary wealth rune.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 8 - Chaos Dungeon

Chaos dungeons can also make golds. Yellow portals will give you some gold depending on the level of the chaos dungeon. Red portals will give you tripod items, a lot of gold, and gems. It is a real boss you need to defeat. You can also sell tripods from the chaos directly, they are in demand. Especially if you have 2 tripods important on 1 item. Those can sell for a lot of money. If you don't have the tripod on your gear, keep it for you.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 9 - Gems

Gems are actually really worth it, you can sell them for a good amount of gold. The trick is to reroll a gem with silver and if you are lucky, you can get a plus value on your gem. the goal here is to reroll the gym with silver and try to get a better one than sell it on the market. Try this Lost Ark gold farming method sometimes but don't abuse it because it cost a lot of silver.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Method 10 - Chaos Gate

Chaos gate is our daily event, you can do them once per day if they are available. You can see when there is one coming on the left corner of your screen with an event alarm. Those gates are a great way for making extra gold daily. You have a boss to defeat at the end. This boss can loot maps. You need to do those maps in a group before the map patch. It was mandatory to make maps one by one. But recent changes have been made that you can now make 4 maps at once when you are in a group of 4 players. 

Maps can be the different colors: blue, purple, and orange which is legendary. There is also a relic map but the chance to get it is 1%. If you have some luck, you elude a legendary one. If you looted one after the chaos gate, you just need to ask players in zone chat to make your map if they have the same map as yours. You can also upgrade your maps when you go to the map exchange NPC. Every loot that you get inside those maps is sellable. You will get solar grace, and solar protection, but also you have a chance to loot a legendary engraving. 


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