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Lost Ark Pheons Farming Guide - How To Get 125 Free Pheons In Lost Ark
9/22/2022 10:16:36 AM

Pheons are an important currency in Lost Ark. How to get some free pheons then? In this Lost Ark pheons coins farming guide, we are showing you the best ways to get 125 pheons for free. 


Lost Ark Pheon Coins Farming Guide - How To Get 125 Free Pheons In Lost Ark

If you haven’t gotten to the endgame and tried to gear up your character or buy any equipment from the auction house, you will probably be thinking what are pheons? Getting pheons in Lost Ark is crucial. In the current state of the economy, this is a must-know in Lost Ark. So you can at least build your main character or maybe your main alt. To put it in real-life terms, pheons are like taxes. It’s an additional currency you have to pay whenever you receive equipment, accessories, or avatars from a character of your own. Next, check the method to get free pheon coins in Lost Ark.


Amethyst Shard Exchange

Every city will have an Amethyst Shard Vendor, these are the things that you get for watching twitch streams for getting drops. They have a bunch of stuff but the thing that you are focusing on here is pheons. You're able to get 125 pheons completely for free. You just have to spend your amethyst shards. There are a couple of things that are important to mention if you do decide to spend these amethyst shards on pheons. The first is that this is a version of The Prestige shop. What is that? In Korea when you spend money in the in-game cash shop, there is a Prestige shop that has special skins and emotes and we don't have it in the west. We have the Amethyst Shard Vendor, but the things that exist in Korea are in this shop now, we don't have everything that they have. But it is possible that perhaps in the future they add skins to this and whenever and they kind of expand it a little bit more to bring us some stuff that's from Korea.


Get Amethyst Shard

The truth is that there is no way to farm amethyst shards you get it from drops and then you get it from adding 50 friends to your friend's list. But that is pretty much the only source of amethyst shard. You pretty much have to wait for twitch drops. So if you decide to spend them here and they add something later that you won't be aware that you will not be able to get it right away. You're going to have to wait and save up. Honestly with the current blue crystal prices getting 125 pheons is massive. Because that's really the cost of like building a character


Pheon Vendor Tips

Another important thing to mention is if you want to knock the whale skin for your ship that comes from Notos Orka Ship Skin. If you want to get the extra pet tricks the little emo so your pets can do, this comes from Pet Trick: Trick as well. If you want the Nineveh & Yom Emotion Pack, then you do have to save for those. And the Gold Combat Wolf if you want to use this wolf mount or if you just want the wolf title, you will have to save your shards for that. Or you just want the pheons. The reason why need to be very aware of what else there is on the vendor is that we don't know what's coming to this vendor in the future. There is no way to farm amethyst shard. This is literally the TTV currency. 


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