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Best Lost Ark Scouter Build: Engravings, Cards, Skills, Stats & Gameplay for Highest DPS Machinist Build
9/21/2022 11:33:21 AM

Follow us to go through the full explanation of the Lost Ark Scouter (Machinist) build, covering abilities, awakening skills, engravings, gems, stats, and cards to use for this highest DPS Machinist PvE build in Lost Ark, as well as the PvE gameplay and skill rotation. 

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Best Lost Ark Scouter Build - Stats, Skills, Engravings, Cards, Gameplay, and More for Highest DPS Machinist Build

This Lost Ark Machinist build by KaidGames2 can help you get the best results and highest damage possible, whether the gear score of your character is low or high, you can easily use this Scouter build. 

Machinist, commonly known as Scouter, is an advanced gunner class that makes you technically play two characters at the same time, so you can use drone skills while casting gun skills, but then you can't cast skills that are drone and gun combined. So there are two ways to play this class and the highest damage way is to focus on the drone play style, at the end game we'll be using the Arthetinean Skill engraving which will increase our drone and joint skill damage by 25%, then on top of that we will get a plus 10% movement speed and another plus 20% when the drones are attached to you, so if you are looking for the best leveling build in Chaos Dungeon or any other PB content build, there's the one for you.

Leveling Scouter (Machinist) Build 

At level 50, you will get around 268 points, and here is your leveling machinist/scouter build. At the start, you can use the 268-point build and by leveling up and completing quests, you will get more points, keep on improving your skills and get higher-tier runes and gems as well. 

Bullet Hail - level 4

Command: Baby Drones - level 10

Command: Raid Missile - level 10

Annihilation Mode - level 10

Strategic Fire - level 7

Mobile Shot - level 4

Avalanche - level 10 

Energy Buster - level 10

lost ark scouter (machinist) build

Endgame Scouter (Machinist) Build 

Doing more endgame content will make you get more points, when you have 404 skill points, this is your endgame machinist/scouter build. 

- Use level 7 Bullet Hail to unlock Fighting Spirit Enhancement and Battery Charge, go with the cooldown reduction gem (Farsea) and Bleed rune. 

- Use level 12 Command: Baby Drones to unlock Vital Point Attack, Thunder Baby, and Roundup Attack, go with both cooldown reduction (Farsea) and damage increase (Azure) gems, and Quick Recharge rune. 

- Use level 12 Command: Raid Missile to unlock Battery Discharge, Organ Missile, and Weak Point Detection, go with both gems and Conviction rune. 

- Use level 12 Annihilation Mode to unlock Weak Point Detection, Reformation and Comrade, go with both gems and Galewind rune. 

- Use level 10 Strategic Fire to unlock Weak Point Detection, Preheated Shot, and Evolved Shot, go with none of the gems, and Judgment rune. 

- Use level 10 Mobile Shot to unlock Solid Maneuver, Flash Shot, and Additional Maneuver, go with cooldown reduction gem (Farsea) and Rage rune. 

- Use level 10 Avalanche to unlock Weak Point Detection, Zero Degree Aim, and Concise Finish, go with cooldown reduction gem (Farsea), and Quick Recharge rune. 

- Use level 12 Energy Buster to unlock Skilled Defender, Flame Buster, and Meltdown, go with both gems and Galewind rune.

Scouter (Machinist) Stats and Awakening

After level 50, you want to get the Command: Final Explosion for your awakening skill, and focus on equipping as high item level gear as you can, then at the endgame you should have 1250 crit and 550 swiftness, if you have more or fewer points than this, try to have around 70 stats into crit and 30 stats into swiftness.

Scouter (Machinist) Build Engravings

For the best engraving setup of this scouter build in Lost Ark, the priority is the first three engravings. 

- Arthetinean Skill: this will increase your drone and joint skill damage by 25%, +10% movement speed, and another +20% when the drones are attached to the character, drones give the highest damage to this class. 

- Raid Captain: this will give us +45% outgoing damage of the basic movement speed, a really nice damage increase.

- Keen Blunt Weapon: this will increase crit damage by 50%, which is a massive damage increase, but your attacks have a chance to deal 20% less normal damage.

- Hit Master: this will increase damage by 16%, increasing drone damage by 16 is a pretty op buff.

- Cursed Doll: this will increase attack power by 16%, and healing by 25%.

- Grudge: this is a more advanced engraving that is recommended for tier 3 content, it is the most efficient in craving against bosses and you will get your damage increased, but in return, you will take 20 more damage. So when you get to the T3 content, before using it, get it to at least level 2. 

Scouter (Machinist) Build Cards

You want to get the Shandi, Azena and Inanna, Nineweh, Wei, Balthorr, and Thirain. These cards are an endgame system for maximizing your character, you don't have to get them early on, but these cards will optimize your damage output in PvE, Light of Salvation was the best and most optimized card set. 

Scouter (Machinist) Build Gameplay

The first ability to use is the Bullet Hail, the skill will make your character aim forwards 9 times while doing a bunch of damage and recharging your battery by 24. The next ability Command Baby Drones will make your drones that will explode right into the enemy and deal a lot of damage. The Command Raid Missile will make your drones fire sticks missiles that each do massive damage and knock the enemies away, then the Annihilation Mode skill will instantly summon a drone that back to back will fire at the enemies age 90 degrees that your character turns, it will fire two more times and inflict a bunch of them damage when you use the Strategic Fire skill, the character will enter a sitting position that will aim forward stealing a bunch of damage for 15 seconds while recharging the battery by 75, you can use the skill to obtain the reloading buff as well. Moving over to the Mobile Shot, it will make the character roll 6 meters and you can use it to make the character shoot 5 times while inflicting damage and recharging the battery. All of the yellow skills will give a chance to receive the reloading buff. Avalanche skill will make the character brush forwards and do damage while pressing the skill additionally will perform quick combos for more damage, and then the last final hit will do the highest damage from all three shots. The last one Energy Buster will instantly summon a drone that turns into the machine, you can attach him to the character's arm and once he is charged, you can release him to do big damage and knock back the enemies.

Scouter (Machinist) Skill Rotation

Both of them will start with the same three skills, but one rotation focuses more on weaker enemies and then the second rotation is meant more for raids and when you are fighting a boss or other strong enemies. 

The order of the highest damage rotation is Bullet Hail -> Mobile Shot -> Command Raid Missile -> Avalanche -> Command Baby Drones -> Strategic Fire.

The second rotation is Bullet Hail -> Mobile Shot -> Command Raid Missile -> Avalanche -> Annihilation Mode -> Mobile Shot -> Command Raid Missile -> Strategic Fire -> Energy Buster

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