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Lost Ark Event Guardian Raid Guide 2023 - Raid Rotations, Rewards, Tips & Make Gold
5/19/2023 11:41:43 AM

We got a new Event Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. It's actually a really fun event there will be two normal Guardians and then an attacker Guardian. In this Lost Ark Event Guardian Raid guide 2023, we talk about the raid rotations, rewards, tips, and how to make gold.


Lost Ark Guardian Raid Event 2023 - Raid Rotations, Rewards, Tips & Make Gold In Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the Event Guardian Raid is a group activity in which players work together to take down three different raid guardians on a single battlefield. Time: 11 a.m. until 10:40 a.m. the next day. At least level 50 in combat. For items with a level lower than 250, matchmaking is unavailable. Performers needed: 1–4.  You may only participate in this event once per roster each day to earn incentives. Any other characters you try it on will not be eligible for the benefits. The event may be repeated as much as you desire, but you won't earn any more prizes for doing so.

Lost Ark Event Guardian Raid Rotations

If you come over to the event Guardian, there are different Gardens rotating every single day throughout the week and they are the same every week.

Monday - No Idea, No Lost Ark On Monday

Tuesday - Chromonium, Dark Lego, Urnil

Wednesday - Caligos, Calvasus, Leog

Thursday - Deskaluda, Tylatos

Friday - Nacrasena, Vertus, Frost Helgaia

Saturday - Helgaia, Lumerus, Urnil

Sunday - Deskaluda, Nightfox

The boss fight will not be there as soon as the event starts. For example, when you start attacking one of these Guardians, the Crimson attacker will come down and that's when you need to focus your attacks on him. Because when you stagger him, he's going to drop a bunch of orbs that make your cooldowns quicker, make you move faster, make you do tons of damage, and every time you stagger him, he drops more of those orbs. So you get to be doing ridiculous damage so it's actually a lot of fun.


Lost Ark Event Guardians Rewards

If you're having trouble finding Lost Ark rewards on the map, then all you need to do is look for the little pink event exchange vendor. There are special sales and all the normal sales that you can use your tokens on. So you get 250 of these tokens each time you do this and you can do it on every single character once per day. If you have a roster of six, you can definitely do this six times and get that 1500 or 1550 tokens per day. So you can get a lot of tokens really quick if you have multiple characters.

Special Sales

1. Legendary Card Pack

2. Menelik’s Tome Card Pack

3. Relic Rapport Selection Chest

4. Pheon

5. Chonky Cat Head Selection Chest

6. Weasel Pet Selection Chest


Honing Materials

Metallurgy: Applied Welding (Limited Time)

Tailoring: Applied Mending (Limited Time)

Metallurgy: Advanced Welding (Limited Time)

Tailoring: Advanced Mending (Limited Time)

Metallurgy: Expert Welding (Limited Time)

Tailoring: Expert Mending (Limited Time)

Honing Support Selection Chest

Honing Shard Selection Chest

Honing Leapstone Selection Chest III

Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch

Crystallized Guardian Stone Pouch


Epic Rapport Selection Chest

Una Instant Complete Ticket

Una’s Task [Daily] + 1 (Instant Use)

Bloodclaw’s Shimmering Coin

Sailing Coin Selection Chest

Creation Fragment

Legendary - Rare Card Pack

Regulu’s Light Currency Chest

Leap’s Essence


Magick Society Shine Reagent

Magick Society Pattern Reagent

Magick Society Dye Reagent

Ancient Gold Coin

Magick Powder

Lost Ark Event Guardians Tips

The invader is one of the three raid guardians that wanders the area and often appears while players are engaged in combat with another guardian. After a brief interval, this guardian takes to the air and disappears every time it is staggered (certain guardians need Destruction / Weak Point to be staggered).

When the mobile guardian is stunned, all players get one stack of each of the following benefits, up to a maximum of three stacks per player:

At maximum stacks (three), Enhanced Speed may reduce skill cooldown by up to 70% and enhance attack and movement speed by up to 40%.

Increases MP recovery by a greater amount with each layer of Enhanced Recovery, and reduces skill costs by up to 30% at three stacks.

Stacks of "Physical Enhancement" may increase your attack power by up to +800%, your stagger damage by up to +500%, and your crit rate by up to +60%.

The mobile guardian is not shown on the minimap while flares are used.

Once the stationary guards have been vanquished, the minimap will indicate the location of the mobile guardian.

Challenge Guardian Raid makes use of the same included preset as Event Guardian Raid.

Every day, a different manager is in charge.

How To Make Gold From Lost Ark Event Guardians

It’s said that Tuesdays give you 1.5x the Lost Ark coins not sure if true or false. On Sundays, you get 250 coins, so do all your characters on Sunday! Kill Nightfox all the time!


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