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Lost Ark Updated Sorceress Build Updates - Updated Casting Reflux Sorc Build
3/30/2023 11:46:18 AM

Just want to share with you, a quick Lost Ark updated casting reflux sorceress build, so in-depth to it, just going to cover a bunch of things.


Lost Ark Updated Sorceress Build Updates - Updated Casting Reflux Sorc Build


First of all, these four are at the top here, cravings haven't changed at all garage reflux hit master, all that attack is for casting reflux, you want to use those for as your mandatory, don't change them.

A precise dagger, and there is even an argument where Mass increase could be good, and definitely a more budget option. Run after all the tasting, tasted precise Tanga and Keen blunt Keen blunt does have a higher ceiling.

Obviously, because of the crit damage, it gives you, but you have diminishing returns on really high crit damage, so again you stack red damage on the tripods, and everything kinda isn't as valuable after a certain point.

There's a lot of number crunching to really get into that, but with a precise deck, if you do run with crit synergies, like a gunslinger or whatever crits energy, you have in a group, and you have like a static. Probably say Keen blunt weapon will give you more damage overall,  because then obviously you have higher crit on its own.

That is a massive difference, when you're not gridding on crit reflux, it's really hurts you a lot, especially the casting one, because it's not being such a piano, like fire space just throws out it all the time, but it's more focusing on the big damage also quite rapidly, but if you're not gridding, you're not enjoying the game, you're not doing damage and you want to quit the precise deck.


Let's have a look at gems, you want to have damage and cooldown on all your main skills, being rhyme Arrow punishing strike explosion, and doomsday cooldown damage on all of those, and then Frost goal and Esa reaction you want to at least have damage gems on both of these, and then your last gem is up for debate on cooldown for Frasco or esoteric reaction whichever gym you end up rolling.

First, they're both pretty similar in value, as they both do crazy amounts of damage to ESO and frost Cole. Just a lost damage, tested it over time and stuff in Trixion or whatever,  but if you look at it, just in the skill tree, where is the skill tree.

Skills & Tripods 

While might as well have a look at skills too, this is the skill distribution that goes with skill points, obviously this one over here, touch is your counter slot, you have to put a counter in there when you need it, those socks that don't run a counter when need it, definitely use a counter.

So in like Braille gate 5 railgate one, there are a lot of games, when you need counters, definitely switch to counter, but when you're running easy stuff and farm content, use the shield for comfiness to be lazy and absorb mechanics, but mainly for the Swift footwork to get the movement speed, because zooming around, then with the earning as well.

Then spreads out, even on a much larger area, when the boss actually jumps around and moves around, it still hits him, and it takes so he pretty much got full uptime on this all the time, but it's close between them whichever one you want to use, and then frostco, use Enlightenment, because there's nothing better really unstable Rule and final strike, being the most important one there. Obviously since are crit-based gold, so crit damage is what will be stacking for all damage.

So use try and get that up to level 5 as soon as you can, because it's not one of your most important ones, you do have six other tripods that are more important.

To say rhyme Arrow quick breath piercing strike, expect this damage and cooldown explosion ignite weak point and final strike, these two being the first two of your main sixth tripods that you want to max out. Then moving on to punishing strike, use wide angle attack Electric discharge and final strike these two beings, another two out of the six most important, and then doomsday ignite asteroid final strike and these two of you are being or last two out of your main six tripods that you want to max out first, and then esoteric reaction.


Use bleed on Blaze, and then for gas is touch or whatever you end up putting there, if you're using your counter or Augustus touch, because when you do when you don't have to count or anything or you know, there's not a counter coming up, and you do have a counter there.

Obviously, as you should, you just use it off cooldown to get rage the proc, just give you more attack speed, and move speed, because why not you know, it's a free ruin pretty much in the movie on frosco well.

You can really put whatever you want, but this rhyme error gives you, like some of the highest meter gains, obviously playing a reflux box, so you don't need me to gain at all. Putting in a conviction judgment, doesn't really work too well, with this overwhelming, if you need more stagger.

Your higher stagger is your punishing strike, but you kind of want your girl to go on punishing strikes, if you want to put in your where was it overwhelmed Frost gold or rhyme error could be an option, instead of wealth, but if not, just keep the wealth on there to give you meet again to teleport around the map more, you know it's Freedom, you can put whatever you want there wealth is up to you Roscoe was using wealth and an explosion.

Using purple girl when punishing strike purple Garland, and doomsday is legendary girl win and once get next scale wind at legendary, probably put it on punishing strike, and then ESO is girl wound as well, it's probably put, like a purple on there, once get the next level up and that is it for skills and ruins and tripods.


So light of Salvation, you want to use this as soon as, you get 18 pieces, because with my build with your obviously at 80 crits well I think you could be a little bit higher if your quality is better but I am at 60.7 grit and then 20 correct from precise dagger so you're looking around 80 grit my quality is not the greatest I did this build a long time ago I'm waiting for ancient to like redo it completely with full qualities and good stuff but the main point is you want to use lighter salvation called seven per cent damage obviously when you are at 80 crits is pretty strong 

Then if you're not at that or you just don't have lighter salvation 18 pieces yet, then use your last one for the seven percent crit as that is also really important for the build great that is like what makes the world work crit damage you know or casty reflux.

Relic Set

Last but not least, can go over the gear pieces, so using nightmare full six-piece, now using the minion two-piece with nightmare four-piece,  but nightmares get a full nightmare will scale better into the late game, especially now with much higher item levels.

Being plus 20 with massive quality on it, that is massive damage there and nightmare scales of the weapon damage or additional damage from the weapon or something really well, so that's why you definitely want to try and use the full nightmare piece in the beginning,  you can use the minion two-piece, because if you use the trick where you equip two accessories with Awakening level five on each of them,  so you have Awakening level two, just before you get into the fight, like when you're standing in a circle there refilling your pots and Things You Chuck on your two accessories, you hit your ultimate, so it does your Awakening, and then you put back your other two accessories and go into the fight.

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