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Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Rewards and Locations of Secret Maps in Lost Ark
4/11/2022 12:03:20 PM

The land of Arkesia in Lost Ark is so expansive that making exploration become more difficult, especially for venturing into Treasure Maps. Now, we’ll bring you a brief list of Lost Ark Treasure Map locations, rewards, and the steps for finding these secret maps. 

lost ark treasure map guide

What are Treasure Maps in Lost Ark - Lost Ark Treasure Map Rewards and Benefits

Lost Ark treasure maps, also known as secret maps, each of the map is unique and need to be unlocked by specific steps. Treasure Maps are possible to drop high valuable random items, different loot, and a ton of wealth XP, also grants you to net more Lost Ark gold for sale, especially in tier 3. To get these drops, you need to find a hidden location on the map somewhere throughout the land of Arkesia, after which you can unlock a special hidden dungeon. Defeat the special boss in the hidden dungeon, then you can claim your rewards from that. 

They drop tradable materials that you need to upgrade your gear, more specifically the shards for the tier that the treasure map is and Star's Breath and Moon's Breath. Each time you upgrade your gear, you have a certain percentage that this process will succeed, Moon's Breath will increase that success rate, put it in your gear before you can try to upgrade it or hone it. Both of them are very valuable especially in tier 3 because failing to upgrade your gear means that you will lose materials. You can also sell these mats in the marketplace to earn Lost Ark gold. What people are doing in the high tiers is selling slots for these treasure maps, you can invite others to party to find the location of the treasure map, or share the map to party and enter the portal.

How to Find Treasure Maps in Lost Ark

Below are the steps to find the secret maps in Lost Ark. 

1. First of all, check that you are in the same area where the map is located. 

2. The next thing to do is to look for clues on the map so that you can pinpoint its location. 

3. Once you have figured out where the map leads to, head over to that location and you should get a prompt saying “Enter Secret Dungeon”.

4. Then open the portal and enter it, treasure maps come in different tiers, just like your gear. For example, from the tier 1 treasure map, you'll get tier 1 items.

5. Once you enter the hidden dungeon, defeat all of the enemies. 

Lost Ark Treasure Maps Locations

Check out the available treasure map locations within each area. 

1. Arthetine Treasure Maps

Rize Waterfall

Red Sand Desert

2. North Bern Treasure Maps

Balankar Mountain Range

Bernil Forest

Krona Harbor

Parna Forest

3. Sushire Treasure Maps

Razor Wind Hill

Frozen Sea

Ice Butterfly Cliff

Lake of Stalled Time

4. Artemis Treasure Maps


Angemoss Foothill

Log Hill

5. Eudia Treasure Maps

Ozhorn Hills

6. West Lutheran


Medrinic Monastery

Bilbryn Hills

Jagoras Mountain

7. East Lutheran

Black Rose Catherdral

Crokernis Beach

Ria Monogamies

8. Tortoyk Treasure Maps

Sea Fragance Forest

Striding Rock Forest

Silent Giants Forest

Sweet Forest

9. Anich Treasure Maps

Forest of Sound

Twilight Haze

Wisteria Hill


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